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Bachelor in Business Administration
BBA Menu

Seeking information regarding bba curriculum or syllabus? Then you have at the right place as ilmkidunya.com caters towards all your student needs regarding the latest bba syllabus or curriculum. Bba curriculum is designed in such a way to equip prospective students with all the required tools and business management techniques required for success.

BBA Syllabus Detail

Bba syllabus 2021 is a hybrid course including various courses including, english, ethics, pakistan studies, microeconomics, accounting, statistics, introduction to computing, research and quantitative methods, macroeconomics, principles of marketing, human resource management, supply chain among others.Bba syllabus provides prospective students with hands-on practical coursework along with theoretical courses and provides various high educational opportunities through special course projects, linkages with the business industry and special field assignments. Prospective students will need to complete an internship course or final project during their final year which will greatly help in enhancing the student's hand on knowledge and intellect.

BBA syllabus Importance

Bba syllabus includes subjects that will provide students exposure towards areas of social science, humanities and provide a choice of various courses and business elective courses to choose from. Bba syllabus will equip and familiarize prospective students with enhanced skills targeted towards better analysis, understanding towards the role of technology in the field of business and better decision making.

BBA Syllabus in Pakistan (Major Universities)

University Program Duration Syllabus
Bahauddin Zakariya University BBA (hons) 04 Years Download here
International Islamic University BBA (hons) 04 Years Download here
University of Malakand BBA (hons) 04 Years Download here
University of The Punjab BBA (hons) 04 Years Download here
Sukkur IBA University BBA (hons) 04 Years Download here

English Grammar and Composition BBA Syllabus

Topic Explanation
Dictionary pronunciation of words, meaning, phonetics.
Grammar morphology, suffixes, prefixes antonyms, synonyms, homonyms.
Reading sentences, ideas related contextual references, scanning and skimming.
Comprehension and directed writing figurative language.
Introduction of comprehension. kinds of comprehension.
Grammar parts of speech, noun, pronouns, verbs.
Vocabulary phrasal verbs, prefixes.
Idioms common errors.

Islamic Culture and Ideology of Pakistan BBA Syllabus

Topic Explanation
Pakistan movement History and ideology muslim revivalist movements in india the two-nation theory.
Land of pakistan physical features of pakistan, culture and traditions, social issues of pakistan.
Politics in pakistan parliamentary phase, ayub and yahya duration, democratic situations in pakistan
Contemporary pakistan The constitution of 1973
Education in islam Ijthihad, ijmah and qiaas
Islamic civilization and tehzib Tenants of Islam
Sura al furquan and its explanation Protection of orphans, justice, revelation of torah, surah al anaam

Contemporary Business Studies BBA Syllabus 2021

Topic Explanation
Business The evolution of business
Business ethics Leadership in business
Communication in business The structure of a business organization
Accounting Human resource employees, skills and capabilities
Sole proprietorship Joint stock company, moa

Principles of Accounting BBA Syllabus 2021

Topic Explanation
Book keeping vs. accounting Accounting equation
Debit and credit rules Journal,ledger and trial balance
Banking transactions Bank reconciliation statement
Adjustments Financial statements, profit and loss account, balance sheet of sole proprietorship
Sole proprietorship Joint stock company, moa,

Principles of Management BBA Syllabus 2021

Functions of management Roles of a manager
Classical approach Quantitative approach
Scientific approach Behavioral approach
General administrative theory Contemporary approach
Organizational culture and environment Managers and their power of decision making
Leadership Joint stock company, moa

Commercial Law Syllabus BBA Syllabus

Introduction of law Contracts and its nature
Offer and acceptance, consideration and object Breach of contract and discharge of contract
Free consent Capacity of parties
Bailment and pledge Indemnity and guarantee
Partnership deeds, rights and duties of partners Company meetings
Directors, rights and duties of directors Contract of sale and warranties

Cost and Managerial Accounting BBA Syllabus 2021

Topic Explanation
Distinction between cost and financial accounting Elements of cost
Cost accounting cycle
Income statement and cost of goods manufactured and sold statement Adjustment for under or over applied factory overhead
Material The process costing
difference between process costing and job costing
The cost of production report Process costing
Labour cost accounting and incentive wages plans Factory overhead variance analysis
Factory overhead Cost accounting vs. management decision making


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