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12th Class banking Guess Paper 2023:

For the Students of commerce 2nd year banking is necessary for taking knowledge of banks. Ilmkiduniya is providing the best way to understand and gain concept in a proper manner. Here the best guess paper of banking for students of 12th class 2023 has provided to learn overall important questions. We provides the latest guess papers according to the year. It has three parts of short questions and one part of long questions. These guess papers definitely helps the students of Intermediate Part-II and all the students have to studies these guess papers for scoring good marks.

So hurry up and availed this opportunity, these guess papers are in pdf forms so students can download these files in pdf.

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12th class Banking guess paper detailed video are available on our website. The main purpose of making guess paper video is to facilitates the students and save their time.

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2.         Write short answer:

  1.     Define foreign bank.                        

  2.     Define Bank.   

  3.     Define bank of exchange

  4.     What is meant by bankrupt term?

  5.     What is meant by promotion?

  6.     Write kinds of bank according to ownership.

  7.     What is meant by agricultural bank?

       viii)    What is bank rate?

        ix)     Define medium term loan.

         x)      Define co-operative bank.

        xi)     How was the word bank derived?

        xii)    What are the principles of note issue?

3.    Write short answers

        i)       Define exchange rate.

        ii)      State the difference of ordinary and special crossing.

        iii)     State the parties of bill of exchange.

        iv)     State the types of bill of exchange.

        v)      How to open bank account. Explain

        vi)     Define cheque.

        vii)    Define foreign currency account.

        viii)   Define Promissory note.

         ix)    Define investment bank.

         x)     Define endorsement of cheque.

         xi)    Define bearer cheque.

         xii)   Define bankers.

4.   Write short answers.

         i)      What is meant by mortgage?

         ii)     Write down the principles of issuance of credit.

         iii)    Write any four characteristics of good security.

         iv)     List down the methods of determining exchange rate.

         v)      What is meant by standstill agreement of exchange control method?

         vi)     Define monetary policy.

         vii)    What is meant by spot exchange rate?

         viii)    Define Central Bank.

         ix)     What is meant by clearing house?

         x)      Define E-Banking.

                                                                                    PART – II

5.         Write down functions of Central Bank.

6.         Discuss the role of commercial bank in economic development of country.

7.         How Central Bank acts as Clearing House?

8.         Write a note on the various kinds of bank accounts.

9.         Discuss the causes of changes in exchange rate.

10.       Define crossing of a cheque and its types.





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