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The degree program is just like MBBS based on five years of continuous learning. Moreover, the study scheme of BDS is also based on Annual Professional Exam System. We have provided you complete BDS fee in Pakistan including BDS self finance fees in Pakistan.

BDS Course Duration in Pakistan

The Bachelor of Dental Surgery BDS degree duration in Pakistan consists of four years of education and one year of house job experience in order to test the skills and knowledge learned in the previous four years. So, the students must complete BDS duration in Pakistan to get the final degree.

BDS Fee Structure in Pakistan 2022 Table of Contents

PMC Regulations 2022 Regarding BDS Course Fees in Pakistan

Pakistan Medical Commission has issued regulations for BDS fee in dental colleges. In order to download, click on the following button:

BDS Fee Structure 2022

BDS Fee structure in government dental colleges is very reasonable in Pakistan. Students can easily afford dental college fees as it is quite equivalent to the fee of Medical Colleges. However, in order to provide a better sight of fee structure here is the annual average amount range that you have to pay every year at any public dental college.

BDS Course Fees in Government Colleges

Public sector charges less amount of BDS course fees dental program. BDS govt fee structure is within thousands. The students can easily afford to study in government dental colleges and pay for BDS fee structure in government colleges in Pakistan. Following is the general range of fee charges in public sector colleges:

Sr.No BDS Public Sector Charges Amount
1 Annual Tuition Fee (Fee Range ) Rs. 20,000 – 40,000
2 One time Admission Fee Rs. 2,000 - 5000
3 Prospectus Fee Rs. 500 – 1,000

BDS Fee Structure in Private Colleges in Pakistan

There is high amount of BDS fees for private colleges as compared to public colleges which are offering BDS programs. From the following table, you can get the idea of general fee in private colleges:

Sr.No BDS Fee in Private Sector Amount
1 Per year Tuition Fee including university affiliation fee, examination fee or Academic or administrative fee Rs. 950,000
2 One time Admission Fee Rs. 50,000
3 Prospectus Fee Rs. 3,000

BDS Fee for Foreign/Overseas Seats in Private Dental Colleges

If you want to study in Pakistan, so following is the overseas fee structure of BDS in private colleges. You can avail the chance to study in high rated colleges.

Sr.No BDS Fee in Private Sector Amount
1 Per year Tuition Fee including university affiliation fee, examination fee or Academic or administrative fee $ 18,000
2 One time Admission Fee Rs. 50,000
3 Prospectus Fee Rs. 3,000

BDS Fee Structure of Top Colleges and Universities

You will able to know about BDS fee of major medical colleges and universities from the following colleges and universities list. You will also know about lowest BDS fee in Pakistan:

UHS BDS Fee Structure 2021-22

University of Health Sciences Lahore is internationally recognized university. It is basically a research based university. 124 colleges comes under its affiliation with 106916 undergraduate and 9157 postgraduate students. It has started its 2022 admissions for BDS.

Its fee link is https://www.uhs.edu.pk/fee-struct.php

Sr.No. Duration Yearly Fee (Rs.) Registration Fee (Rs.) Fee Structure
1 5 years 5750 15,000 Download

Rawal Institute of Health Sciences (RIHS) BDS Fee Structure 2021-22

RIHS was established in 2011 under through Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC). It deals in medical education and healthcare services through which many students and people are taking advantages from its services. 

https://rihs.edu.pk/academic/admission/fee-structure-session-2021-2026/ is the link from where you can see its fee structure.

Duration Total Fee (Rs.) Yearly Fee (Rs.) Fee Structure
5 years 1,289,000 1,239,000 Download

BDS Fee Structure of Lahore Medical and Dental College (LMDC) 2022

LMDC is recognized by the Pakistan Medical and Dental College. It is offering (M.B.B.S) and (B.D.S) . It is established to train future doctors and professionals of medicine who will work with new standards in knowledge and compassion.

Its URL for fee is http://lmdc.edu.pk/admissions/

Students Duration Total Fee/Annum (Rs.) Yearly Fee (Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 4 years 1,453,500 to 1,699,620 1,425,000 to 1,649,620 Download
Overseas Students 4 years USD 18,000 to USD 19,845 Download

Bolan Medical College (BMC) Quetta Fee Structure BDS 2022

BMC deals in anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, medicine and many more. It is a well known college of Quetta.

Its fee structure detail is mentioned at https://www.bmc.edu.pk/feesandsubcription.html

Duration Total Fee (Rs.) Yearly Fee (Rs.) Fee Structure
5 years 25000 2500 Download

Sharif Medical and Dental College Lahore (SMDC) BDS Fee Structure 2022

Sharif Medical and Dental College comes under Sharif Trust with its academic campus in the Sharif Medical City. It offers five-year degree program for MBBS and four-year degree program for BDS. 

Its fee link is http://sharifmedicalcity.org/sharif-dental/addmission.html

Students Duration Total Fee/Annum (Rs.) Yearly Fee (Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 4 years 1,288,516 to 1,462,372 1,263,251 to 1,462,372 Download
Overseas Students 4 years 93,633 USD 17,352 to USD 19,511 Download

BDS Fee Structure in Islamabad Medical and Dental College

IMDC is chrarging fee from local students and foreign students. It is also charging fixed annual charges along with tuition fee. You can download full fee structure from below:

You can get the complete fee detail of IMDC at https://imdcollege.edu.pk/fee.html

Students Admission Fee(Rs.) Security (Rs.) Tuition Fee (Rs.) Total Fee/Annum (Rs.) Full Fee of 4 years Fee Structure
Local Students 50,000 50,000 962,000 to 1,280,422 1,187,000 to 1,446,797 5,144,767 Download
Foreign Students 50,000 50,000 USD 18,000 USD 18,000 USD 72,000 Download

BDS Fee Structure in University of Lahore UOL

University of Lahore is also offering BDS course of 4 years. Its fee is less as compared to other private dental universities.

