Employment Opportunities in Public and Private Sector After BDS
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It is a dream of every degree holder to get good private or government job after the completion of the study.If the candidate will be well qualified,then he/she can get the job easily. BDS counts in more professional course after MBBS. Here we discuss the career opportunities after BDS from which you can know about BDS career objectives. BDS as a career option is a good idea as a dentist is considered a fine profession all over the world.

Professional Career After BDS in Pakistan

After completing House Job from a dental hospital, a BDS graduate can start his / her career after BDS in Pakistan in the following areas. You can choose any career option after BDS from below:

BDS Career Opportunities 2024 in Dental Hospital

In Dental hospitals, they are appointed as Dental Doctors or in Central Superior Services or Surgery.

BDS Job Opportunities in Medical & Dental Colleges

BDS Graduates are appointed in dental colleges as a Demonstrator or Senior Demonstrator initially.

General Dental Practitioner

A licensed dental doctor, can do dental practice as a Dental Practitioner by establishing his/her own dental clinic which is also a good career for BDS.

Healthcare NGOs

Dental Doctors are also hired by different Healthcare NGOs as well as in Innovation departments which shows great career in BDS.

Higher Level Jobs

For higher level jobs, BDS graduates have to complete FCPS Training Program in respective area or field and after completing FCPS, they are appointed in dental hospitals as Consultant for different specialties of Dentistry.

Dental College Teaching

After completing FCPS Training in any field of Dentistry, they can start their academic career in Medical & Dental Colleges as Assistant Professor or Associate Professor and Professors according to their experience and research publications.

Armed Forces

A BDS graduate can also join Armed Forces Dental Services as a Dental Doctor. You can also join Pak army.

Clinic Research

Big opportunities in research department waiting you as a clinic research like Virtual Reality,Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality,computer-assisted design and 3-D Printing.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery BDS Salary in Pakistan

A dentist can earn from Rs.100,000 to Rs.300,000 per month. The BDS salary package may vary according to experience, public or private sector as well. A dentist who has its own clinic can also more than Rs.100,000 per month. 

BDS Career FAQs

  • Q: Which jobs are available after BDS degree?
    Ans: For BDS students, many public and private jobs are offered. You can work as a dentist after BDS. You can also get jobs like dental surgeon, army dentist, dentist in railways, territorial officer and Pakistan air force. There are a number of jobs offered after BDS degree.
  • Q: What is the scope of BDS in Pakistan?
    Ans: BDS stands for Bachelor of Dental Surgeon. This is four year degree program in dentistry. BDS student can become endodontic, oral and maxillofacial pathologist and orthodontic after completing degree. You can also become professor in private or government dental colleges.
  • Q: How can I get job after BDS?
    Ans: After completion of BDS degree, you can find jobs in private and public sector. You can open your own private clinic. You can also do other courses after BDS for getting good jobs. BDS candidate can easily get job in any private company.
  • Q: Can we open clinic after BDS?
    Ans: Yes, after completion of five year BDS degree, you can open your own clinic and can work as a dental surgeon. BDS candidates are allowed to open their own clinic for the treatment of patients.
  • Q: What are the career opportunities after BDS?
    Ans: BDS candidates have good career opportunities. A number of jobs are offered in dentistry. Dentists can also do other degree programs in order to get good job. Dentists can work as oral surgeon and lecturer after BDS.
  • Q: Which degree is best after BDS?
    Ans: There are a number of post graduate programs offered after BDS. The students can go for diploma in mechanic and hygienist, course in aesthetic dentistry and MDS Periodontics & Implantology, Masters in dental surgery, master of dental surgery in community dentistry and Master of dental surgery in radiology and oral medicine.
  • Q: What is the scope of BDS abroad?
    Ans: In foreign countries, BDS has high scope. The students have to do some specialization or other courses for getting jobs in abroad. BDS has scope in United Arab Emirates and Australia. Dentists are in demand in Canada and USA.
  • Q: Which countries are good for BDS job?
    Ans: For getting good job after BDS, the students need to go abroad. Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia are good countries for getting jobs in dentistry. You can get good jobs after BDS in these countries.
  • Q: Is BDS good career option?
    Ans: Yes it is as it has high demand all over the world.

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