UET ECAT Test Syllabus and Paper Pattern 2022

All those students who have passed their Higher Secondary School Certificate degree and want to get admission to engineering institutes or universities must know that the University of Engineering & Technology conducts exam for entrance and all students are required to pass ECAT where ECAT full form is Engineering College Admission Test. For passing the exam all students should be well aware of the ECAT syllabus 2022 and ECAT paper pattern 2022 according to which they will have to appear in the ECAT exam.

ECAT Syllabus 2022 PDF Download

The students who are planning to participate in the ECAT exam can get their ECAT syllabus 2022 from this page. The students are provided with UET ECAT syllabus 2022 so that they get the knowledge of the exact exam pattern of the university. You can view the whole exam pattern online as well but the best approach is to download ECAT 2022 syllabus so that you can prepare each subject and topic such as Permutation or Energy Catalyzer or Biomedical engineering or Biomedical Sciences or Hydrogen fluoride - Chemical compound or Business administration or Graph of a function with better concentration without getting worried about finding the syllabus to find out which content is included or excluded.

What are ECAT Test Subjects and Subjects Combination?

Following combinations are required to be chosen by the candidates for ECAT Test according to UET:

Subjects Combination 1 Subjects Combination 2 Subjects Combination 3
Physics Physics Physics
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
English English English
Chemistry Computer Science Statistics
  • Intermediate candidates should choose a combination according to subjects of their Intermediate studies.
  • DAE candidates have two options as follows:
Option 1 Option 2
Physics Physics
Mathematics Mathematics
English English
Chemistry Computer Science

The students who want to gain admission to the computer engineering or software engineering can also choose FSC (Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science) in their intermediate degree.

How Should I Choose ECAT Test Subject Combination?

You should decide about ECAT test subject combination 2022 in the following way but be careful as it affects your admission application procedure:

  • Pre-Engineering combination is eligible to all fields of engineering and sciences technical universities in Punjab.
  • Pre-Medical is only eligible for Biomedical Engineering, Physics and Chemistry.
  • "Physics, Mathematics, " combination is only eligible to apply in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Architecture, CRP, PID, Physics and Mathematics.
  • "Physics, Mathematics, Statistics" combination is only eligible to apply in Architecture, CRP, PID, Physics and Mathematics.

Note: Only DAE qualified candidates can easily choose Pre-Engineering or "Physics, Mathematics" combination.

ECAT Exam Pattern 2021

No ECAT Subjects Total MCQS Marks
01. Physics 30 120
02. Mathematics 30 120
03. Chemistry/Computer Science/Statistics 30 120
04. English 10 40
Total     400

ECAT Test Pattern

The University of Engineering & Technology conducts the test according to a specific exam pattern which includes Multiple Choice Questions that are based on the contents that students study during their intermediate education level.

  • Each question carries 4 marks and in total the ECAT exam is of 400 marks which students will have to attempt in 100 minutes.
  • The rule for marking is as follows:
  • Correct Answer: 4 marks
  • Wrong Answer: -1 mark
  • No answer: 0 marks

It means that if a candidate has 40 correct answers, 40 wrong answers and 20 blank answers then marks will be as follows: 40 x 4 + 40 x (-1) + 20 x (0) = 160 – 40 + 0= 120

Does ECAT syllabus comprise of short syllabus or reduced syllabus?

No, ECAT test consists of full books of Intermediate which the students learn in Intermediate regular classes as mentioned by UET in the following way:

You can also take advantage from ECAT Video Lectures from our highly qualified teachers.

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