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Masters of Business Administration
MBA Menu

MBA is a two years Master Degree Program in Business Administration. It is one of the immeasurable Degree program for all those students who are looking for a gleaming future because it gives you an understanding of business administration’s functions and its specific industries. After successfully completed graduate degree,the students have an exceptionally wide range of professional MBA career options and various paths. Some of them are explained here:

MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance has abundant career opportunities waiting around. Finance study enables you to establish an industry appropriately according to the usage of  management resources. There are enough chances to be hired in senior management in MBA at the start of your career.

Job Opportunities:

  • Accounting Manager
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Cash Managers
  • Investment Banking Associates
  • Corporate Controllers
  • Finance Officers & Treasurers

MBA in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs always play a vital role in the economic development of a particular nation. MBA in Entrepreneurship enables a candidate to set up and run their own business effectively. Different enterprises and oraganizations demanding MBA can easily hire you if you have good CGPA in academic education.

Job Opportunities:

  • Business Consultant
  • Not For Profit Fundraiser
  • Teacher
  • Recruiter

MBA in Healthcare Management

A Graduate can make his career paths in MBA Healthcare Management because Hospital management is one of those fields which are gaining high value in Pakistan market. Pharmaceutical industry is also a good option for you in this field.

Job Opportunities:

  • Finance Manager
  • Medical and Health Service Management
  • Administrator in Hospitals
  • Medical Director
  • Health Insurance Executive
  • Quality Manager

MBA in Marketing

You can achieve your career objectives by going in the field of marketing management. MBA Students can make their career in Digital Marketing Plan as well.

Job Opportunities:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Brand Management
  • Advertising and Promotion.

MBA in IT Management

An MBA career aspirant may also go with specialization in Information Technology Management which combines with technical and business management skills in the following fields:

Job Opportunities:

  • IT Director
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Management Information System Director
  • Vice President of Information Technology
  • Information Technology Management Consultant

MBA in Supply Chain Management:

Supply Chain Management is a comprehensive program that enables the graduates to plan & control business operations to gain the competitive advantage.

Job Opportunities:

  • Logistics Manager
  • Integrated Program Director
  • Inventory Manager
  • Supply Chain Planning Manager

MBA in Investment Banker

If you have solid accounting fundamentals you can make your career in the field of Investment Banking. It is one of the best paid professional field. No doubt the job of investment banker is everyone’s dream that can be achieved by pursuing an MBA degree.

Job Opportunities:

  • Investment Banker Analyst
  • Investment Banker Associate
  • Account manager
  • Director (senior account manager)
  • Managing Director of a Bank

MBA in Accountancy

One of the biggest advantages for a student with MBA in Accounting is that they can make their career in both Public and Private sectors as there are a variety of job opportunities for students in the following traditional fields.

Job Opportunities:

  • Financial Manager
  • Revenue Manager
  • Chief financial officer
  • Technical Account Manager
  • Chief Executive Officer

MBA in Lectureship and Teaching

MBA Graduate can avail lecturer jobs at colleges and universities and make their career in a highly respectable profession, especially for girls if they had a teaching passion right from their student life.

MBA in Sales

Sales is like a backbone of every company.  The companies hire sales team as well as Sales Manager for managing all tasks. However, the role of a Sales Manager is hard as they are always struggling for the appropriate number of sales in order to meet their quota. After joining a multinational company as a sales manager, you can earn and spend your life in a wonderful way.

MBA in Human Resource Management

The scope and career opportunities in Human Resource Management are increasingly demanding. It is the most important part of every organization and students with MBA in HR can avail many job opportunities in industries, corporations, colleges, schools etc.

Financial Accounting Field of study

Learn and apply some accounting principles and techniques of generic nature by grasping accounting treatments.Prepare receipt and payments accounts & finamcial statments.Prepare financial statements for incomplete records

MBA in Operations Management

MBA in Operations Management is a comprehensive degree that has been intended for the individuals who need to dominate their career in Operations. It is ideal for current and aspiring experts who are in mission of strengthening their procurement skills and adequately managing contemporary issues identified with the organizational operations. The courses offered under this program will empower the students to create and oversee authoritative frameworks, plan and control production, business tasks and inventory network to acquire competitive advantage.

Job Opportunities:

  • Project Manager
  • Operation Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Inventory Manager
  • Logistics Supervisor
  • Risk Analyst

MBA Salary in Pakistan

After completion of MBA degree, you will definitely think about the salary packages. Here you can get the general idea about the salaries as it differs from company to company. In general, MBA graduates can start their career at entry level with amount of Rs. 25,000 Rs. to 35,000 per month as it depends on the status of the firm. Here you can find the MBA salary range of major posts:


Salary Range in Rupees


80,000 to 600,000


50,000 to 400,000

Sales Person

35,000 to 60,000


20,000 to 35,000

Branch Manager

500,000 to 300,000

Senior Accounts Manager

50,000 to 80,000

Accounts Manager

50,000 to 200,000

Production Manager

50,000 to 300,000

Now you have informed about all MBA career development options and you can explore many more by searching from the cities on this page. Choose sensibly and move towards your brilliant career. You can search for Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) jobs aftet MBA by visitig Pakistan Jobs.


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