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BS Computer Science Mobile Application

You are already know that today is a day of mobile application in every field,because mobile application makes your study activity easy. Students who start the B.Ed study program, they have to start covering the syllabus from the very first day of their study session. Nowadays, the world is always in a hurry to explore the other part of the world in just one click. Since the emergence of mobile phones, people have transformed their simple lifestyle into a modern and smart lifestyle. One of the most important things that have changed our lives is mobile phone applications. People use them for many different purposes, for business, study, entertainment, news, etc. You just go on Play store, download the application in your phone and use it to explore whatever you like. Mobile phone applications not only save time, travel cost and energy but help you search for so many things at the same time. This article will discuss about BSCS Mobile Application

Functions Of BSCS Mobile Application 

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BSCS App Introduction Section BSCS mobile app, first section is Intro section.In this section you will find the current and latest news of BSCS Admissions,BSCS Career opportunities, Note Books,BSCS subjects, BSCS syllabus & BSCS universities.

Note Books

In BSCS student are required to study a large number of book as well as notes in 8 semesters of the programme,so it is not possible for the students to purchase all new books for the preparation of a new topic and hence the system of notes has been introduced for the case of students.

In 4 years academic programme, all the students who take admission in it have to study numerous subjects in eight semesters and for this reason they need notes of that subjects.So now from ilmkidunya students can get all sorts of notes online as we have uploaded all notes of almost all subjects here on this page.


HEC of Pakistan has set up a curriculum for BSCS and almost all the universities of Pakistan that are offering the BSCS programme follow this curriculm.There are eight semesters in BSCS programme and the students have to study differet subjects in each semester.Students are also required to choose the subject of their own choice from the electibe subjects list.Large number of government and private sector universities of Pakistan is offering this BSCS programme.Here on this page we have given the curriculum of different universities for the ease of students.


If you decide to study BSCS programme next,then the next phase from which you have to go thought is the selection of best university or IT institute for you,you have to keep a lot of important things in your mind.First of all you must keep it in mind that if you wish to get admission in the best educational institute hen you must sure about it that you previous academic record is exceptional as your admission in best university for BSCS or in any other programme is completely based on your earlier academic record


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