In civilized society law as a profession is very respectable and required by a council so that a good lawyer can fight on the behalf of truth so that truth can win against lie. Law is field having versatile qualities and benefits for its graduates to secure them and a nation as well. A lawyer is a representative of a party who has some issues against those who tried to snatch the rights or tried to violate legal provisions. A good lawyer continue his fight until the right one gets his rights and the others are subjected to punishment for their wrong doing. A lawyer always follow the rules and regulations restricted by the government of bar council of the country. In Pakistan scope of lawyer is increasing rapidly because of increase in the number of crimes, snatching of rights and corruption. A lawyer plays his role in the court, wins the argument and in return charges demanding fee and interest from the client. In Pakistan it is most respectable and profitable profession to join.



Law career in Pakistan is always respectable because a lawyer can raise voice against corruption legally. Any problem can be solved legally and the person who is solving the problem with in the limitations and guidelines given by the bar council is very respectable person. So, the lawyer’s career is very high as a lawyer has much option over the course of his career as beside his private services he can become a district attorney or assistant district attorney or many other jobs. Law graduate has number of opportunities legal or non-legal sectors to get jobs to earn money in Pakistan as


  •      Advocate in session, supreme and high court
  •      District attorney or assistant district attorney
  •      Private public prosecutor
  •      Administrative law judge
  •      Judge
  •      Arbitrator
  •      Law professor
  •      Politician
  •      Journalist
  •      Legal advisers of companies/institutes
  •      Research associate
  •      Legal inspector
  •      Magistrate
  •      Oath Commissioner
  •      Solicitors

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