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Education is essential for everyone, and building a strong foundation is one of the significant requirements of any good education organization. Since the education organization is important new curriculums are introduced for students.

B.Ed. (Hons) Introduction

Learners need new expertise or we can say enhanced skills to enter the marketplace and start there career. That is why the new program named as B.Ed. (Hons) is introduced. This program aims to provide new participants with several new courses that will help students in their career building. This program will bring new knowledge for students and offer more informative knowledge which will guide them to build a better future for themselves.


What’s New in B.Ed. (Hons)

In B.Ed. the program they use child-centered inquiry-based teaching for the student learning and development. In addition to strengthening content-specific knowledge of the students, courses are offered for bringing about pedagogical knowledge, skills and attitudinal change amongst the learners for developing an understanding of child psychology, creative abilities of children, and using child-centered inquiry-based teaching for student learning and development.

B.Ed. (Hons) Exam

B.Ed. (Hons) exams normally take place in September every year. You can find information about exams and admission here .All updates are available here.The B.Ed. (Hons) the exam is going to start on 13th September and end on 11th October.

 The list of courses which you have to study in B.Ed. (Hons) is a follows:

  • Prospective of Education and Contemporary Social Issues
  • Curriculum and Instructions
  • Educational Psychology
  • Islamiyat
  • School Organization and Management
  • Functional English
  • Evaluation Techniques
  • Methods of Teachings in English
  • Arabic/Mathematics/Pakistan Studies/Urdu/Pashto/Biological Sciences
  • Computer Education
  • Foundation of Education

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