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All the candidates of class 9th are advised to try these notes available here. You can examine how well you prepared for the exam using these 9th class general science MCQs. You are no longer required to pay the academy's test session fees. You have access to the best information and resources available to help you do well on your exam. Ilmkidunya is one of the most significant platforms to assist students in educational matters. All of the essential MCQs are included in the pdf file. All chapters' Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are available for 9th grade students to practice. On our website, you can find 9th class general science full book MCQs paper pdf. By properly learning these MCQs, 9th class students can significantly improve their objective papers.

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This website has all of the 9th class general science MCQ test along with the solutions. Students can participate in the online MCQ test by visiting the website. The steps for answering the Multiple Choice Questions are described on the relevant ilmkidunya pages. You can learn a lot about the chapter and improve your grade by taking the online test.

Scope of These Online MCQs Test:

  • Now, the students of 9th class can practice the best material for their exam online.

  • A lot of important MCQs for 9th class general science is given that will provide you more practice.

  • Download 9th class general science MCQs pdf and start practice for better performance in the exam.

  • The highly qualified and experienced staff of ilmkidunya tried its best in preparing these online MCQs tests for 9th class students.

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  • 9th class general science MCQs with answer English medium is available for the students.

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  • These online MCQs tests are made according to the Punjab board examination pattern.

  • For making your preparation perfect, download 9th class general science MCQs chapter wise English medium.

  • These MCQs are very beneficial for the preparation.

This is the best chance for Punjab board students. Attempt these notes and check your preparation. Now, you don’t need to pay the fee of academies for test session. You are provided with the best source and material online for getting the good marks in the examination. The chapter wise MCQs are given. Check 9th class general science MCQs chapter wise pdf Punjab board on our website ilmkidunya. Physics MCQs for class 9 with answers pdf is also available which you can easily download. Make sure that you have availed this opportunity for getting good marks in the examination. You can also download the past papers and guess papers for 9th class. The online video lectures for 9th class is also available on our website. You can get the informative and authentic updates related to studies on ilmkidunya.

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9th Class General Science MCQ Test With Answer for General Science Full Book

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 Disbetes and hacmophilia occur due to change in ........ molecule.
  • A. RNA
  • B. Protein
  • C. DNA
  • D. None
2 Which one is dangerous and rapidly spreading infection
  • A. Hepatitis
  • B. Whooping cough
  • C. Tatanus
  • D. T.B
3 It is not crystalline form of carbon
  • A. charcoal
  • B. graphite
  • C. buckyballs
  • D. diamond
4 The name of famous book written by Al-Bairuni is.
  • A. Kitab -ul-Manazir
  • B. Al -Havi
  • C. Thareer-ul-Amakin
  • D. Al-Shifa
5 The height of Stratosphere form sea level is.
  • A. 50 km
  • B. 55 km
  • C. 60 km
  • D. 45 km
6 Ozone is a gas present in.
  • A. Troposphere
  • B. Stratosphere
  • C. Upper stratosphere
  • D. Meso sphere
7 The amout of carbon dioxide int eh air is increased by.
  • A. Photosynthesis
  • B. Respiration
  • C. Burning
  • D. Evaporation
8 ................ is only Pakistani scientist who got nobel price.
  • A. Dr. Abdus Salam
  • B. Dr. Abdul Qadeer
  • C. Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad
  • D. Dr. Atta -ur-Rehman
9 Pakistan tested the Nuclear devices in
  • A. Apira 12,1999
  • B. May 29,1999
  • C. May 28,1998
  • D. January 8,2000
10 Fast are made up of
  • A. glucose
  • B. water and carbon dioxide
  • C. glycerol and acids
  • D. amino acids and water

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