2nd Unit

9th Class Mathematics Chapter 2

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Matric Part 1/9th Class Mathematics Chapter 2 Short Questions Test With Answer for Unit 2 Real and Complex Numbers

We have designed effective 9th Grade short question tests for students to practice their math lessons. This daily practice is very essential for good marks. Each chapter has different concepts and assorted mathematical operations are applied to solve these questions. For chapter 2 mathematics 9th grade exam preparation ilmkidunya has constructed 10 short questions which has to be completed in a given time limit. Each question carries equal marks and students can also access the right answer to clear any confusion. The purpose of designing these online short question test session is to prepare student for annual examination. Every test is formatted under the Pakistani secondary and higher secondary board prescribed curriculum. Moreover, the pattern of the question is taken from past papers. This help students to learn the format of annual exam papers and he can practice to complete his solution in the given time.

Chapter 2: Real and Complex Numbers

The chapter introduced various types of simple and complex numbers like natural numbers, whole numbers, integers etc with their definition and example

  • The chapter also deals with some ratio and proportion concepts and students will learn to convert fractions into decimal and vice versa.
  • The chapter further describes the conversion of exponential notation and radical notations
  • Moreover, students will learn about conjugates with real and imaginary parts of the numbers
  • Each exercise has a specific concept and different formulas are applied on different questions.
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