6th Unit

9th Class Mathematics Chapter 6

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Matric Part 1/9th Class Mathematics Chapter 6 Short Questions Test With Answer for Unit 6 Algebraic Manipulation

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Refreshing your skills of chapter 6:

Let us have a clear view of the contents covered in the chapter before moving forward to attempt the quiz. Chapter 6 having the title algebraic manipulation covers the basis of solving algebraic expressions using graphs and different formulae. It starts off with discussing the plane geometry containing quadrilaterals and triangles, and then proceeds to discuss the coordinate geometry having an extensive explanation on ordered pairs and Cartesian coordinate system. Basically, algebraic manipulation is done to make the expressions look simpler and easier to handle. For example, one can either ask us to plot the graph of any linear or quadratic equation or find the distance between two points lying on the coordinate axes using the distance formula and likewise find the midpoints between the two coordinates using the mean number formula by simply substituting the values and obtain the desired solution.

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