7th Chapter

MDCAT Physics Chapter 7 Test

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MDCAT Physics Chapter 7 MCQ Test With Answer for Physics chapter 7 (Light)

This online test contains MCQs about following topics:.

a) State the basic postulates of kinetic theory of gases. b) Explain the concept of pressure exerted by a gas and derive the relation 3 2    Nm v PV . c) Solve problems using the equation of state for an ideal gas as PV  nRT . d) Compare 3 2    Nm v PV with PV  NkT and prove that K.E.  T for a single molecule. e) Understand the concept of internal energy and use the first law of thermodynamics U  Q W . f) Define and explain specific heat capacity. g) Describe absolute zero and thermodynamic scale of temperature.

MDCAT Physics Ch 7 Test

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