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Islamic columnist, Islamic researcher, Mystic writer, Educational institutions, Islamic banker


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Govt Sadiq Egerton College Bah...

Nishat Education System Islama...

Govt Emerson College Multan

Royal Education & Law College ...

University of Swabi

Introduction To MA Islamiat

Pakistan is the only Muslim state which demanded and obtained its right to exist primarily as Muslim Nation. Soon after the partition, the creator of Pakistan began to take steps towards the fulfillment of the objectives of this new Islamic state. The Leader felt the dire need of introducing to the younger generation, the Islamic Ideology and the Muslim cultural heritage, and with that objecting view they planned to introduce the subject of Islamic Studies in various colleges & Universities of the country. The program aims at realizing the long cherished dream of striking a balance between the pristine values of Islam as outlined in the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah, and the practical challenges of modern times. The Subject of Islamic Studies mainly entails study of the Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Islamic History, comparative study of religions and Arabic. It also includes special study of Seerat-u-Nabi, economic and political thought, Muslim philosophy & Research Methodology.

Here a complete detail for the students is presented about the MA Islamiyat Study program. Students will make know that how to prepare the two years MA degree program. For this purpose students are entertained here with Past Papers.Moreover, the students can also get the Date Sheet on the proper time to make know that when they will be appeared for the annual examination. Furthermore, our students also get result every year at the time announcement.Here we write Introduction to MA Islamiat its scope, eligibility criteria etc.

MA Islamiat Admission Requirments

For admission in MA Islamiat, candiate must have Bachelor's degree with second division from any college or Universities recognized by HEC(Higher Education Commision of Pakistan)

MA Islamiat Program Duration

Masters in Islamiat(Islamic Studies) program duration is 2 years. But most of the Universities offering MA Islamic Studies in 4 semesters that are equal to 2 Years.Each Semester has different duration of teaching and examination.

Importance Of MA Islamiat (Islamic Studies)

Islamic Studies subject has become an important subject in the World.Education based on Islam has the important contribution towards human's life.Islamic education is uniquelly different from all other studies.Masters in Islamic Studies Covers to the introduction to the study of advanced Aqeeda,the third category of Tawheed.

  • MA Islamic Studies course employs a analytical and critical approach to the study of Islam
  • It offers a wide range of optional modules that will prepare students to summary Islamic Studies
  • Islamic Studies are associative degree teaching students about all aspects of the world of Islam : science,economy, philosophy.
  • A student can prepare himself for higher studies like M.Phil and phd in islamic studies
  • This course also examines the origins Of Islamic thoughts and practice, with best Quran and Sunnah,togethe
  • This course help us to learn many important things and understanding of the life of our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWS) and its modern significant

Top MA Islamiat Universities in Pakistan

  • Minhaj University Lahore
  • International Islamic University
  • University of the Punjab Lahore
  • University of Education
  • GCU(Lahore,Faisalabad)
  • University of Balochistan
  • University of Peshawar
  • University of sargodha
  • Federal Urdu University of arts,science & technology

MA(Masters in Arts) Frequently Asked Questions

What is MA abbreviation?

MA is known as Masters in Art.

Who can take admission in MA?

Students who have completed their graduation must take admission in MA.

What are the subjects in which Universities and Colleges offer admission MA program in Pakistan?

There are many subjects. They are of following

  • Urdu
  • English
  • History
  • Islamic Study
  • Pakistan Study
  • Persian
  • Education
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Arabic
  • Punjabi
  • Agriculture
  • IT

Science Students can take admission in MA?

Yes, they can take admission in MA.

Can a FA pass student take admission directly in MA?

No. He has to first pass BA then he can be eligible for MA.

MA is necessary to apply for a job?

Yes, there are many jobs which require the minimum MA degree.

Which MA degree is more valuable now a day?

There are many degrees. English is most valuable degree now a day. If a student has a MA degree he can get many opportunities to get job in different departments both in government and private in his/her country or abroad.

Which MA degree is better to improve personality?

MA Urdu and MA Islamic Study both are very good to improve and reshape personality.How we can get MA degree now a day?

Now a day MA degree is very easy to get. We can get MA degree from our homes. We only have to pay fee and we only go for our exams days. Mostly jobholders can get Private MA degrees to improve their scales and apply for other opportunities.

Why do students prefer to take admission in MA degree program?

Its fee structure is very low. So mostly students belong to middle class families can easily take admission in MA degree program for getting a handsome job.

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