MBBS (Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelor of surgery) is an Undergraduate Degree Program that contains 5 years for completion of Degree and 1 year for House Hob.MBBS is one of the toughest degrees but after completing it successfully there would be a lot of career opportunities for medical students to pursue for their future.

Career Opportunities in Public and Private Hospitals:

After completing House Job and registering with relevant Body/Council/Commission as a Licensed Doctor, a DOCTOR can peruse his / her professional career as a Medical Officer (MO), Senior Medical Officer (SMO), Woman Medical Officer (WMO) or Casualty Medical Officer (CMO) in any Private Clinic, Basic Health Unit (BHU), Rural Health Center (RHC), THQs, DHQs and Tertiary Care Public and Private Hospital in Pakistan. 

Medical College:

Demonstrator or Senior Demonstrator Jobs in Pakistan are also for MBBS Doctors in Medical Colleges of Public or Private sector.

General Physician:

As a licensed Doctor, he / she can also practice as a Registered Medical Practitioner by establishing clinic.

Healthcare NGOs

Healthcare NGOs in Pakistan also hire medical graduates as a Doctor or Public Health Specialist.

Higher Level Jobs:

For higher level jobs, you need to have Post Graduate Courses after MBBS Like Fellow of College of Physician & & Surgeon (FCPS) normally 4 to 5 years duration, Member of College of Physician & & Surgeon (MCPS) normally 2 years training time, Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery (MD-MS) dual degree graduate program or Doctor of Medicine (DM) or Master of Surgery (MS) in difference specialties. After getting enrolled in FCPS, a Doctor will be called as a PG Trainee, Registrar or Senior Registrar and after passing FCPS Exam by College of Physician & General Pakistan (CPSP), a Doctor would be called as a Specialized Doctor in following roles at clinical side;

Physician / Clinician / Consultant:

A Physician/Clinician/Consultant responsibility is coordinating the patient’s medical treatment analyzing patient’s symptoms and condition and managing care of patients in order to get the better result. You can become a health advisor to an individual or an organization. This role is very responsible and deals with a lot of management and leadership traits in dealing with a sort of profile.


You can make your career as a Surgeon it is a very noble profession. The responsibility of a surgeon is restoring and reconstructing a person’s injured body, helping people look and feel better by changing parts of their body.


Childers Doctors are also known as Pediatricians. You can make your career as a child specialist after successfully completing MBBS degree after that getting experience of three years residency program.

Medical Teaching:

You can make your career in the teaching profession as:

Assistant Professor:

Post Graduate Degree: As per PM&DC level 2 Qualification in the respective subject (FCPS/MD/MS)

Experience: Two years clinical experience from a recognized institution in relevant subject

Research Publications: At least two publications are required.

Associate Professor:

Post Graduate Degree: Same as for AP.

Experience: Five years Teaching Experience as Assistant Professor from recognized college in relevant subject.

Research Publications: At least seven publications are required in relevant subject.


Post Graduate Degree: Same as for AP.

Experience: Total 8 years teaching experience out of which 3 years as an Assistant professor in relevant subject.

Research Publications: At least fifteen research publications are required in relevant subject.

MBBS Armed Forces Jobs in Pakistan:

You can join Armed Forces Medical Services as a Doctor.


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