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Bachelor in Business Administration
BBA Menu

Seeking information regarding bba subjects selection? Not to worry as we have got you back as you will be provided with all the latest information and news on this page. Students should remember to bookmark this page for future reference and in order to remain alert and up to date. Students who are studying for bachelor of business administration must undergo various business core courses, general courses and business elective courses during their degree program. The importance of these business core courses cannot be ignored as they are the fundamental blocks or base of business studies. Students who wish to pursue mba degree program and further studies abroad must study and develop their basic business skills in order to be successful. You will find all bba subjects in Pakistan right on this page.

BBA Subjects

Students who wish join specific job field after graduation should be careful while selecting from the various business electives like finance, marketing, human resources, and supply chain management. Important business electives include financial management, marketing management, retailing, business negotiation, corporate finance among others. Students should revise their course subjects regularly as only through revision they will be able to achieve high cgpa in their annual or final term exams. Following are the bba subjects details of all semesters, which includes major elective and optional subjects according to the college/university criteria. This list also includes bba recommended books for each subject of bba.

BBA First Semester Subjects

Sr No Subject Name Recommended Book Credit Hours
01 Introduction to business Introduction to business by Gareth R. Jones, How Companies Create Value for People By Saeed M. Nasir. 03
02 Islamiat / ethics Islam and Practical Life by Muhammad Hameedullah, Darul Ishaat. 03
03 English-I grammar and composition Skill Worker By Dr. Surriya Shafi, Prof. Sabiha Mansoor and Prof. Humaira Irfan 03
04 Mathematics Applied Mathematics for Business and Economics and the social sciences by Frank S Budnuick. 03
05 Computer Introduction Introduction to Computers by Peter Norton Management Information System by Obrien. 03
06 Principles of Micro Economics Principles of microeconomics by Joseph E. Stiglitz. 03

BBA Second Semester Subjects

Sr No Subject Name Recommended Book Credit Hours
07 Financial Accounting Contemporary Financial Accounting by Saeed Ahmad Sabir. 03
08 Introduction to Psychology Introduction to psychology by Atkinson R. C., & Smith E. E. (2000) 03
09 Pakistan Studies Pakistan Studies by Ikrame Rabbani Ideology of Pakistan by Dr. JavaidIqbal, Ferozson 03
10 Principles of Management Management by Stephen P Robbins & Mary Coulter. 03
11 Principles of Macro Economics Economics by Samuelson, Paul A. and Nordhaus, William D. 03
12 Academic Reading and Writing Academic Writing and Publishing by Taylor & Francis Monippally, M. M., Pawar, S. B., Academic Writing- A Guide for Management Students and Researchers by Hartley, J. 03

BBA Third Semester Subjects

Sr No Subject Name Recommended Book Credit Hours
13 Business Correspondence & Report Writing Business Communication Today by Bovee Thill Schatzman, Effective Business Communication by Murphy. 03
14 Business Statistics Statistics for Management by Richard I. Levin, David S. Rubin, Sanjay Rastogi and Masood Husain Siddiqui 03
15 Principles of Marketing Principles of Marketing by Kotler, Philip and Armstrong, Gary. 03
16 Financial Management Fundamentals of Financial Management by Birgham, E.F , and Houston, and Principles of Managerial Finance by Gitman L.J, and Zutter, C.J. 03
17 Cost Accounting Cost and Managerial Accounting by Hafiz Mohyuddin Tahir Mahmooad 03
18 Data Base Management System Data Base Management System by Imran Saeed and Tasleem Mustafa 03

BBA Fourh Semester Subjects

Sr No Subject Name Recommended Book Credit Hours
19 Business Communication Business and the Professionals by Adler Ronald B and Effective Business Communication by Hamna Michael S., Wilson Gerald L. 03
20 Introduction to Sociology Sociology by John Macionis, Sociology And Social Problems by Prof. Abdul Hamid Taga 03
21 Visual Programming Concept Visual Programming Using Visual Basic by Tarqi Mahmood and Tasleem Mustafa 03
22 Advanced Financial Accounting Accounting: The Basis for Business Decisions by Robert F.Meigs and Walter B.Meigs 03
23 Mercantile Law Mercantile Law by I.R Hashmi and Mercantile Law by M.C. Shukla 03
24 Money and Banking Principles of Money, Banking and Financial Institutions by Lawrence Ritter and Willion Silbe 03

BBA Fifth Semester Subjects

Sr No Subject Name Recommended Book Credit Hours
25 Business Research Methods Research Methods for Business:A Skill Building Approach by Uma Sekeran. 03
26 Web Engineering Web Engineering by Roger S. Pressman and David Lowe 03
27 Human Resource Management Human Resource Management by Gary Dessler 03
28 Credit Management Credit Managemen by Glen Bullivant, 2012 03
29 Commercial Law Mercantile Law by Khawaja Amjad Saeed and Mercantile Law by Khawaja Amjad Saeed 03

BBA Six Semester Subjects

Sr No Subject Name Recommended Book Credit Hours
30 Auditing Auditing by Khawaja Amjad Saeed, International Standard on Auditing by ICAP 03
31 Corporate Governance Fundamentals of Financial Management by Birgham, E.F., and Houston, J.F. 03
32 Taxation Management Income Tax Law by Prof. Dr. Khawaja Amjad Saeed 03
33 Management Information System Management Information Systems by T.Lucey. 03
34 Economics/International Economics Economics, Principles, Problems and Policies by Campbell R. McConnel and Stanley L. Bruce. 03

BBA Seven Semester Subjects

Sr No Subject Name Recommended Book Credit Hours
35 Small Business Management Small Business Management A Case Study Approach by Devid Stokes 03
36 Pakistan Economy Issues in Pakistan’s Economy by S. Akbar Zaidi 03
37 Advanced Mathematics Modren Mathematics With Applications To Business And The Social Sciences by Ruric E. Wheeler And W.D.Peeples 03

BBA Eight Semester Subjects

Sr No Subject Name Recommended Book Credit Hours
38 Advanced Statistics Statistical thinking for managers by Off Lyman & Hildebrad K. David 03
39 E-Commerce Fundamentals Concepts of Computer System by Asia Sultan and Amena Nudrat 03
40 Financial Institutions and Services Money and Banking by Prof. Riaz Ahmed Mian 03


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