Forensic Sciences Admissions in Pakistan


Forensic Sciences Admissions in Pakistan

Forensic science is one of the emerging fields of Biomedical Sciences and helps in criminal detection. This program is introduced to help law enforcement agencies through modern scientific tools and training with the latest criminal investigation techniques.

There is a grim need to establish the infrastructure of the forensic science laboratories in Pakistan. Continuous learning with proper training of the personnel working in these laboratories will help to overcome the increasing amount of criminal cases in Pakistan and set up a smooth judiciary system in the country.

Course Duration:

Forensic Science is a scientific study in the context of the law. Many programs are being launched in this category like

  1. 4-years BS degree program
  2. Molecular Biology & Forensic Sciences graduate program
  3. BS in digital forensic sciences

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Entry level for the forensic undergraduate program requires F.Sc. Pre-Medical or F.Sc. in relevant technology from a recognized board of Intermediate & Secondary Education or equivalent, with at least 50 % passing marks.
  2. 50% marks in entrance exam is also mandatory along with the intermediate result.

Course Content:

This is a recent study program introduced in both public and private Pakistani institutions. The course content is very peculiar and critical and the institutes are trying to incorporate the latest syllabus with techno-assistant to make the program effective. This will help to eradicate crime and corruption from the nation. The course is composed of the following elements:

  1. Biology,
  2. Chemistry
  3. Drug analysis
  4. DNA Analysis,
  5. Paternity testing
  6. Entomology
  7. Archaeology
  8. Alcohol analysis
  9. Gunshot residue analysis
  10. Soil analysis
  11. Physics
  12. Collision analysis
  13. Crash analysis - especially planes
  14. Blast analysis - Gas explosions or bombs
  15. Blood analysis

Courses offered in Forensic science:

  1. Courses offered in Forensic science:
  2. BS Digital Forensic Science
  3. One year Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Forensic Science
  4. M.Phil/MS Forensic Science
  5. MS leading to PhD. Digital Forensic Science
  6. PhD in Forensic Science
  7. Short / Advanced Certificate Courses in Forensic Science

Fee Structure:

The fee for Forensic science undergraduate program cost around 20 thousand per semester with some additional admission fees and other charges. There are not many institutes that offer this program. This is a fresh course which is recently introduced in Pakistan. It is, therefore, better to inquire from the institute’s website or admission office about the current fee structure.


As forensic science is dealing with identity issues, therefore, setups like intelligence agencies and crime department have the most opportunities for a forensic science graduate. Similarly, military investigation departments also require forensic experts. There is always a room for students to pursue their studies in their chosen field. Forensic sciences also offer postgraduate courses opening with opportunities in teaching and research. The following departments hire forensic graduates

  1. Armed Forces
  2. Courts
  3. Forensic labs
  4. Teaching departments
  5. Research
  6. Law enforcement agencies
  7. Anti-corruption department
  8. FIA


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Forensic Sciences Admissions in Various Cities of Pakistan

Forensic Sciences Admissions in Pakistan

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