MBBS Fee Structure and Duration

MBBS fee structure in Pakistan for government medical college is in thousands rupees which a student can afford and pay easily. The fee structure of the private and government colleges also varies so the candidates are directed to check the MBBS fee structure before getting enrolled in MBBS. It is pertinent to mention here that the MBBS in the private medical college is quite expensive as compared to the government medical college. So students must consider the overall fee structure of the particular medical college before submitting the admission form.

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MBBS Fee Structure in Pakistan 2022 Table of Contents

PMC Fee Regulations 2022

PMC has issued regulations for MBBS fee in medical colleges. In order to download, click on the following button:

MBBS Fee in Government Medical Colleges

Following is the general fee range for government medical colleges and universities. Moreover, we are giving fee break up of government medical colleges on the basis of average annual fee as follows.

Sr.No Fee Amount
1 Annual Tuition Fee Rs. 40,000 to 60,000
2 One time Admission Fee  Rs. 10,000 to 15,000
3 Prospectus Fee Rs. 500 to 1,000

MBBS Private Fee of Pakistan Colleges

Due to limited numbers of government public medical colleges in Pakistan, a huge number of private medical colleges is offering MBBS Degree at very high cost.

Sr.No Fee Amount
1 MBBS annual tuition fee per student Rs. 1,500,000 to 1,700,000 per annum
2 Fixed Annual Charges Rs. 100,000 to 200,000 per annum
3 Other Charges such as hostel, transport, mess Rs. 5000 to Rs.15000 per month

MBBS Fee Overseas

Sr.No Fee Amount
1 MBBS annual fee per student $13,000 to $18,000
2 Fixed Annual Charges $50,000 to $75000

MBBS Duration in Pakistan

MBBS degree duration is of Six (6) years and out of which five (5) years are of basic and clinical education and one (1) year is of House Job. MBBS scheme of study is based on annual professional exam system as per PMC course curriculum. MBBS is considered as one of the widely chosen domains after the completion of the intermediate. It is mandatory for the students to pass the MDCAT in order to get admission in MBBS degree programs.

MBBS Fee Structure of Medical Colleges and Universities

There are a number of public and private medical colleges that offer admission to the MBBS. From the following colleges and universities, you will able to know about the fee of major medical colleges and universities. The candidates can take admission in the offered program by fulfilling the admission requirements.

UHS MBBS Fee Structure 2022

University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore is internationally recognized research university. Its affiliation is attached with 124 colleges with 106916 undergraduate and 9157 postgraduate students who are registered with it. Below is the fee structure of UHS. Its fee link is https://www.uhs.edu.pk/fee-struct.php

Duration Yearly Fee (Rs.) Registration Fee (Rs.) Fee Structure
5 years 5750 15,000 Download

MBBS Fee Structure of Akhtar Saeed Medical College

AMDC is one of those colleges which have high amount of MBBS fee. They have many fee details such as annual, hostel, mess or transport charges. While charging high amount of fee, it is also offering quality education.

Its fee is mentioned at https://amdc.edu.pk/fee-structure/

Students Admission Fee(Rs.) Registration Fee (Rs.) Tuition Fee/Year (Rs.) UHS Share/Year(Rs.) Total Fee (Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 29,000 5,000 1,450,000 to 1,762,483  79,750 to 96,937 8,512,833 Download
Foreign Students - - - USD 892 to 1,093 USD 69,021 Download

Rashid Latif Medical College Fee Structure MBBS 2022

Rashid Latif Medical Complex has multiple institutions related to healthcare. The School of Allied Health Sciences is approved by Punjab Medical Faculty and admits many students each year. It has also Rashid Latif College of Pharmacy affiliated with the University of Sargodha. https://www.rlmc.edu.pk/ is its official website.

