Career Opportunities After MBBS

There are many job opportunities after MBBS for you if you are looking for MBBS career options. MBBS (Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) is an undergraduate degree program that contains 5 years for completion of degree and 1 year for house job. MBBS is one of the toughest degrees but after completing it successfully there would be a lot of career opportunities after MBBS for medical students to pursue for their future. You will find MBBS employment opportunities on this page.


MBBS Career Table of Contents

Check MBBS Latest Jobs!

Career Updates:

Updated 04-Jan-2024

Government of Balochistan released Job, MBBS or equivalent registered with PMC for Lady Medical Officer Post. Deadline to apply is 19 January 2024. Check here

Updated 21-Dec-2022

King Edward Medocal University has announced the job, MBBS from recognized institute for Master's in Community Eye Health (MCEH). Last date to apply is 31 December 2022. Check here

Updated 13-Dec-2022

Saifee Hospital announced the Job, MBBS with 1 year house job for Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Last date to apply is 17th December 2022 for further details check from here. Check here

Updated 08-Dec-2022

Foundation University announced the Jobs, Assistant professor (Pharmacology) and Demonstrator (MBBS) basic science. Chek here

Updated 02-Dec-2022

  • Gilgit Baltistan Government Job has been announced, Gynecologist Post. Check here 
  • Pak Army announced the M Cadet 8th Batch Job. Requirement: studying 4th and 5th year of MBBS and also 3rd will acceptable. Check here

Career After MBBS in Public and Private Hospitals

You should know about the career options after MBBS. After completing House Job and registering with relevant Body/Council/Commission as a Licensed Doctor, a doctor can peruse his / her professional career as a:

  • Medical Officer (MO)
  • Senior Medical Officer (SMO)
  • Woman Medical Officer (WMO)
  • Casualty Medical Officer (CMO) in any Private Clinic, Private Hospital or government hospital in Pakistan.

Check below for more career options after MBBS in Pakistan.

MBBS Career Opportunities in Medical Colleges

Demonstrator or Senior Demonstrator Jobs in Pakistan are also for MBBS doctors in medical colleges of public or private sector if you want to choose MBBS as a career. In this way, career after MBBS in Pakistan is quite bright.

Check: Medical college MBBS fees

General Physician

As a licensed doctor,you can practice as a Registered Medical Practitioner by establishing clinic. You can work in ICU as ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit or in Pediatrics. It is also a good career for MBBS as career for MBBS doctors is becoming strong with the passage of time.

Healthcare NGOs

Healthcare NGOs in Pakistan also hire medical graduates as a Doctor or Public Health Specialist. You may also go in the field of nursing after doing Bachelor of Science in Nursing. So it is one of after MBBS career options.

Higher Level Jobs

For higher level jobs, you need to have Post Graduate Courses after MBBS like:

  • Fellow of College of Physician & Surgeon (FCPS) normally 4 to 5 years duration
  • Member of College of Physician & Surgeon (MCPS) normally 2 years training time
  • Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery (MD-MS) dual degree graduate program
  • Doctor of Medicine (DM)
  • Master of Surgery (MS)
  • Microbiology in difference specialties.

After getting enrolled in FCPS, a Doctor will be called as a PG Trainee, Registrar or Senior Registrar and after passing FCPS Exam by College of Physician & General Pakistan (CPSP), a doctor would be called as a Specialized Doctor at clinical side.

Physician / Clinical / Consultant

A Physician/Clinician/Consultant responsibility is coordinating the patient’s medical treatment analyzing patient’s symptoms and condition and managing care of patients such as Psychiatrist or Psychiatry or in Radiology in order to get the better result. You can become a health advisor to an individual or an organization after MBBS. This role is very responsible and deals with a lot of management and leadership traits in dealing with a sort of profile.


You can make your career as a Surgeon as it is a very noble profession. The responsibility of a surgeon is restoring and saving a person’s injured body, helping people look and feel better by surgery.


Children doctors are also known as pediatricians. You can make your career as a child specialist after successfully completing MBBS degree after that getting experience of three years residency program.

Medical Teaching

You can make your career in the teaching profession in various fields.

Assistant Professor

Post Graduate Degree is required with Two years clinical experience from a recognized institution in relevant subject. At least two research publications are required.

