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11th Class Results 2020

First things first. There will not be any result announcements for 11th class from any BISE from across Pakistan. There were no exams conducted due to the lockdown and no result could be prepared. At the start of the lockdown, there had been immense speculation about whether 1st year exams would be held or not. But due to the prolonged lockdown, the practicality of exams diminished and finally, it was announced that all 1st year students would be automatically promoted to the next grade i.e 2nd year.


How Will Auto-Promoted Students Be Treated in Next Year Exams & Results


It must be very clear to the students that so far none of the BISE or even Ministry of Education announced any formula or guideline in this regard. So far, there has been a very clear message that the students must consider themselves promoted and start studying for their next grade without wasting any time.


However, based on the formula devised to calculate 2nd year result, it can be guessed that the 12 class exams will also determine a student marks in the 1st year for the exams that have been skipped. This is the most likely scenario but still to be confirmed by the board and to be approved by the Ministry of Education.


Important of 1st Year Results


The intermediate level is considered to be first step towards a professional career. The marks in 1st year and 2nd year collectively determine a student’s chances to get admission in undergraduate program. Most students opt for medical and engineering fields that are highly competitive. The admission criteria typically have an entry test like ECAT or MDCAT but HSSC (11th and 12th) class marks make up a substantial percentage of the admission aggregate formula. So by every means, excellent results in 11th class/1st year means great chances to get admission in your favourite college or university.