Intermediate part II Statistics Guess Paper 2023
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12th Statistics Guess Paper 2023 (Download App For 2nd year Statistics Guess Papers)

Statistics is very important subject of ICs group and students always wants to attain good marks in it. Ilmkiduniya has provided the 12th class Statistics guess papers for the Ics students. Students can read these papers any time, and students can download guess papers from ilmkiduniya. 2nd year statistics guess papers will definitely help the students because it contains all important questions of book. So, Statistics guess paper 12th class are available students can download. Click here



                                                12th CLASS I.Cs STATISTICS GUESS PAPER – 2023


2.         Write short answers

  1. Define the normal frequency distribution.
  2. Write the probability density function of standard normal distribution.
  3. Define the point of inflection in a normal distribute.
  4. Find the ordinate of the standard normal curve at z = -0.84
  5. Define interval estimation.
  6. Define statistical hypothesis.
  7. Differentiate between estimator and estimate.

viii. What are the assumptions of student’s t-Statistic?

ix.  Define multiple bar diagram.

x.   Define class-interval.

xi.  Define level of significance.

3.         Write short answers

      i.    What is Population?

      ii,   What is non –sampling error?

      iii.  Distinguish between finite and infinite population.

      iv.   Explain the term regression coefficient.

      v.    Write any two reasons of average calculation.

      vi.   Enlist any two uses of index number.

  1. Write the relationship between regression coefficient and correlation coefficient.
  2. What is curve fitting?
  3. What is probability?
  4. Define subset.
  5. Write down any two advantages of sampling.
  6. Define scatter diagram.

4.         Write short answer

       i.   Define the term Dichotomy for attributes.

       ii.  What is positive and negative association?

       iii. What is ultimate class frequency?

       iv. Describe the seasonal variation.

       v.   Explain the term secular trend.

       vi. Discuss term noise.

       vii. Define independence of attributes.

       viii.Enlist the different methods of measuring secular trend.

       ix   Write down two properties of least square line.

                                                                        SECTION – II

If 3 coins are tossed, construct the sample space and find the probability of 3 heads?

A population consist of 6, 9, 15, and 18. Take all possible samples of size 3 without replacement. Find mean and variance of the sampling distribution of mean.


Draw all possible samples of size 2 at random with replacement from the population 2,3,4,5. Find proportion of odd numbers in the samples. Find mean and standard deviationof the sampling distribution of sample proportion.



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