9th Unit

9th Class Mathematics Chapter 9

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Matric Part 1/9th Class Mathematics Chapter 9 Short Questions Test With Answer for Unit 9 Introduction to Coordinate Geometry Descriptive Geometry

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Well lets have a talk about the class 9th Maths book. Here we will discuss about 9, which is titled as “Introduction to Coordinate Geometry".

Main purpose of this chapter is:

  • Defining coordinate geometry.
  • To use distance formula to know about distance
  • To know distance between to points and Cartesian plane while using distance formula.
  • To find difference between collinear and non- collinear points.
  • Use of distance formula in defining three or more collinear points.
  • Use of distance formula in defining three non- collinear points.
  • Use of distance formula to explain equilateral triangle, isosceles triangle, right angle triangle and a scalene triangle.
  • Use of distance formula to explain the non-collinear points form of square, rectangle and parallelogram.
  • Application of mid point and distance formula to find the solutions of different geometric expression.
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