Intermediate Part I Business Mathematics Guess Paper 2023
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11th Class Business Mathematics Guess Paper 2023 

 Business mathematics students always demand a way which makes ease for them while practicing the question. Ilmkiduniya is a platform which is always ready for facilitates the students with best ideas to complete their task regarding preparation of exams. Our guess papers consists of three parts in which first two parts for short questions and other one for long questions. We prepared the 1st year Business Mathematics guess paper 2023 for the students to help them in preparation of exams. These guess papers comforts the students for saving their time, students have to check guess papers when they solving the questions of exercises. So that, they could know that how much preparation is completed.

For Students of Intermediate Part I Business Mathematics guess papers are available for achieving good marks in annual exams, the link of download is below:  



                                                                      11th CLASS COMMERCE GROUP GUESS PAPER – 2023


2.         Write short answers to questions.

i)          Define proportion.

ii)         Define principal amount.

iii)        Define ordinary annuity.

iv)        What percentage of Rs. 120 is 84

v)         Define compound interest.

vi)        Find 40% of 300

vii)       What are the types of discount?

viii)      Write the formula for sum of ordinary annuity.

ix)        Define compound interest.

x)         Find the compound interest due in case of Rs. 1000/- loaned for 5 years at 6% annually.

xi)        Divide Rs. 4800 in the ratio 5: 7

3.         Write short answers to questions.

i)          Explain quadratic equation.

ii)         Write the formula of quadratic equation.

iii)        Define number system used in computer.

iv)        Find x if 2x – 7 = 13

v)         Define Linear equations.

vi)        Convert (35)10 in binary system.

vii)       Define singular and non –singular matrices.

ix)        Define reciprocal equations.

x)         Define row matrix

xi)        Convert (1011)2 in to decimal number system.

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4.         A watch was sold for Rs. 850 on 4 ½ loss. Find the cost price of the watch.

5.         Find the compound interest in Rs. 5000 loaned for 6 years @ 12% per annum.

6.         Convert 5x +2y = 10 into intercepts form and identify x and y intercepts.

7.         Using Crammer’s rule, solve the following system of linear equations:  3x +2y =12

                                                                                                                               x + 5y = 17

8.         3x + 2y = 54 by elimination method.

            2x – 3y =10

9.         8x2 – 14x -15 = 0 by using quadratic formula.

10.       Evaluate:  (11011)2 X (10001)2

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