Today, everything around us results from computer science or advanced computing technology, ranging from smart phones, smart AC, smart fridge, Electric cars, and automated security systems, among others.

BSCS Scope in Pakistan

Computer science has contributed to the speedy advancement of technology through BSCS degree program. Computer science graduates can change the lives of millions of people around the globe as advanced technology is in use for cutting-edge research, remote surgery, and information exchange, among others.

The scope of computer science is quite promising as various international companies wish to invest and create opportunities for the advanced IT projects launched by talented and bright Pakistani individuals involved in the computer science field.

BSCS Career Opportunities

Various BSCS career opportunities are available for many talented computer science graduates as there is no shortage of job opportunities in the country or abroad. The computer science field is one of the fastest developing fields, producing a vast amount of opportunities for skilled individuals to promote Pakistani software development and IT exports globally.

Utilizing computer science job opportunities presented, one can pursue various IT fields and become a software developer, software engineer, software quality tester, database administrator, IT administrator, network administrator, graphic designer, and web developer.

BSCS Job Opportunities in Pakistan

Like all other government and private job in Pakistan, BS computer science also have alot of career opportunites in both public and private sectors. There is highly demand of bscs graduates in pakistan. If you are have good programming and analytical skills you will be paid more as compare to bba, bsit graduates. Some bscs jobs in pakistan are mentioned in the page

Software Developer

You can be part of the Internet Providing Companies for creation of software of SIMs, EVOs etc. Apart from it, you can manufacture the software of mobile phones and computers, repair their damaged software and much more.

Lecturer & Professor

You can be a high-level teacher if you have passed bscs with good marks. Now a days almost all the universities offer subjects which need computer lecturers. Universities with IT,  bba, computer science and engineering fields always need the talented lecturers who can convey their knowledge towards learning youth.

Web Content Writer

Those people who have passed bscs and want to start their career through websites, can contribute to online websites and earn money. The duty of web content manager is to confirm whether the content of website is well-organized, up to date, accurate and easily findable. Web content manager need to be expert in technical knowledge and writing skills as this is the necessary point to familiarize their websites.

Database Administrator

A pass-out of computer science bachelors can have a career of database administrator in which they need to have problem solving skill in means of information technology. A database administrator (DBA) is responsible for performance, security and integrity of database. You have to troubleshoot the problems of database if any issues happen.

BSCS Salary In Pakistan

Job Name Experience Salary In PKR
Website Developer 2 Years Rs 80,000/-
Android App Developer 1 Years Rs 50,000/-
Android App Developer 3 Years Rs 150,000/-
Graphic Gesigner 1 Years Rs 35,000/-
SEO Executive 3 Years Rs 60,000/-
Front End Developer 2 Years Rs 55,000/-
Front End Developer 2 Years Rs 55,000/-
Database Administrator 2 Years Rs 70,000/-
Full Stack Developer 3 Years Rs 130,000/-
Backend Developer 1 Years Rs 50,000/-
Web Developer Intern 0-6 Months Rs 20,000/-

Manager of Computer Laboratory

You can work in a university / college where you will be responsible for holding a compute lab and create facilities for students there. Beyond this, you can open the public lab for facility of people who don’t own computers but want to take benefit or want to learn how to use computers.

List of Top Software Houses in Pakistan

Here is the list of top software houses in pakistan, that are paying more salary as compare to other companies. If you want to continue your career as a web developer, mobile app developer, graphic designer you should know the details of all these institues.

  • NetSol Technologies Lahore
  • Arbisoft Lahore
  • Systems Limited Lahore
  • Northbay Solutions Lahore
  • Ovex Technologies Islamabad
  • Techlogix Islamabad
  • Zepto Systems Islamabad
  • 10pearls Karachi
  • Viftech Karachi
  • CUBIX Karachi
  • Logicose Karachi
  • KALSOFT Karachi

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