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9th Class G. Science English Medium Chapter 2 Test

Matric Part 1/9th Class General Science Chapter 2 MCQ Test With Answer for Chapter 2 (Our Life and Chemistry)

“Our Life and Chemistry”

Students in the 9th class are welcome to use this portal. We are here to inform you that general science 9th class chapter 2 MCQs are available on our website. You can review the Chapter 2 MCQs at any time on this page. All of the Multiple Choice Questions MCQs are arranged here according to the chapter. If you are one of those students who will be taking the final exams or test session, it is encouraged that you take the online test. To appear in the test, all you need to do is sign in to your account on the website. In order to get more information on the Multiple Choice Questions, carefully read this page.

9th General Science Chapter Wise Test
(English Medium)

9th General Science Multiple Choice Question Answers for English Medium:

The good point of these online tests is that you can download them in pdf free of cost. This whole test session is provided to all students of 9th class for free on ilmkidunya. You can attempt these tests online many times. A plenty of MCQs of chapter 2 of general is available for the students. In chapter 2, we study the concepts of our life and chemistry, download 9th class general science chapter 2 MCQs in pdf for better performance in examination. The students can practice a lot of MCQs of chapter 2 for good preparation. Online MCQs test for 9th class general science chapter 2 is given on ilmkidunya.

Quick Information on General Science MCQs

Get quick information on the 9th class general science ch2 MCQs. The information is given in the table below.

  • Unit 2

  • Unit Name Our Life and Chemistry

  • Total MCQs 15

  • Time duration 20 min

  • Total Mark 15

Overview of Chapter 2 “Our Life and Chemistry”

This chapter discusses the foundational ideas of chemistry and how they relate to our daily life. The chapter begins with a discussion of the role that chemistry plays in practically every aspect of our daily lives. The concept of matter, its states, and the characteristics of each state are next introduced. The chapter also discusses how matter is made up and how substances are categorized according to their physical and chemical characteristics. The properties of acids, bases, and salts are covered in the chapter's final section. The chapter ends with a discussion of the value of chemistry in a variety of industries, including industry, agriculture, and medicine.

Advantages to Practice MCQs of General Science 9 Class

There are number of advantages to practice the 9th class general science chapter 2 MCQs. We have included some of them here for the knowledge of students.

  • It helps in finding areas of knowledge strength and knowledge deficiency.

  • It assists with enhanced idea processing and information retention.

  • It provides an opportunity to test one's knowledge and application of concepts.

  • It helps in the development of the time management skills needed to finish the exam in the allocated time.

  • It helps in the development of analytical and interpreting abilities and critical thinking.

9th Class MCQs of General Science for English Medium

The entire 9th class students can 9th can download the general science chapter 2 MCQs pdf from this page. The pdf file can be used for the preparation of Multiple Choice Questions whenever you need. It will help you in getting full marks on the final papers. All the correct answers are given in the pdf for your ease.

Click Here for General Science Urdu Medium Ch 2 MCQ Test

Matric Part 1/9th Class General Science Chapter 2 MCQ Test With Answer for Chapter 2 (Our Life and Chemistry)

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 The density of ice at o°C is & nbsp
  • A. 0.918g/cm3
  • B. 0.618g/cm3
  • C. 0.718g/cm3
  • D. 0.8/8 g/cm3
2 The process which loops the amount of nitrogen constant in air is
  • A. nitrogen fixation
  • B. nitrogen cycle
  • C. oxidation
  • D. photosynthesis
3 The compounds consisting of Amino acids are called
  • A. carbohydrate
  • B. Fast
  • C. Proteins
  • D. organic compounds
4 The contents of sodium in leaf tissus vary from.
  • A. 0.01 - 10%
  • B. 10-15%
  • C. 12-16 %
5 Oxygen and nitrogen react to form.
  • A. Nitric Acid
  • B. Nitrogen oxide
  • C. Nitrogen peroxide
  • D. Nitrate
6 Iodine .......... 131 is used in treat the........................
  • A. Cancer
  • B. Bone growth
  • C. Thyroid
  • D. Brain tumor
7 Nitrogen occur in the atmosphere as................. molecules.
  • A. Triatomic
  • B. Diatomic
  • C. Polyatomic
  • D. None of these
8 It is an important constituent of DNA and RNA our body
  • A. Iron
  • B. Chlorine
  • C. Fluorine
  • D. Phosphorus
9 An essential component of haemoglobin
  • A. sodium
  • B. Neon
  • C. iron
  • D. Aluminium
10 The deficiency of iodine in human body casue.
  • A. Goiter
  • B. Cancer
  • C. Tuberculosis
  • D. Cholera

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