Students Duration Total Fee/Annum (Rs.) Yearly Fee (Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 5 years 1,693,200 to 2,017,740 1,660,000 to 2,017,740 Download
Overseas Students 5 years USD 16,320 to 19,448 USD16,000 to 19,448 Download

Ziauddin University MBBS Fee Structure 2022

Ziauddin University is recognized by HEC founded in the memory of Sir Dr.Ziauddin Ahmad who was a renowned academician, philosopher and mathematician. Ziauddin University has been created to promote knowledge in health sciences through teaching and research. For fee details, you may visit https://zu.edu.pk/fee-structure/

Students Duration Consolidated Fee/Annum (Rs.) Admission Fee (Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 5 years 1,510,000 to 1,760,000 30,000 Download
Overseas Students 5 years USD 18,000 USD 4,000 Download

Lahore Medical and Dental College LMDC Fee Structure MBBS 2022

LMDC was founded in 1997 in Punjab. It is recognized by the Pakistan Medical and Dental College and offering College of Medicine (M.B.B.S). and College of Dentistry (B.D.S). Its URL for fee is http://lmdc.edu.pk/admissions/

Students Duration Total Fee/Annum (Rs.) Yearly Fee (Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 5 years 1,556,445 to 1,974,121 1,425,000 to 1,732,100 Download
Overseas Students 5 years USD 18,000 to USD 20,837 Download

Rawal Institute of Health Sciences (RIHS) MBBS Fee Structure 2021-22

RIHS was established in 2011 under the rules and regulations of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PM&DC). It provides quality medical education and healthcare services to the people. https://rihs.edu.pk/academic/admission/fee-structure-session-2021-2026/ is the link for fee structure.

Duration Total Fee (Rs.) Yearly Fee (Rs.) Fee Structure
5 years 1,313,000 1,263,000 Download

FMDC Federal Medical and Dental College Fee Structure for MBBS 2022

Federal Medical and Dental College has not yet announced fee structure of MBBS for 2022 session. You can get the idea of FMDC fee structure from the above listed universities.

King Edward Medical University Fee Structure for MBBS 2022

KEMU does not have its own fee structure. It is following the fee structure of University of Health Sciences as UHS is the admitting university for MBBS in King Edward University. UHS fee structure is mentioned below:

Duration Yearly Fee (Rs.) Registration Fee (Rs.) Fee Structure
5 years 5750 15,000 Download

Hamdard University MBBS Fee Structure

In Hamdard University, the students can deposit fee on quarterly, 6-monthly or annual basis. If the student is paying fee on quarterly basis then 2 percent discount will be given to the student. You can check its full fee structure at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hJs0g5E1EWha-t-qTjl83am3GSWegPie/view

Students Duration Fixed Charges (Rs.) Total Fee/Annum (Rs.) Yearly Tuition Fee (Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 5 years 20,000 1,034,000 to 1,328,000 1,014,000 to 1,328,000 Download
Overseas Students 5 years USD 230 USD 11,730 to 11,500 USD11,500 Download

MBBS Fee Structure in University of Lahore

UOL is offering discount of 4% if fee is paid annually as lump sum. 2% discount will be given if it is paid bi-annually and no discount will be given if paid quarterly. You can know the MBBS fees for 1 year with the help of table given below:

Its fee structure URL is https://ucmd.uol.edu.pk/mbbs-fee-structure/

Students Admission Fee Registration fee (Rs.) Yearly Tuition Fee (Rs.) Total Fee/Annum (Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 26,595 25,000 1,329,767 to 1,775,863 1,454,500 to 1,873,535 Download
Foreign Students USD 324 USD 180 USD16,219 to 21,660 USD 17,615 to 22,851 Download

Watim Medical College MBBS Fee Structure

In Watim Medical College, there is an annual tuition fee increase of 7% per year and 5.5% University fee is included in Total Fixed Charges of MBBS. Its fee structue is mentioned below:

Total Fixed Annual Charges (Rs.) Yearly Tuition Fee (Rs.) Total Fixed Fee/Annum (Rs.) Total Fee(Rs.) Fee Structure
248,793 to 138,765 1,123,500 to 1,395,721 1,372,293 to 1,534,485 7,120,117 Download

Liaqat College of Medicine and Dentistry LCMD MBBS Fee Structure 2022

Students can get fee discount according to PMC regulations if they will pay annually, bi-annually or quarterly. LCMD fee structure is available at https://lcmd.edu.pk/fee-structure-for-mbbs/

Students Admission Fee (Rs.) Annual Tuition Fee (Rs.) Total Fixed Fee/Annum (Rs.) Total Fee(Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 22,000 1,100,000 to 1,496,538 1,122,000 to 1,496,538 6,475,261 Download
Foreign Students USD 360 USD 18,000 USD 18,360 USD 90,360 Download

Wah Medical College Fee Structure MBBS

Wah Medical College comes under the affiliation of NUMS. It is charging fee annually with admission fee. Its fee detail can be found at https://wahmedicalcollege.edu.pk/fee-structure-first-year-2021-22/

