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9th Class G. Science English Medium Chapter 3 Test

Matric Part 1/9th Class General Science Chapter 3 MCQ Test With Answer for Chapter 3 (Biochemistry and Biotechnology)

“Biochemistry and Biotechnology

There is good news for all 9th class candidates who will be taking the examinations and who have just started matric part 1. Students are advised that they can begin preparing for their 9th class general science MCQs chapter 3 on our website. We are providing the General science chapter 2 MCQs for English- and Urdu-medium students on our website. These can be useful to you. Practice the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to get the highest marks in the final paper.

9th General Science Chapter Wise Test
(English Medium)

9th Class General Science Multiple Choice Question Answers for English Medium:

These important MCQs tests are available for English medium students of 9th class. All students of 9th class can make their better practice by preparing these important online MCQs tests. These important MCQs tests along with answers can also be downloaded in pdf files. Download 9th class general science chapter 3 MCQs in pdf for making your preparation good. The MCQs of all chapters of 9th class general science is provided to all students on ilmkidunya from where they can download them in pdf files for better practice. You can also download online test for 9th class general science chapter 3. The students must avail this chance for better performance.

Table Content of 9th Class Chapter 3 MCQs of General Science

To get a quick overview of the 9th class general science chapter 3 MCQs, read the table below.

  • Chapter Name Biochemistry and Biotechnology

  • Chapter 3

  • Total Time duration 20 mins

  • Total marks of MCQs 15

  • Total of MCQs 15

Benefits to Prepare the MCQs of Benefits Chapter 3

Following are the benefits of preparing the general science 9th class chapter 3 MCQs. Read out the given points.

  • It gives you the chance to familiarize you with the exam's structure and question types.

  • It boosts self confidence in managing exam-related stress and anxiety

  • It gives you the chance to review and practice the material before the exam.

  • It helps the students to recognize frequent errors so they can prevent them on test day.

  • It gives a critical evaluation of one's comprehension of the subject.

“Biochemistry and Biotechnology” of General Science

The essential ideas of biochemistry and biotechnology are covered in Chapter 3. The chapter begins with a discussion of the role that biochemistry plays in practically every aspect of our daily life. The notion of bimolecular including lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids, and their function in the functioning of living creatures are introduced in the chapter. The notion of enzymes, their purpose, and how they catalyze biochemical events in living organisms are also covered in this chapter. The function of vitamins and minerals in the human body is also covered in this chapter.

Procedure to Appear in the Online MCQs Test of Chapter 3

If you are unclear on how to take the chapter 3 general science 9th class MCQs, carefully read the points. You will learn the method from the points listed below.

  • First, visit our website ilmkidunya.

  • Go to the “Online Test” section of the website.

  • Select your class 9th.

  • Select your Board (Punjab / KPK).

  • Select your subject “General Science” and then the chapter.

  • The chapter-wise MCQs will appear on your screen. You will have to sign in to appear in the online test.

  • Your test will start.

Click Here for General Science Urdu Medium Ch 3 MCQ Test

Matric Part 1/9th Class General Science Chapter 3 MCQ Test With Answer for Chapter 3 (Biochemistry and Biotechnology)

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 A set of all the genes in a cell i s called
  • A. Antigens & nbsp
  • B. Nucleotides & nbsp
  • C. Genome & nbsp
  • D. RNA
2 The cunction of platelets is
  • A. Blood Clotting
  • B. Engulfing the bacteria
  • C. To produce antibiotics
  • D. Tranfer of oxygen
3 Teh antibiotics cephalosporin was discovered in.
  • A. 1848
  • B. 1948
  • C. 1928
  • D. 1998
4 Landsteiner divided human population is four groups on the basis of blood group in.
  • A. 1909
  • B. 1902
  • C. 1904
  • D. 1905
5 It transports digested food and oxygen to the cells of all plats of the body
  • A. Plasma
  • B. blood
  • C. Enzymes
  • D. Glycerol
6 A person having antigen A and antibody B, will have blood group
  • A. B group
  • B. A group
  • C. AB group
  • D. O group
7 Blood clotting protein in plasma is called
  • A. Fibrinogen & nbsp
  • B. Substrate & nbsp
  • C. peps gene & nbsp
  • D. Hemoglobin & nbsp
8 They are helpful in transport of gases in the blood
  • A. White cells
  • B. Red cells
  • C. Plateless
  • D. Plasma
9 Fast are made up of
  • A. glucose
  • B. water and carbon dioxide
  • C. glycerol and acids
  • D. amino acids and water
10 Protein is digested is
  • A. large intestine&nbsp
  • B. small intestine
  • C. stomach & nbsp
  • D. Mouth & nbsp

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