Intermediate Part II Commercial Geography Guess Paper
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2nd Year Commercial Geography Guess Paper 202

We are providing the best Commercial geography I.com guess paper for students. With the help of guess papers students can learn and gain the best marks in final examination. Latest commercial georaphy 2nd year guess papers 2023 has been upload, so students do not miss the offer for attaining good grades. These 12th class Commercial Geography guess papers has contained three parts of Short questions which are most important question of whole book and one part for Long questions.

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2.         Write short answer.

i)          Define Commercial Geography

ii)         Write the name of different types of herding.

iii)        At what rate, the world population is increasing?

iv)        Define cotton textile industry.

v)         Describe the importance of Fish in food.

vi)        What is meant by industry?

vii)       Write name of three kinds of chemical fertilizers.

viii)      Write the usage of Iron.

ix)        What is meant by evergreen forests?

x)         What do you meant by natural vegetation?

3.         Write short answer

i)          Write down native habitat of tea plant.

ii)         Who and when invented the tyre and tube from natural rubber?

iii)        What is difference between green tea and black tea?

iv)        What is meant by primary economic activities?

v)         Write down the factors responsible for the density of population.

vi)        What is major problem in use of uranium?

vii)       From which major resources of energy, electricity is derived?

viii)      Describe the importance of edible oil in human diet.

ix)        Describe important wool exporting countries in the world.

x)         Which product are made from coal?

4.         Write short answers.

i)          What is meant by census?

ii)         Write a short note on Mangla Dam.

iii)        What is meant by Kole?

iv)        Which districts in Pakistan receive least annual rainfall?

v)         Write down valuable second food crop of Pakistan after wheat.

vi)        After independence when and where hydel power project was constructed?

vii)       Write down important whet growing areas in Pakistan.

viii)      What do you know about the Tarbela Hydel power project?

ix)        Write down two factors which effect the density of population in Pakistan.

x)         What do you mean by means of transportation?

xi)        Write down the rice sowing season in Pakistan.

                                                                        PART – II

5.         Define primary economic activity and explain its various types.

6.         Describe the major types of animal husbandry. Also describe the important regions of organized

             animal husbandry in the world.

7.         Describe the economic importance of natural forest in Pakistan.

8.         Give an account of rice producing countries of the world.

9.         Write note on cotton crop of Pakistan.

10.       Write down the suitable physical conditions for the cultivation of wheat and its distribution of

            production in the world.







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