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CSS Training Programmes and FPO Exam

CSS Training Programmes and FPO Exam

Every CSS exam applicants that appointed in their respected department will undergo with the Probation training period. Probation periods means that a person will go in the period of training, trial or examination to make sure fitness or ability. The training institutes, places, time or period about the CSS exam training programmes will be specified by Government. If any applicants who pass the competitive Css exam but fails in the probation training period will be terminated without any official notices.

It is the responsibility of the probationer to pass every examination to satisfice the head of department that is responsible for the training institutes.

Total marks of CSS Examination is 1500 marks, initial training programmes is 500 marks, as per special training programmes, the marks scheme is 600 marks and also 1000 marks for the FPO (final passing out) exam.

Every probationer will be necessary to qualify the FPO examination in their respective subjects that approved by the Government.

The 100 marks are distributed among the subjects that is approved by the Government is allocated for final passing out exam (FPO).

If the candidates fail to qualify the subject or subjects in the FPO examination will be allowed 2 more chances to appear in the FPO exam that will be held eventually in such subject or subjects.

Without the permission of the government, if any probationer will not appear in the examination then he/she will consider being failed to qualify in the examination.

Here represented the Time Table for FPO examination, all information about the papers, timing, dates, and marks is mentioned in the table as shown below.

Qualify CSS FPO Examination Subjects Detail

Here is the subject / paper details with Marks, Time, without books and with books of all css training programmes

  • Public Admin & Management-I & II.
  • Local Government system-I & II.
  • Public Finance Management
  • CPC, PPC & Cr. PC
  • Land ReveueLaws
  • Urban Development
  • Qanoon-e-Shahadat Order

CSS FPO Examination Book Details

Here is the list of all recommended books for css fpo exam

For different parts of management,recommended book are

  • Management as a social function and Liberal Art
  • Part-III, Managing service institution in the society of organization
  • Part-V, The pluralism, how to balance the special purpose of the institution with the common good.
  • Part-VII, The element of effective decision making

CSS FPO Examination Reference Books for Public Admin & Management Part-I

  • Management by Peter F. Drucker, published in 2008
  • Essential Manager's Manual by Robert Heller & Tim Hindle published in 1998.
  • Planning commission of Pakistan guidelines for project Management 
  • Manual for Development projects
  • PC Guidelines for project Management, PC forms.

Time Table Schedule for the CSS FPO EXAM 2020-2021 for Fresh and Failure Probationers for Earlier Batches

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