Intermediate Part I Principle Of Commerce Guess Paper 2024
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11th Class Principle of Commerce Guess Paper 2024

Students study this subject very carefully and with full interest because students who wants to start their businesses, it is too essential for them. Ilmkiduniya provides the best 1st year Commerce guess papers. 11th Commerce guess papers definitely encourage the students to achieve good marks in annual exam. It contains four parts in which three parts for short questions and one part for long questions. Students have to study very prudently and with full attention for gaining good marks, after full preparation students learn it, thus they know that how much they prepared for exams.

Commerce Inter part I Guess papers are available, here link below:


                                               11th CLASS COMMERCE GROUP. 2024


2.         Write short answers to questions.

i)          Define commerce.

ii)         What is meant by business?

iii)        Define public limited company.

iv)        Define dividend.

v)         Define ordinary share.

vi)        Define Joint Stock Company.

vii)       Name the four different steps of starting business.

viii)      Define partnership at will.

ix)        What is meant by partnership agreement?

x)         What is meant by unlimited liability in Partnership?

xi)        Define Statutory Company.

xii)       Define Senior partner

xiv)      Define co-operative society of financing.

3.         Write short answer to questions.

i)          Define Co-operative Society.

ii)         What is meant by retailer?

iii)        What is meant by international trade?

iv)        Write the types of middleman.

v)         Define import trade.

vi)        Define modarba.

vii)       What is meant by invoice in home trade?

viii)      What is meant by consumer?

ix)        What is meant by wholesaler?

x)         Define ex-ship price

4.         Write short answers questions.

i)          Define business correspondence.

ii)         Write four important benefits of insurance.

iii)        Write down different types of filing.

iv)        Describe four characteristics a good salesman

v)         Define quotation letter.

vi)        What are kinds of business letters?

vii)       What is meant by vowel indexing?

viii)      What is meant by bonded warehouse?

ix)        Define means of transportation.

x)         Define channels of distribution.

                                                                                  PART – II

5.         Describe in detail the characteristics of Joint Stock Company.

6.         Describe the scope of Commerce in detail.

7.         Describe the content of partnership deed.

8.         Write the meant of Home Trade.

9.         Write down important parts of Business Letter.


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