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10th class Chemistry Chapter 9 Preparation

Here you can prepare 10th chemistry chapter 1 online Short Questions Preparation Unit 9 (Chemical Equilibrium). Click the button for 100% free full practice test.

Matric Part 2/10th Class Chemistry Chapter 9 Short Questions Test With Answer for Unit 9 Chemical Equilibrium

Being a student of hard sciences subject is not an easy task due to the complexity of subjects. Especially the subject of Chemistry. Chemistry is the study of matter, its composition, properties and structure. However, it has become very easy with the helping ways introduced by ilmkidunya to get 100% marks on your result board even in a subject like Chemistry. Ilmkidunya, after a long hard work and research have founded that A+ result is not a difficult task to attain, if a student works smartly and the smart way to get a boom in your result is short questions way. Therefore ilmkidunya brings you the best way to counter short questions.

With ilmkidunya you can not only learn short questions but it helps you in multiple ways like online test by which you can not only counter check your preparation but also find the loop holes in your preparation. As all of us knows that short questions is the most short and to the point way towards high marks in exam, specially in science subjects like Chemistry.

Well! lets have a start with the short question preparation of Chapter 1 st of 10 class Chemistry book. Chapter 1 st named “Chemical Equilibrium”.

The basic objective of this chapter is to let students know about:

  • To make students aware of Reversible reaction of chemical equilibrium.
  • Students can write forward reaction and reverse reaction.
  • To make students aware of Macroscopic virtualities.
  • To make students able to explain Law of Mass Action.
  • To make students able to figure the Equilibrium Constant Expression and its units.
  • To make students aware of important factors about Equilibrium and its methods from which equilibrium can be traced.
  • To make students able to write equilibrium expression of any reaction.
  • So my dear fellows don't waste your time anywhere just visit ilmkidunya, where you also find lot of help in long questions. Moreover, you will find past papers with in a click and bundle of helping notes of all subjects, because our aim is to make our students the best of world.

    10th Class Chemistry Preparation

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    • U

      Usama Zain

      25 Dec 2019

      Iam a student of class 10th i want to know about some important short questions

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    • N

      Niaz Khan

      05 May 2019

      define chemical equilibrium with two example?

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