Intermediate Part I Principles Of Accounting Guess Paper 2023
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11th Class Accounting Guess Papers 2023 (Download App For 11th Class Accounting Guess Papers)

 Mostly Students like theory subjects because theory is easy to learn and understandable but Accounting is such type of subject in which students do many numerically questions. Principle of Accounting comprises two types of questions which are definitions and numerical questions. Ilmkiduniya has provided the 1st year Accounting guess papers  for students of commerce group to facilitate the students. Students can study the Accounting guess paper at any time while study the book, solving the questions and when all preparation has completed. 11th Class Accounting guess papers definitely enable the students to attain the excellent marks in annual exams.

Accounting Guess papers class 11 are available in pdf file so students can easily download:





                                                              11th CLASS COMMERCE GROUP GUESS PAPER – 2023   ACCOUNTING

2.         Write short answers to questions.

i)          Define book keeping

ii)         What are merchandise?

iii)        What is debit balance?

iv)        What is bank overdraft?

v)         What is credit balance?

vi)        Define cash book.

vii)       What is discount?

viii)      Define transaction.

ix)        Define dishonored cheque.

x)         Define journal.

3.         Write short answers to questions.

i)          Define cash book

ii)         Define gross profit.

iii)        Define capital expenditure.

iv)        Define outstanding expense.

v)         Define book account.

vi)        Define revenue expenditure.

vii)       Define depreciation.

viii)      What is meant by unpaid cheques?

ix)        What is meant by errors of omission?

x)         Define voucher.

                                                                        PART – II

4.         State with reasons whether the following items are capital or revenue.

            i)          Purchase of trade mark.

            ii)         Goods sold for cash

            iii)        Loss on sale of plant

            iv)        Paid salaries for the month.

5.         Journalize the following transactions

            i)          Ali started business with cash Rs. 100,000/-

            ii)         Purchases goods Rs.20,000/-

            iii)        Defective goods returned Rs 2000/-

            iv)        Deposited cahs into bank Rs. 30000/-

            v)         Paid rent Rs. 5000/-

            vi)        Goods taken away by proprietor for personal use Rs. 5000/-

6.         Ahmad drew a three months bill on Ibrahim for Rs. 6000 on January 1st. 2017, Ibrahim accepted the bill and returned it to Ahmad. on the due date Ibrahim expressed his inability to meet the bill and offered to pay Ahmad Rs. 2000 in cahs and accepted a fresh bill to cover the balance plus interest at 5% p.a. pass journal entries in books of Ahmad and Ibrahim.

7.         Zahid purchased goods from Abid Rs. 20000. He paid Rs. 10000 in cash and accepted three month bill for balance.Abid kept bill till due date but dishonored by Zahid record entries in the books of Zahid and Abid.

8.         On 1st January, 2008, Shafqat sold goods for Rs. 10,000/- to Naveed on credit and drew upon him a bill at 3 months for the amount. Naveed accepted the bill and returned it to Shafaqat on the same date. On the due date, Naveed dishonored the bill.

            Required: Prepare the journal of Shafqat and Naveed.

9.         Prepare Bank reconciliation statement of Mr. Mujtaba.

            i)          Bank balance as per pass book Rs. 9000

            ii)         Un-presented cheques Rs. 8000

            iii)        Uncollected cheques Rs. 11000.

            iv)        Bank charges debited by bank only Rs. 1200

            v)         Dividend credited by bank only Rs. 2000

            vi)        Interest credited by bank only Rs. 3000

            vii)       Insurance premium debited by bank only Rs. 500


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