CSS Subjects List 2022

Are you looking for the latest information regarding CSS Subjects Groups? Then you have arrived at your destination as you find all your concerned information regarding the latest information and news about CSS Subjects, compulsory and non-compulsory subjects on this page.

Importance of Selecting Right CSS Subjects

Choosing the right CSS Subjects Groups for your CSS examination can play an important role in successfully passing the CSS examination with high marks and achieving your desired goal of a highly paid government service job. CSS exam candidates must carefully select their desired CSS Subjects. Selecting the right subjects that you have command and complete knowledge will play a vital part in achieving a high score towards the final CSS examination score.

CSS Compulsory subjects

All CSS examination candidates will have to attempt the Compulsory Subjects of CSS examination having 600 marks comprising Essay, general knowledge, English (precis and composition), general science and ability, Pakistan affairs, current affairs and Islamic studies or comparative study of major religions(non-Muslims). It is vital for CSS exam candidates to secure high scores in compulsory exams to gain a competitive advantage over other students as competition is very high. CSS applicants will have to prove their worth in the CSS exam by competing against the whole nation.

CSS Optional Subjects List

The CSS examination candidates must also choose from various optional subjects groups with 600 marks. The optional subjects comprise of various Groups comprising of various CSS subjects like computer science, accountancy & auditing, International relations, physics, pure mathematics, geology, business administration, governance and public policies, Islamic history and culture, history of USA, Gender studies, environmental sciences, law, criminology, journalism & mass communication and Arabic.

CSS Compulsory Subjects Details (600 Marks)

All candidates must take Compulsory Subject papers as each subject is of 100 marks and has exam duration of three hours . Here you can check the CSS Compulsory Subjects Details.

Code No Subject Marks
01 English Essay 100
02 English (Precis and Composition) 100
03 General Science and Ability General Science ( MCQS=20 marks, Subjective=40 marks) Ability only subjective = 40 marks 100  
04 Current Affairs 100
05 Pakistan Affairs 100
06 Islamic Studies Or Comparative Study of Major Religions 100

CSS Optional Subjects List 2022 (600 marks)

Candidates attempting CSS exam must select subjects from code 11 to 17 having 200 marks each and remaining subjects from code 18 to 55 having 100 marks each. Here you can check the CSS Optional Subjects details of all optional subjects.

CSS Group-I Optional Subjects (Select One Subject of 200 Marks)

Code No Subject Marks
11 Accountancy & Auditing 200
12 Economics 200
13 Computer Science 200
14 Political Science 200
15 International Relations 200

Group-II CSS Optional Subjects (Select One Subject of 200 Marks or 2 Subjects of 100 Marks)

Code No Subjects Marks
16. Physics 200
17 Chemistry 200
18 Applied Mathematics 100
19 Pure Mathematics 100
20 Statistics 100
21 Geology 100

Group-III CSS Optional Subjects (Select One Subject of 100 Marks)

Code No Subjects Marks
22 Business Administration 100
23 Public Administration 100
24 Governance & Public Policies 100
25 Town Planning & Urban Management 100

Group-IV CSS Optional Subjects (Select One Subject of 100 Marks)

Code No Subject Marks
26 History of Pakistan & India 100
27 Islamic History & Culture 100
28. European History 100
29 British History 100
30 History of USA 100

Group-V CSS Optional Subjects (Select One Subject of 100 Marks)

Code No Subject Marks
31 Gender Studies 100
32 Environmental Sciences 100
33 Agriculture & Forestry 100
34 Botany 100
35 Zoology 100
36 English Literature 100
37 Urdu Literature 100

Group-VI CSS Optional Subjects (Select One subject of 100 Marks)

Code No Subject Marks
38 Law 100
39 Constitutional Law 100
40 International Law 100
41 Muslim Law & Jurisprudence 100
42 Mercantile Law 100
43 Criminology 100
44 Philosophy 100

Group VII (Select one subject of 100 marks)

Code No Subjects  
45 Journalism & Mass Communication 100
46 Psychology 100
47 Geography 100
48 Sociology 100
49 Anthropology 100
50 Punjabi 100
51 Sindhi 100
52 Pashto 100
53 Balochi 100
54 Persian 100
55 Arabic 100

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