6th Chapter

MDCAT Physics Chapter 6 Test

Here you can prepare MDCAT Physics Ch 6 Waves Test. Click the button for 100% free full practice test.

MDCAT Physics Chapter 6 MCQ Test With Answer for Physics chapter 6 (Waves)

This online test contains MCQs about following topics:.

a) Define and describe the terms stress, strain and Young’s Modulus. b) Define tensile stress and strain. c) Describe Hook’s Law. d) Understand the concept of elastic and plastic deformation of a material. e) Explain brittle and ductile materials. f) Explain the concept of strain energy in deformed materials and force extension graph.

MDCAT Physics Ch 6 Test

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    Alihassan 20 / Jun / 2019

    Physics chapter wise formulae or applied on numerical

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      Komal 29 / Aug / 2018

      Result is faulty.Please check efficiently.

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        Suneel Kumar 16 / Jun / 2018

        Good job!

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