Associate Professor

Post Graduate Degree is required with Five years Teaching Experience as Assistant Professor from recognized college in relevant subject. At least seven publications are required in relevant subject.


Total 8 years teaching experience out of which 3 years as an Assistant professor in relevant subject. At least fifteen research publications are required in relevant subject. MBBS career scope as a professor is high in demand.

MBBS Armed Force Jobs in Pakistan

You can join Armed Forces Medical Services as a Doctor as it allows many MBBS career pathways.


A dermatologist is a medical doctor who specializes in treatment of nails,hairs & skin. Dermatology - Branch of medicine is of great importance.The skin is an incredible organ.It is your first line of defense against diseases. No one has completed more training than dermatologist to address concern with your skin,hair & nails.


Otorhinolaryngology is a study of diseases of ear, nose and throat. Otorhinolaryngology dignose,treat and manage diseases of the sinuses,mouth, voice box as well as structure of neck and face. It provide treatments in understanding of science and medical practice in Otorhinolaryngology that covers all aspects of ailments of ENT.


MBBS Salary in Pakistan

MBBS salary in Pakistan depends on the house job, experience and credibility of the doctor. It also depends on government and private sector. It can be categorized as medical doctor, medical officer, physician or resident doctor. Average MBBS salary range in Pakistan is as follows:

Category Salary Range
MBBS graduates Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 100,000/month
Government Sector MBBS Doctor Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 120,000/month
Private Sector MBBS Doctor Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 700,000/month

Write down in comment section for MBBS career guidance in order to decide about MBBS career path.

MBBS Career FAQs

  • Q: How much MBBS doctor can earn in Pakistan?
    Ans: In Pakistan, MBBS doctors can make good earning. After MBBS, you can get starting job with Rs. 40,000 per month in public sector. In private sector hospitals, you can earn more.
  • Q: Which jobs are available for MBBS doctors in Pakistan?
    Ans: There are various jobs offered after MBBS. Some of them are mentioned here: • Medical officer • Doctor • Medical teacher/ professor • Medical/ pharmaceutical researcher • Public health worker
  • Q: What is the demand of MBBS in Pakistan?
    Ans: MBBS is considered as the most demanding degree in every country. As there is the rush of MBBS doctors so it became difficult to find job in government sector. There is very tough competition for getting job after MBBS.
  • Q: What is the average salary of MBBS doctor?
    Ans: The average starting salary of MBBS is about Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000 per month in Pakistan. This pay increases with increment of experience. The experienced or specialist can earn more after MBBS.
  • Q: Can we open hospital after MBBS?
    Ans: Yes, MBBS doctors have right to open their own hospital or clinic. MBBS doctors can deal with their patients in their private hospital. You can also work in public or private sector hospitals after completion of MBBS.
  • Q: Can MBBS earn more than BDS?
    Ans: The candidates need specialization after MBBS for good earning while BDS are the dental surgeon or specialist. It is estimated that a specialist can earn more than a MBBS doctor. If you do specialization after MBBS then you can make maximum earnings.
  • Q: Which specialization is best after MBBS?
    Ans: There are a lot of fields in which the candidates can do specialization after MBBS. The most demanding field is cardiologist. Cardiologist can earn more than any other specialists. Neuro-Surgeons are also in demand.
  • Q: Can we get good job after MBBS?
    Ans: Yes, you can get good jobs after MBBS if you are experienced. Both public sector and private sector jobs are offered to MBBS candidates. You can work as medical doctors, medical researcher and medical professors after MBBS.
  • Q: Is MBBS in demand in foreign countries?
    Ans: As human we need doctors who deal with different kinds of diseases so, MBBS doctors are in demand in every country. You can go for UK for good earnings after MBBS.
  • Q: Which countries are highly paid for MBBS?
    Ans: If you want to go for abroad for making high earnings after MBBS then you should come to know that following countries are highly paid for MBBD doctors: • United kingdom • Australia • United States • Germany • Canada • Switzerland
  • Q: What are best jobs after MBBS?
    Ans: The best jobs after MBBS are surgeon, pediatrician, medical officer, associate professor and many more.
  • Q: MBBS is good career option?
    Ans: Yes, MBBS is good career option as it has vast number of fields to work in.


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