BDS fee structure UOL link is https://ucmd.uol.edu.pk/bds-fee-structure/

Students Admission Fee(Rs.) Registration Fee (Rs.) Tuition Fee/Year(Rs.) Administrative Fee(Rs.) Total Fee/Annum (Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 24,595 25,000 1,229,767 to 1,527,736  67,637 to  84,025 1,347,000 to 1,611,761 Download
Foreign Students USD 324 USD 180 USD 16,219 to  20,149 USD 892 to 1,093 USD 17,615 to 21,242 Download

BDS Fee Structure in Akhtar Saeed Medical and Dental College

AMDC is one of those colleges which have high amount of BDS fee. They have many fee details such as annual, hostel, mess or transport charges. While charging high amount of fee, it is also offering quality education.

Its fee is mentioned at https://amdc.edu.pk/fee-structure/

Students Admission Fee(Rs.) Registration Fee (Rs.) Tuition Fee/Year (Rs.) UHS Share/Year(Rs.) Total Fee (Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 29,000 5,000 1,450,000 to 1,762,483  79,750 to 96,937 8,512,833 Download
Foreign Students - - - USD 892 to 1,093 USD 69,021 Download

CMH Multan BDS Fee Structure

CMH Multan gives discount 4% discount if the student pays fee in lumpsum, 2% if paid bi-annually of 6 months period and no discount will be given if it is paid in quarter terms.

You can view its fee at https://www.cims.pk/proposed-fee-structure/

Students Registration Fee (Rs.) Tuition Fee/Year (Rs.) Total Fee (Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 17,000 1,150,000 to 1,183,000 1,150,000 to 1,200,000 Download
Foreign Students 43,200 USD 18,000 USD 90,000 Download

Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto SMBB Medical University Larkana BDS Fee Structure

Tuition Fee on Merit(Rs.) Tuition Fee on UEAP Local (Rs.) Tuition Fee on UEAP Overseas (Rs.) Fee Structure
31,900 440,000 US $ 10,500 Download

Ripah International University BDS Fee Structure 2021-22

In Ripah University, hostel amounts to Rs.18,500/- per head per month is also charged along with the fee mentioned below. If the student wants mess and transportation then it shall be charged monthly. https://www.riphah.edu.pk/bachelor-of-medicine-bachelor-of-surgery-mbbs-2/ is its fee URL.

1st Year Fee(Rs.) 2nd Year Fee(Rs.) 3rd Year Fee(Rs.) 4thYear Fee(Rs.) Fee Structure
1,239,406 1,363,347 1,499,681 1,649,649 Download

Karachi Medical and Dental College BDS Fee Structure

Karachi University has reasonable amount of fee charges for BDS program. 10% fee will be increased every year according to the following fee structure which is uploaded by the University in 2015-2016:

Students Prospectus (Rs.) Admission Fee(Rs.) Tuition Fee/Year (Rs.) Registration Fee(Rs.) Fee Structure
On Merit 2500 20,000 30,000 3000 Download
Self-Finance - 20,000 3,850,000 - Download
Overseas - USD 500 USD 6500-12000 (Total) - Download

Rashid Latif Medical College Fee Structure BDS

The students must pay refundable security of amount Rs.100,000 and Rs.50,000 for hostel security if any. Its fee structure is as follows:

Students Tuition Fee/Year (Rs.) Fixed Annual Charges/Year(Rs.) Total Fixed Fee/Annum (Rs.) Total Fee(Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 1,200,000 to 1,389,150 235,750 to 164,807 1,435,750 to 1,553,957 5,880,837 Download
Foreign Students USD 15,000 USD 500 USD 15,000 USD 60,500 Download
Overseas Students USD 12,500 USD 500 USD 12,500 to 13,000 USD 50,000 Download

BDS Fee Structure of Jinnah Medical and Dental College

Students who are paying full annual fee at time of admission will be given 4% discount, 2% discount on two installments while no discount will be given to students for quarterly installments. Its fee detail is available at https://jmc.edu.pk/frmBDSFeeEdit.aspx

Students Tuition Fee/Year (Rs.) Admission Fee(Rs.) Security Deposit (Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 962,000 to 1,195,090 19,240 75,000 Download
Foreign Students USD 9000 to USD 11,181 - - Download

Ziauddin University BDS Fee Structure

A student can pay the tuition fee on aquarterly, six-monthly, or annual basis. Two percent discount will be given if fee will be paid on six-month basis while four percent will be given on payment of annual basis. The students can get complete detail about fee of under graduate programs such as BDS on this URL https://zdc.zu.edu.pk/undergraduate/bachelor-of-dental-surgery-bds/introduction/

Students Tuition Fee/Year (Rs.) Admission Fee(Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 1,373,000 to 1,600,000 27,000 Download
Foreign Students USD 18,000 USD 4000 Download

Azra Naheed Medical College BDS Fee Structure

ANMC is charging hostel, mess, transport charges as well if the students want to get these facilities. Following is the fee detail of BDS program.

Students Tuition Fee/Annum (Rs.) Admission Fee(Rs.) University Fee/Annum(Rs.) Fee Structure
Local Students 950,000 to 1,203,785 19,000 499,000 to 619,905 Download
Foreign Students USD 15,000 to USD 19,006 USD 400 USD 7375 to 9161 Download


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