MBBS In China

Studying MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) in China has become a popular option for international students due to the relatively affordable tuition fees and the availability of English-taught programs in many universities. Thousands of Pakistani students are applying for and enrolling in medical universities in China from last many years.

MBBS in China Facts

Chinese medical universities affiliation WHO, PMDC
Fall intakes deadline 10 October
English Test No IELTS or any other English test require
MDCAT Not required
Basic Eligibility 60% in HSSC/ A levels
Annual tuition fee 18000 – 29000 RMB
Annual hostel fee 1000 – 5000 RMB
Food / Living expenses 1000 RMB/ year
Duration of MBBS 5+1 (MBBS + Internship, total 6 years)
Acceptable age limit 16 – 25 years

Benefits OF Studying MBBS In China

Here are some benefits often associated with studying MBBS in China:

  • Affordable country to live and study:

One of the primary reasons students consider studying MBBS in China is the relatively lower cost of education compared to many Western countries. Fee structure for MBBS in China for Pakistani students and living expenses are often more affordable, making it a more financially viable option for many students. Keep reading the article to study MBBS in China at low cost.

  • International Recognition

Several Chinese medical universities are recognized by global medical organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). This recognition ensures that graduates can pursue medical licensure and practice medicine in their home countries or internationally.

  • English-Taught Programs

English medium MBBS universities in China offer MBBS programs in English, which is a significant advantage for international students who may not be proficient in Chinese. This allows students to study medicine without the language barrier.

  • Modern Facilities and Equipment:

China has made significant investments in its higher education infrastructure, including medical schools. Many universities have state-of-the-art facilities, laboratories, and equipment that provide students with a conducive learning environment.

  • Cultural Experience:

Studying in China offers international students the opportunity to experience a rich cultural and historical heritage. Immersing oneself in Chinese culture can be personally enriching and broaden one's perspective.

  • Opportunities for Clinical Exposure

China's large population and diverse healthcare system provide ample opportunities for clinical training and exposure to various medical cases. This practical experience can be invaluable for future medical practice.

  • International Student Community:

China attracts a significant number of international students from various countries. Studying alongside peers from different cultures can enhance your understanding of global healthcare perspectives.

Accreditation Of Chinese Medical Universities

Accreditation is a crucial aspect when choosing a medical university, as it ensures that the institution meets certain standards of quality and education. In China, medical universities are accredited by various national international authorities including

  • Ministry of education China(MOE)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC)
  • General Medicine Council (GMC) UK

And after getting degree from china medical university, students can apply for USMLE (USA), PLAB (GMC UK), and AMC (Australia) certificates.

Duration Of MBBS In China

It takes 6 years to complete MBBS degree from Chinese medical university. This includes 5 years of academic study and clinical training, followed by a one-year internship or practical training in a hospital. Interning there provides the opportunity to work in diverse clinical settings, which can enhance clinical skills and adaptability. This internship year put a great value in building future career if student decides to start job in USA or any European country.

Cost Of MBBS In China For Pakistani Students

The cost of pursuing an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) degree in China for Pakistani students can vary depending on several factors, including the university, location, and the specific program. Generally, study MBBS in China cost is relatively more affordable compared to many Western countries, but the costs can still add up. Here's original all time cost of MBBS in china

  • MBBS Tuition Fee In China
  • Tuition fees can vary significantly between universities and programs. The annual tuition fees for MBBS programs in China for international students typically ranged from 18000 – 29000 RMB per year.
  • Study MBBS in China in low cost. English medium can charge 18000 RMB/ year
  • Hostel/ Accommodation Fee:
  • The cost of accommodation also varies depending on the location and type of housing you choose. On-campus dormitories are often more affordable and can cost from 1000 – 5000 RMB/ year.
  • Food and Living Expenses:
  • Your monthly living expenses, including food, transportation, and other personal costs, can vary based on your lifestyle and the city you're in. On average, you might need around 1000 RMB per year for food and living expenses.

MBBS Fully Funded Scholarships For Pakistani Students In China

Currently there are no scholarships available for China for MBBS. While there are legitimate scholarship opportunities for international students, including those pursuing MBBS programs in China, it's essential to be cautious and well-informed to avoid falling victim to scholarship fraud or scams. But the Chinese medical universities offer these scholarships to students after assessing their class position during MBBS. So be aware about the scams of fully funded MBBS scholarships for Pakistani students in China. You can check all the rumors about free MBBS in China on almost all social media platforms where they have advertised like

  • MBBS scholarships for international students in China
  • free MBBS in China for Pakistani student
  • MBBS universities in China offering scholarships
  • Fully funded MBBS scholarship in China

CSC Scholarships And MBBS 

It is a misconception about CSC scholarship that it is offered for undergraduate degrees so MBBS is also an undergraduate degree and students can avail this scholarship. But it is clearly mentioned on the official CSC site that it is fully or partially funded scholarship but does not cover the cost of MBBS program. So it is not for MBBS.

