Fee Comparison for BSCS Program in Pakistani Universities:

Fee Comparison for BSCS Program in Pakistani Universities Pakistan is one of those South Asian countries which provide best quality education on most affordable rates in pubic institutes and universities. Here we are going to discuss the Fee Comparison for BSCS Program in Pakistani Universities.

Fee structure of BSCS in Punjab Universities:

A BSCS is 4 years degree having a great scope all over the world. As we know none of the universities offer the same fee structure, in Punjab public Universities, the average fee structure for local students of BS Computer Science is Rs. 2,50,00 per year (as in Virtual University, Punjab University etc.) Compared to it, the private institutes have a fee structure ranging from 1 lac (as in Global institute Lahore, Lahore leads University) to 6 lacs (as in Lahore University of Management Science).

Fee structure of BSCS in KPK Universities:

Same as Punjab Universities, KPK public Universities offer fee structure in thousands. Comparative Fee Structure of BSCS in KPK Universities is stated as surveyed. Take an example of Peshawar University, which is a famous public (government) university, it costs about Rs. 6,30,00 per year for BS Computer Science department. The highest fee of BSCS in Public University is that of Institute of Management Science Peshawar, which charges a fee structure of about Rs. 1,42,600 per year. While if we see the fee structure BSCS of private universities such as Abasyn University of KPK, it costs 99,000 rupees per year which is lowest one if compared to other private universities. While the highest fee structure for BSCS among private universities can be seen in National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences which costs Rs. 2,27,200.

Fee structure of BSCS in Sindh Universities:

Public Universities of Sindh which provide BSCS 4 years education, usually have fee structure around Rs. 15,000. The most famous and biggest University of Sindh is University of Sindh, Jamshoro. Being a public university, it has a lower and affordable fee structure in all departments for students selected on merit. For Bachelors of Computer Science, it costs about Rs. 22,000 per year which is lowest Fee Structure of BSCS in Sindh Universities overall. While the highest Public Universities fee structure of BSCS is more than 1 lac/ year such as in Indus University Karachi (Costing 1,34,000), Bahria University Karachi Campus (Costing Rs. 1,72,000/ year). The tuition fee rate of BSCS in 2020 in private universities of Sindh is between 1,00,000 and 2,50,000 rupees. Some of the examples are Hamdard University (Costing Rs. 1,62,400/ year), Dha Suffa University, Karachi (costing Rs. 2,50,000/ year) and Habib University (costing Rs. 1,50,000/ year).

Fee structure of BSCS in Baluchistan Universities:

Baluchistan has the lowest literacy rate all over Pakistan. Somewhere the financial problems are responsible for this loss in addition to several other problems. Although scholarships are available, but few students take benefit of them. Govt should act to reduce the worsened situation of literacy in Baluchistan by making education free of cost. Affordable Fee structure of BSCS in Baluchistan Universities can promote the technology and science in the deprived areas. University of Baluchistan, Quetta, a public university costs about Rs. 33,398/ year and Baluchistan University of IT, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS) charges Rs. 38,870 for the degree of Bachelors of Computer Science. Another public university having BSCS department, Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University, Quetta, offers a fee structure of Rs. 18,300/ year. If we put a sight on fees of private universities Baluchistan, they offer BSCS study on fees extending from 1 lac to 3 lacs. One of the example is Iqra University, Quetta which charges Rs.1,28,000/ year.


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