CSS Psychological Test 2021

Candidates who successfully passed CSS exam written test and medical test will take part in 3rd step that is psychological assessment, purposes to assess candidate’s mental capabilities, behavioral aspects and personality traits like detects anger management, emotional disorders.

Instructions To The Candidates For Psychological Assesment and Viva Voce


Psychological Assessment Test Details

Parts of Psychological Test 2021

  • Written test
  • Group discussion

CSS Exam Psychological Written Test

A series of ability and personality test would be administered. The result drawn from the psychological test will future validated from different resources like behavioral information, observations and one-to-one interview with psychologists.

Here provided the brief introduction of psychological test that you are expected to undergo:

Intelligent Test:

These test purpose to analysis the individual intellectual potentials like: comprehensions, judgments skills, cognitive skills, reasoning and concentration thinking. CSS Intelligent Test measures different abilities in a individuals and access these by provided MCQS or true/false format. There are several types of intelligent test but here provided the most commonly used during the recruitment process:

Abstract Ability:

This also known as conceptual reasoning test, it aims to determine individual ability to quickly identify the relationship between patterns, logical rules and integrate this information to find out best possible solutions.  You will be presented with sets of shapes having logical relationship and your tasks is to identify the most suitable shapes that comes next in the sequence. The purpose of this tasks is quickly assess your capability of analyzing new information and thinking strategies to solve problems.

Verbal Ability:

the verbal aptitude test measures your ability to understand  and communicate information by asking you to identify words analogies or synonyms/antonyms. Etc.

Numerical Ability:

this ability or reasoning test will measure your ability by presented the scenario in basic numerical form for making best decisions.

NOTE: All these mentioned test are to be performed within the allotted time. it is advice to done these task as soon as possible because when tasks start its easy but gradually gets more difficult.

Personality Test:

These tests are usually of different types and held to predict your basic personality characteristics such as Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion/Introversion, Agreeability along with your maturity level, confidence, optimism, ability to handle stress and solve different problems, your leadership qualities as well.

Remember: Just trust yourself and don’t try be a superhuman and completely infallible.

Personality trait questionnaire:

There are 2 types of personality questionnaire that asking during test;

  • That test in which you answer only yes or no format
  •  The other consist of open-ended questions in which demand your preference’s, likes, dislikes , interests etc.

 Story writing:

here presented the black and white picture of human life and you are supposed to understand these that you are to tell a story and not merely describe the picture.

Story consists of 4 important elements:

  • Current situation (what’s going on in the story?)
  • Thoughts and Feelings of the characters
  • Preceding events ( like: what happened before? What led to the current situation?)
  • Outcome (how does the story end?)

Story writing is considered a method of revealing unconscious, needs, motives, emotions, complex sentiments and conflicts of personality.

 Sentence completion:

First word and words are provided and will be asked to complete a sentence. For Example;

  • I Like……
  • I want to know………………
  • Back home……..
  • I regret………

It is assumed that the individuals would reflect their own desires, wishes, fears & attitudes in sentence completion.


  • Autobiography is a written account of the life of a person. In other words, it’s  a brief story about the history of a person written by himself.
  • Your writing should be so organized and systematic that I should be eager to meet you in one-to-one interview.
  • In autobiography, you are supposed to write details of your life history, which includes:
  • The basic purpose of command task is to access leadership qualities, management skills and decision-making power along with level of confidence and maturity that you process.
  • You will be provided the scenario in writing and you will analyze the situation/problems and come up with suitable solutions within 5 minutes.


  1. Birthplace to Elementary school years
  2. Family – intermediate (siblings, grandfather, grandmother, uncles etc.)
  3. Culture
  4. College/university/education years
  5. Special occasions
  6. Courtship/marriage
  7. Carreer/work years
  8. Hobbies/vocational activities
  9. Sports/recreation activities
  10. Places lived
  11. Awards
  12. Lesson from life
  13. Spiritual journey, Etc.

Command Task

The basic purpose of command task is to access leadership qualities, management skills and decision-making power along with level of confidence and maturity that you process.

You will be provided the scenario in writing and you will analyze the situation/problems and come up with suitable solutions within 5 minutes.


  • As a DCO, how would to deal with a protest of nurses?
  • As a president, how would solve Kashmir issues?
  • How would you react as Foreign Minister to be terrorist attack on the British Embassy?

CSS Exam Psychological Group Discussion

  • Group discussion also designed to assess the candidate’s behavior in group activities. Engaged the candidates into some group activities for the purpose to analyze their group performance and habitual.
  • The aim of group discussion is to evaluate personality – confidence, assertiveness, articulation, knowledge and yours ability, skills required to work others – within a given time. this includes  2 group discussions – 1 urdu and one in English – on general topics over which you would be required to make suggestion and give your opinion while giving equal opportunity to your other fellow candidates to speak and express their views.

Precaution while going group discussions:

  • Avoid religious statements and personal comments
  • Be relevant and to the point, don’t get off track during discussion.
  • Don’t use English words in Urdu discussion and vice versa.
  • Let the other person finish the statement and then speak. Never interrupt the others while he/she giving his/her point of view.
  • Avoid being the last person to talk on issues under discussion and if you do, be very obvervant and logical 

Interview with psychologists

  • The same day, after the group session is over, you will meet a panel of psychologists for a brief interview who at the end prepare a collaborated report on the information you have provided about your personality, ability and aptitude in the 2-days activity.
  • They may asked additional information about yourself, justification for the preferences that you have mentioned in your written personality test and to clear any ambiguity if encountered in your writing.
  • You may also be asked about your opinion on various social and political scenarios happening both in Pakistan and on international Level.  

CSS Psychological Test Rules 2021:

  • Separate marks will not be entitled to psychological assessment.
  • 300 marks of the viva also affect the performance of psychological evaluation.
  • If a person will not appear in a psychological judgment, he/she not allowed to enter the viva.
  • Psychological assessment and viva contain combined marks 300.
  • The Candidate should bring their 3 password size photographies and national identity card in the psychological assessment.


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