Students from all over Pakistan are seeking guidance regarding computer science or BSCS syllabus as it is one of the most popular bachelor degree or undergraduate programs available to all students. If you have interest in computer science study field and require guidance for BS Computer Science syllabus 2023 to become future app developer, programmer, graphic designer, computer engineer, software analyst, software consultant than you have arrived at the right spot. Here on this page you can also download the all BSCS syllabus PDF of all leading universities in Pakistan.

BSCS Syllabus 2023 Highlights

BSCS Subjects 2023

Bachelors in Computer Science students got a wide range of subject list in BSCS program offered by various universities of Pakistan .There major subjects include Computer Programming ,Data structure and Algorithms , Human Computer interaction , Artificial intelligence and Computer Networks and security . Also the students get a chance to study subjects related to Stats and probability, Organizational Behaviors and Professional Practices. For details check BSCS Subjects

BSCS Syllabus Concepts

The CS Program or BSCS syllabus may look a bit overwhelming but its perfectly ok as the undergraduate program is designed to help students gain understanding of computer science and its various applications, allowing student's to critically analyze computer problems, think creatively and develop logical programs and solutions.

BSCS syllabus is designed to enhance students fundamental concepts regarding computer languages, programming structure, data science, object oriented programming, networking, operating systems, computer network and artificial intelligence regarding computers.

BSCS Syllabus Learning Outcome

Students who go through BS computer science syllabus thoroughly will appreciate that the study program incorporates subjects including computer science and from other fields like skill development, English composition, presentation development, Islamic studies and linear algebra.The extra courses of computer science  apart from computer studies are designed to equip computer science graduate to be well versed in other skill related courses which were added initially after launch of BSCS program in order to put value in the degree program. Here you can check the BS computer science subject details of 08 semesters.

BS Computer Science Syllabus Update of Universities of Pakistan

Here is list of well reputed universities for BSCS in Pakistan along with their Syllabus updates

Punjab University BSCS Syllabus PDF Download

The BSCS degree of punjab university is famous in all over the pakistan. Students graduate from punjab university highly demand in all software houses. BSCS Syllabus of punjab university will cover all important topic like Artificial intelligence, Object oriented programming, Database management system, operating system etc. Here you can download the punjab university bscs complete study scheme.

Comsats University BSCS Syllabus PDF Download

Comsats University offers Four Years bscs degree program. The university is best public sector university in Punjab for bachelor of computer science degree program. Comsats university BSCS syllabus consists of all major topic that are highly demanded in field. Download comsats university bscs syllabus pdf now


HEC Islamabad BSCS Syllabus PDF

Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad is the premier to issue the syllabus in Pakistan. HEC design the syllabus according to the latest technology requirements. HEC BSCS Syllabus includes scheme of studies, objective & learning outcomes, course content, teaching methodologies and evaluation. Here you can download the >HEC Islamabad BSCS Syllabus PDF. Just click on the given below button and download syllabus.


International Islamic University BSCS Syllabus PDF Download

International Islamic university (IIU) is the best public sector university in Islamabad. The university offers 2 times bscs admission every year. IIU Islamabad BSCS syllabus consists of total 45-50 subjects which are covering the all important courses that are much important to become a successful graduate. Here you can download the International islamic university bscs syllabus pdf.

Bahauddin Zakariya University BSCS Syllabus PDF Download

BZU Multan is the best public sector university is southern punjab. Bahauddin zakariya university BSCS graduates are highly demanded in Pakistan. Bahauddin Zakariya University BSC syllabus covers all subjects from beginner to advance level. BZU bscs program duration is 04 years. Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan download complete study scheme now in pdf.

Peshawar University BS Computer Science Syllabus PDF Download

University of peshwar is the famous in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for Undergraduates programmes. Peshawar university distributed the bscs course outline according to the Higher Education Commission (HEC) framework. Peshawar university bscs syllabus covers all the core courses, supporting courses and general education courses. Peshawar university aims and objective of bscs course are to cover the all contents that is required to become a successful developer. Download peshawar university bscs syllabus from the button given below

GCU Faisalabad BSCS Syllabus PDF Download

GCU Faisalabad is the famous institute in Punjab for bscs program. Department of Computer Science, Government college university Faisalabad offers 04 years bscs program with 131 credit hours. These course title cover the all important courses with course structure. The main objective of the GCU Faisalabad BSCS program is to enhance the critical thinking, software development, decision making skills etc. Here you can download the GCU Faisalabad updates bscs syllabus in PDF Form.

Sargodha University BSCS Syllabus PDF Download

University of Sargodha (UOS) is one of the top public university in Sargodha and punjab for BS computer science. UOS bscs program is also famous, because every year thousands of candidates apply for admissions but, the candidates having high marks secure it. You will study 45-50 subjects in complete course. These all are important courses to become a good programmer, web developer, mobile app developer and among other. Here you can download the UOS BS computer science syllabus in PDF format.

University of Science & Technology Bannu BSCS Syllabus PDF Download

UST Bannu or University of Science and technology, Bannu KPK offer the BSCS 04 years degree program. The university is the best engineering university in Khyber pakhtunkhwa. UST Bannu bscs syllabus covers all the core courses, elective courses and compulsory courses that are required to fulfill the advance computer science concepts. Here you can download the syllabus in PDF format.

University of Agriculture Faisalabad BSCS Syllabus PDF Download

UAF or University of Agriculture Faisalabad is the well known public university in Faisalabad. UAF BSCS program duration is 04 years. Total credit hours are 150. You will study all important computer science subjects like: Algorithm Fundamentals, Data structure, Software Engineering, Object oriented programming, Communication subjects and many other. Here you can download the UAF BSCS Syllabus in PDF Format.

University of Malakand BSCS Syllabus PDF Download

Malakand University is the Government university in Malakand KPK. A Student majoring in Bachelor Studies in Computer Science BS (CS) must complete minimum of 132 Credit Hours courses. The courses includes: Database Administration, Computer Architecture, Compiler Construction, Programming Fundamentals, Object Oriented Programming and many other. Here you can download the Malakand University BSCS complete syllabus in PDF Format.

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