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9th Class G. Science English Medium Chapter 6 Test

Matric Part 1/9th Class General Science Chapter 6 MCQ Test With Answer for Chapter 6 (Environment and Natural Resources)

“Environment and Natural Resources”

The candidates for the 9th class can are welcome to this page. We have wonderful news that want to share with you. There is no additional preparation required for the math objective paper for students taking the SSC part 1 exams. The general science 9th class chapter 6 MCQs is available on this page. On our website, students can take an online test of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). This online test preparation for exams can be done at any time and from any location. Online tests are a great way to prepare for the 9th class general science MCQs chapter 6. By practicing them; you can get full marks in the annual paper of General Science.

9th General Science Chapter Wise Test
(English Medium)

9th Class General Science Multiple Choice Questions Answer for English Medium:

We are provided you these important MCQs tests of 9th general science in English medium. All students of 9th arts can avail this golden chance for better practice. Now, you don’t need to join academies and to pay their fees. You can make best practice through these online tests anywhere you are. The students can download 9th class general science chapter 6 MCQs in pdf. If you want to get good marks in general science, make sure you avail this opportunity without wasting any time. We provide you online test for 9th general science chapter 6 on ilmkidunya.

Quick Information on General Science MCQs

We have included the quick information related to 9th class general science ch6 MCQs. You can get the related information from the table below.

  • Chapter No 6

  • Chapter Name Environment and Natural Resources

  • Total MCQs in online test 15

  • Time duration 20 min

  • Total Marks of test 15

Why should we take the Online MCQs Test of General Science?

Taking the 9th class general science only MCQs chapter 6 test is primarily intended to prepare you for passing the objective paper. Preparing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) can improve your ability to acquire and retain knowledge of a specific subject. It offers a quick and effective approach to evaluating how well a student comprehends a certain idea or subject. On our website, you can practice the online MCQs for each unit of General Science. You can expedite the process and shorten the amount of time needed for the subjective type by taking these 9th class general science chapter 6 tests MCQs. All of the required MCQs for SSC part 1 are available on our website. You can also download the pdf file to practice them again and again.

Overview of Chapter 6 Environment and Natural Resources

The study of the environment and all of its elements, including natural resources, is discussed in this chapter. The natural world that surrounds us, including both living and non-living objects, is what we call the environment. The materials or substances found in nature and suitable for human use are referred to as natural resources. The chapter begins with the significance of the environment. It draws attention to how human actions, such as deforestation, pollution, and global warming, affect the environment. The chapter places a strong emphasis on the necessity for sustainable development, which entails addressing current generational demands without endangering the ability of subsequent generations to address their own.

How could we appear in the Online MCQs Test of Chapter 6?

To participate in the chapter 6 general science 9th class MCQs, students must have to visit our website. Choose your Board (Punjab / KPK), class 9th, subject (General Science), and chapter no 6 to start the test. You can view the complete test information, including the number of MCQs, time given in the test, and total numbers when you register into your account. After carefully reading the given statement, select the appropriate MCQ. You can stop the test by clicking the cancel button if you decide not to continue.

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Matric Part 1/9th Class General Science Chapter 6 MCQ Test With Answer for Chapter 6 (Environment and Natural Resources)

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 Water polythene bags can cause.
  • A. Cholera
  • B. Choking of drains
  • C. Cancer
  • D. Typhoid
2 At present population is 2.6 percent, in how many years the population of Pakistan will double.
  • A. 47 years
  • B. 37 years
  • C. 27 years
  • D. 17 years
3 It is used in microprocessor of computer
  • A. chromite&nbsp
  • B. aluminium
  • C. silicon
  • D. iron
4 ---- types of fishes are found in Pakistan.
  • A. 700
  • B. 600
  • C. 800
  • D. 650
5 The height of Stratosphere form sea level is.
  • A. 50 km
  • B. 55 km
  • C. 60 km
  • D. 45 km
6 The temperature in the mesosphere is
  • A. -10°C
  • B. -100°C
  • C. -60°C
  • D. -80°C
7 Annual population growth rate of Pakistan is.
  • A. 3.0 %
  • B. 2.0%
  • C. 3.6%
  • D. 2.6%
8 How much population of Pakistan depends on agriculture
  • A. 90%
  • B. 80%
  • C. 60%
  • D. 50%
9 The thickness of Atmosphere is
  • A. 100 km
  • B. 200 km&nbsp
  • C. 300 km&nbsp
  • D. 400 km&nbsp
10 -------- types of reptiles are found in Pakistan.
  • A. 200
  • B. 150
  • C. 100
  • D. 250

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