Top Careers After BSCS in Pakistan:

There is no lack of opportunities for a person who has diligently passed a degree with grasp and expertise in it. Here we are going to discuss Top Careers After BSCS in Pakistan. Degree of BSCS (Bachelors in Computer Science), is a 4 years education divided into 8 semesters.

Today in the world of Computer and Technology, Computer Science has been a very valuable learning. It is the base of growing technology in the world. All the hardware and software of devices are the advanced shape of previous technologies, how did they get modified? The answer is: Through achievements in Computer Science. There is wide Importance of Computer Science in Pakistan. It is also quite interesting field because humans can now do a lot of works through Computer. Computer Science has made the life easy as people from one part of the world can communicate to the people of other part of the world. The access to education has become easy because everything books, notes, answers, knowledge is now available online. People can now learn many things while being in home like sewing, stitching, cooking etc. through the help of Computer Science.

The degree of Computer Science is one of the degrees having great scope worldwide. You can be;

Software Developer:

You can be part of the Internet Providing Companies for creation of software of SIMs, EVOs etc. Apart from it, you can manufacture the software of mobile phones and computers, repair their damaged software and much more

Manager of Computer Lab:

You can work in a University/ college where you will be responsible for holding a Computer Lab and create facilities for students there. Beyond this, you can open the Public Lab for facility of people who don’t own computers but want to take benefit or want to learn how to use Computers.

Teacher/ Lecturer:

You can be a high-level teacher if you have passed BSCS with good marks. Now a days almost all the universities offer subjects which need Computer Lecturers. Universities with IT, BBA, Computer Science and Engineering fields always need the talented lecturers who can convey their knowledge towards learning youth.

Web Designer/ Web Content Manager:

Those people who have passed BSCS and want to start their career through websites, can contribute to online websites and earn money. The duty of Web Content Manager is to confirm whether the content of website is well-organized, Up to date, accurate and easily findable. Web Content Manager need to be expert in technical knowledge and writing skills as this is the necessary point to familiarize their websites.

SEO Specialist:

Search Engine Optimization Engineer is a career opportunity for those BSCS degree holders who have technical mind along with excellent marketing analytical and skills. They have to program in HTML, CSS and JavaScript along with working in videos and PDF. The real job is to make a content work easily accessible to its audience.

Database Administrator:

A pass-out of Computer Science bachelors can have a career of Database administrator in which he/ she need to have problem solving skill in means of Information Technology. A Database Administrator (DBA) is responsible for performance, security and integrity of database. You have to troubleshoot the problems of database if any issues happen.

CAD Technician:

Computer Aided Design technician is another field in which you can flourish your skills if you are a BSCS pass person. In this career opportunity, you have to design buildings, products, machinery by using your mathematical, engineering and IT skills. You have to work with design engineers and architects for technically drawing a building structure (2D and 3D models) accurately. This needs a lot of the hard work to fix everything correctly. These are the main career opportunities you can get if you have qualified a BSCS study. Many other career opportunities also need the computer science pass candidates because of the extreme necessity of todays technological needs of the world.


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