FPSC CSS Interview Schedule 2021

Viva Voce is an interview to check selected candidates leadership qualities, moral character, intelligence, ethical qualities, extra-curricular activities, co-curricular activities, boldness, sharpness, grip on knowledge and readiness of mind.

  • This interviewer records candidate’s academic as well as other curricular activities.
  • While during the interview the candidate’s record about its co-curricular activities (debates, competitions and other activities) and extra-curricular activities (hobbies, games) will be presented in front of the interviewer.
  • CSS exam viva voce marks division is 300 marks. If the candidate fails to score at least 100 in viva will be considered to fail and not eligible for appointment.
  • As per viva voce rule Candidates must have basic knowledge about Islam and history of Pakistan. The Interviewer may be asked such types of questions about these subjects.
  • Any question related to the Islamic subjects will not be asked by the non-Muslim candidates.

CSS Competitive Exam Viva Voce Schedule For Peshawar

CSS Competitive Exam Viva Voce Schedule For Multan

CSS Competitive Examination Rules 2021

  • The candidates who pass the written examination shall be informed individually as well as through the website but the candidates who fail in the written examination shall not be informed individually, they may download detailed marks sheet from a website.
  • If any cellular phone or likewise devices will be founded during the checking in the examination hall or center, the candidates shall be disqualified for the instant examination.
  • If the candidate scored less than 40% in any compulsory subject, less than 33% in any optional subject and less than 100 marks in viva then these will not add in the total marks.
  • The checking criteria of each answer will be in sequence order and any over attempted question will not be considered.
  • Anything written in the question paper will be considered as cheating.
  • Candidate must have written their roll number in the space provided in the sheet.
  • Candidate must have crossed all the empty sheet before giving the sheet to the examiner.
  • When the candidate has read the question paper must mark the attendance before leaving his seat.
  • The Calculator will only be used in applied mathematics, pure mathematics, accounting, statistics, physics, business administration, and chemistry.
  • In the paper of general science and ability, the calculator will not be allowed.
  • If the question papers are in Urdu or other Pakistan Regional Languages like Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Balochi, Persian, and Arabic,they should be answered in their respective languages.
  • A Paper of Islamic studies or comparative study of major religions should be answered in English or Urdu only.
  • The Option will be allowed for Non-Muslim candidates to select either Islamic study or comparative study of major religions.


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