Tips To Avoid From MBBS Scholarship Scams

  • Research the source
  • Check official website
  • Read admission letter carefully, it must be mentioned on letter if you achieve any scholarship
  • Never pay for scholarship
  • Ask for references

PMDC Approved Top Medical Universities In China For MBBS 2024

China has become a popular destination for international students, including Pakistani students, seeking to pursue an English-medium MBBS program. The country offers a range of government universities in china offering MBBS in English and attracting students with affordable tuition fees and a high standard of education. All of these universities are recognized by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), ensuring that the degree obtained is valid and accepted in Pakistan. Here is an overview of MOE (Ministry of Education) listed best medical universities in China for MBBS with annual cost for MBBS:

University No of Affiliated Hospitals Annual Tuition Fee (RMB) Annual hostel Fee Apply Link
Ningxia Medical University 05 A grade hospitals 22000 5000 Apply
Qiqihar Medical University University has 9 affiliated hospitals 18000 4000 Apply
Yichun University 5 affiliated hospitals 18500 4500 Apply
Jining Medical University 3 affiliated hospitals with 15 faculties 20,000 3600 Apply
Hunan University Of Chinese Medicine 12 affiliated hospitals to practice 18000 2600 Apply
Gannan Medical University 3 A grade hospitals 29000 1000 Apply



Eligibility Criteria For Admission In MBBS In China

Eligibility criteria for admission to MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) programs in China can vary slightly between different universities. However, here are some common MBBS in China eligibility for Pakistani students:

  • Students must have at least 60% marks in FSc (pre medical) 
  • No MDCAT test scores are required to submit by the student
  • University may take interview before admission (so be prepared for it)
  • Students age at the time of application should not be more than 25 years
  • Some universities demand 60% in science subject (Physics, Biology and Chemistry)

How To Apply For MBBS In China For Pakistani Students

Applying for an MBBS program in China as a Pakistani student involves several steps. Here's a general outline of the application process:

  • Research and choose the university
  • Meet the eligibility criteria
  • Check medium of instruction for the chosen university (it must be English)
  • Prepare required documents
  • Apply to the university (by themselves or contact to the study abroad consultant having specialty for MBBS in China)
  • Pay the university’s application fee
  • Wait for assessment and final decision of university
  • Get acceptance letter
  • Apply for student visa
  • Travel to China

Documents required MBBS in China application

When applying to a university in China for an MBBS program, you will typically need to provide a set of documents as part of your application.

  • SSC certificate + marks sheet
  • HSSC marks sheet + Certificate
  • Passport
  • Passport size 3 photographs with white background

Requirements For China Student Visa From Pakistani Students

After getting admission offer letter from the Chinese medical university, the next step is submission of student’s visa application to Chinese embassy in Pakistan. For visa application students have to submit attested educational documents including SSC and HSSC certificates. After attesting documents from BISE, further MOFA and IBCC attestation is compulsory to proceed for the visa application. Here is the list of documents required for China student’s visa application

  • SSC certificate (attested)
  • HSSC certificate (attested)
  • Photo (with white background)
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Medical clearance certificate / report
  • University’s admission letter

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MBBS degree from China is valid in Pakistan?
Yes, MBBS degree from PMDC approved Chinese universities is valid in Pakistan.
Is MBBS in china is better than in Pakistan?
If you get admission in Pakistan’s private college for MBBS then it will cost you more than China. So it is better to get MBBS degree from recognized medical university with internship.
Is MDCAT required for MBBS in China?
No, MDCAT or any other entry test is not required for MBBS admission in China.
Is MBBS in China worth it?
Yes, Chinese medical universities are well-regarded and offer high-quality medical education.
Does Chinese universities allow migration to Pakistan?
Yes, after completion of two years of MBBS degree in China, you are allowed to migrate to Pakistan after passing Chinese language test.
What is meant by MOE listed Chinese medical universities?
MOE (Ministry Of Education) listed universities are those who conduct Chinese language test after 2 years of MBBS degree in China.
What is the duration of MBBS degree in China?
It is 6 year with 5 years of MBBS program and one year internship at university’s affiliated A graded hospitals.
What is the annual tuition fee in China for MBBS?
Annual tuition fee may vary university to university in China, but I can range from 18000 RMB to 29,000 RMB.
Are Chinese universities offer accommodation/ hostel facilities within universities?
Yes, Chinese universities offer accommodation/ hostel facilities to international students within universities. Though students are free to get or arrange accommodation outside the university dormitory.
What is the age limit to apply for MBBS in China?
Students with not less than 16 and more than 25 years can apply for MBBS in China.
Does Chinese universities accept migrants from other countries?
No, Chinese universities do not accept migrant students from other countries.
Does student pay tuition fee semester wise?
No, Students have to pay tuition fee on annual basis.
What is the semester period and break in Chinese universities?
Chinese universities offer two semesters with 30-40 days of break between them during which international students can go back to their homes (totally depends on student’s own decision).
  • First semester duration is September to January
  • 2nd semester duration is from March to July


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