Students Admission Fee (Rs.) Annual Fee (Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 29,000 1,450,000 to 1,496,538 Download
Foreign Students USD 390 USD 19,500 Download

Amna Inayat Medical College MBBS Fee Structure

AIMC is offering discount on the fee payment. It gives 0% discount if paid in quarters, 2% bi-annually and and 4% annually. Its fee structure is explained at https://aimec.edu.pk/fee-structure-mbbs-2021-22/

Students Tuition Fee/Annum(Rs.) Annual Charges (Rs.) Total Fee/Annum(Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 1,014,828 to 1,355,271 317,456 to 207,470 1,332,284 to 1,562,741 Download
Foreign Students USD 12,020 to 16,052 USD 3919 to 2484 USD 15,939 to 18,537 Download

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Indus Medical College MBBS Fee Structure 2022

There are three categories available in Indus Medical College for fee i.e. local students, overseas students and foreign passport holders. Its fee structure URL is https://www.imctmk.edu.pk/fee-structure.html

Students Tuition Fee/Annum(Rs.) Annual Charges (Rs.) Total Fee(Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 1,050,000 to 1,402,243 157,750 to 127,123 6,734,245 Download
Overseas Students USD 11,000 to 14,690 USD 1150 to 1308 USD 69,951 Download
Foreign Students USD 16,000 to 21,368 USD 2100 to 1675 USD 101,266 Download

Karachi Medical and Dental College Fee Structure for MBBS

Karachi Medical and Dental College is offering three types of fee structure. One is on merit, self-finance and overseas students. You can pay the fee accordingly https://kmdc.edu.pk/how-to-apply/ is its fee link.

Students Prospectus  Admission Fee      Tuition Fee/Year(Rs.) Registration Fee Fee Structure
Local Students 2,500 20,000 30,000 3,000 Download
Self Finance - 20,000 385,000 - Download
Foreign Students - USD 500 USD 6,500 to 12,000 - Download

Azra Naheed Medical College MBBS Fee Structure

ANMC is charging hostel, mess, transport charges as well if the students want to get these facilities. Following is the fee detail of MBBS program.

Students Tuition Fee/Annum (Rs.) Admission Fee(Rs.) University Fee/Annum(Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 1,250,000 to 1,669,336 25,000 208,750 to 278,777 Download
Foreign Students USD 20,000 to USD 26,709 USD 400 USD 3050 to 4071 Download

Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University Fee Structure

Tuition Fee on Merit(Rs.) Tuition Fee on UEAP Local (Rs.) Tuition Fee on UEAP Overseas Fee Structure
31,900 440,000 US $ 10,500 Download

NUMS Fee Structure for MBBS 2022

NUMS fee structure for MBBS 2022 is similar to CMH fee. The range of fee depends on the policies of medical colleges and universities.

Annual Tuition Fee(Rs.) Total Fixed Annual Charges(Rs.) Total Fixed Fee/Annum(Rs.) Fee Structure
1,200,000 to 1,440,000 403,000 to 227,000 1,603,000 to 1,667,000 Download
Total=6,600,000 Total=1,311,000 Total=7,911,000 Download

Aga Khan University Fee Structure

AKU Aga Khan University fee structure deals with Pakistani and foreign students. It gives full five years fee structure.

  Admission Fee(Rs.) Security Deposit(Rs.) Tuition Fee(Rs.) University Fee(Rs.) Fee Structure
Pakistani Students 156,000 to 226,000 11,000 to 15,000 1,143,300 to 1,709,300 1,256,700 to 1,878,700 Download
Foreign Students USD 2,250 to 2,450 USD 205 to 225 USD 28,600 to 32,500 USD 6,200 to 7,100 Download

Avicenna Medical College Fee Structure MBBS

This fee schedule shall remain same for the whole program in the session 2022. Candidates paying full fee will get upto 4% discount on tuition fee.

  Tuition Fee(Rs.) Total Fixed Annual Charges(Rs.) Total Fixed Fee Per Annum(Rs.) Fee Structure
Pakistani Students 1100,000 to 1430,000 205,325 to 293,000 1393,000 to 1644,400 Download
Foreign Students USD 16,000 to 20,800 USD 1717 to 3156 USD 18,917 to 22,715 Download



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