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There are various job fields that can be chosen by Law graduate in Pakistan. The job field of law is view as a very respectable field viewed by the society as a whole. Today the law field is more important then ever due to various rising crimes and injustice everywhere. Looking for LLB Jobs in Pakistan? Then you are at right place, because you will find all information about LLB Scope and Salary in Pakistan.

LLB Jobs in Pakistan

Many college students want to join the field of law jobs in order to gain respectable status and respect from their family and society. The jobs offered by the law field offer immense potential for growth and development as well as are highly paid in comparison to other private and government jobs.

LLB Career Opportunities

There are many people who pursue various Jobs in Law Field as that can be of lawyer, solicitor, barrister, solicitor or advocate among others but they do not understand the differences between them.

LLB Job Term Lawyer

The term of lawyer being a general term used for any person who has studies and completed their law degree to pursue various Law Jobs in pakistan 2024 Positions like consultant, legal counselor, academician etc.

LLB Job Barrister

Barrister are those people who have studied bar courses and have taken readership along with senior barrister as they have passed their “Bar” council exam for their respective province. Barristers are champions of advocacy and will sometime adore wigs along with black robes. They are law specialists and usually provide services to companies and families concerning legal matters. They appear in the law courts on behalf of various companies and clients and can also provide services towards solicitors.

LLB Job Solicitors

Solicitors are those people who are certified to carry their practice of law but are not judge or barrister. They provide legal advice to people concerning their legal matters and sometimes if the case needs to be carried out in court the solicitors might get help from barrister to present his case.

LLB Job Positions

Having obtained secure Law Job offers immense opportunities for growth as law graduates are appreciated in all fields of society and can choose from various job fields like legal advisor, criminal lawyer, advocate, solicitor, lawyer, civil judge, high court judge, politician, private tax company owners, senior law officer, law professor, attorney general among others.

LLB Job Salary

The job fields of law offer Law Graduate very high salary which can start from average of Rs 50,000 and go all up to 500,000 or more depending upon the law graduates practical experience in the field of law. Moreover law graduates while working can apply for higher studies and opportunities abroad as well in order to further their career

LLB Government Jobs in Pakistan

Bachelors of Law degree also famous due to the famous career opportunities in different government departments of Pakistan. There are highly paid posts for Law Graduates in different departments of Government of Pakistan. You will find all information of LLB Salary in Pakistan in Government departments with position name, department details and Salary package.

Post Name Department Salary in Pkr
Legal Advisor Ministry of climite chanage Rs 100,000/-
Presecutor Law department Rs 110,000/-
Law Professor Education Department Rs 90,000/-
Attornary General Law Department Rs 150,000/-
Advocate General Punjab Law department Rs 200,000/-
Session Judge Law department Rs 250,000/-
Judge of High Court Law Deprtment Rs 500,000/-
Judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan law department Rs 110,000/-
Junior Clerk / Ahlmad Law Deprtment Rs 50,000/-
Judge Reader Law Department Rs 70,000/-
Sr Law Officer Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR) Rs 150,000/-

LLB Private Jobs in Pakistan

Having LLB degree is also have multiple Job Opportunities in Private sector in Pakistan. I think LLB Salary in Private Sector is more than LLB salary in government sector. Working as a private lawyer is more enjoyable in Pakistan. Here we listed the some top LLB Private Jobs in pakistan, details .

  • Advocate
  • Inspector Investigation
  • Barristor
  • Criminal Lawyer
  • Legal Advisor
  • Junior Lawyer
  • Professor in University
  • Politician
  • Private tax Company Owner

Courts in Pakistan

  • Supreme Court of Pakistan
  • Islamabad High Court
  • Lahore High Court
  • Sind High Court
  • Peshawar High Court
  • Session Courts
  • Civail Courst
  • Federal Sharia Court of Pakistan

Higher Studies After LLB

LLB Degree also has a higher education opportunities in Pakistan and other countries. The students can select the multiple higher education courses after completing the LLB Degree . The graduates can take admission in the courses that are most relevant to LLB and help them in practice. There are many Short Courses after LLB that sharp the brain of lawyer. Some higher studies option after LLB are listed below.

  • MA Criminology
  • Master of Business Law
  • MA Sociology
  • Master of Laws (LLM)
  • Certificate in Business and Labour Laws
  • Masters in Management Sciences
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Diploma in commercial and corporate law
  • Diploma in Immigiration and Nationality Law

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