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You can get Latest Job opportunities on this pages .Check DPT Latest Job Updates and select your career in any of the following growing organzation.

After completing five years DPT studies, a DPT graduate in Pakistan has lot of opportunities in medical fields in Pakistan for starting professional career and future growth national and internationally. He/she can start his/her professional career after DPT in Pakistan in any of the following organizations and areas with attractive DPT salary that defines huge DPT scope in Pakistan.

DPT Scope in Pakistan

Doctor of Physiotherapy focuses on treating different conditions but including but not limited to any field. DPT is highly respected profession all over the world.A person who has in this type of treatment , he/she can find career best jobs in different physical therapy centers, hospital, DPT clinics, personal therapy and in rehabilitation centers that proofs scope of DPT(Doctor of Physical Therapy) in Pakistan.

Scope of DPT in Pakistan as Doctor of Physical Therapy in public sector is extremely vast such as:

  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Physical Training Instructor
  • Physiotherapist
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Senior Speech Therapist
  • Assistant Physiotherapist
  • Physical Test Supervisor
  • Researcher in Biotechnology
  • Researcher in Radiology

DPT(Doctor of Physical Therapy) Job Opportunities

The students have different job opportunities after the completion of DPT program. Normally there are two sectors in Pakistan, i.e. government and private. The students can work there or they can start their own clinics as well. You can choose career options after DPT according to your interest. Check DPT Job latest updates for new job opportunties 

Career Options after DPT in Pakistan Private Sector 

These are careers opportunities in Doctor of Physical Therapy :

  • Public & Private Hospitals such as Liaquat National Hospital 
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Centers
  • Healthcare NGOs
  • Aid Agencies & Organizations
  • Private Clinics
  • Sports Clubs & Teams
  • Academics
  • Biomedical Engineer 
  • Research in Physical medicine and rehabilitation 

DPT Salary in Pakistan

DPT-Doctor of physical Therapy salary range in Pakistan depends on the experience of the professionals. There will be different pay scale for fresh and different for experienced person. From the table given below, you can get the idea about salary after DPT and choose best jobs after DPT accordingly:

Category General Salary Package
Fresh Rs.26,000/month
Government Rs.40,000 to Rs.90,000/ month
Private Rs.30,000 to Rs.200,000/ month

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DPT Postgraduate Courses

A DPT graduate can continue his/her further higher studies or advanced studies or specialization after DPT in following degrees and areas:

Course Duration
Master of Philosophy in Physical Therapy (Musculoskeletal) (M.Phil. PT- MSK) 2 Years
MSc in Physical Therapy 2 Years
MS in Physical Therapy (Neurology) 2 Years
M. Phil in Physiotherapy 2 Years
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) n Physical Therapy 3 to 5 Years
Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Science 2 to 5 Years
Master in Physical Activity and active living 2 Years
Master In Rehabilitation science and physiotherapy 5 Years
MSC in Cognitive neurorehabilitation 2 Years
Masters in Sports Therapy 2 Years
MSC Occupational Therapy 2 Years

Physical Therapy Medical Speciality

There are some types of physical therapy specialties career as follows:

  • Sports
  • Women's Health
  • Clinical Electrophysiocology
  • Pulmonary and cardiovascular
  • Neurology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pediatrics

DPT Career Related FAQs

  • Q: Which jobs are offered after DPT degree?
    Ans: Various jobs are offered after completion of DPT. The students can do jobs after DPT as a consultant physiotherapist in multi-specialty hospitals, health care centers, corporate physiotherapist in MNCs, health care physiotherapy instructor in modern gymnasiums and physiotherapist in special schools for physically challenged children.
  • Q: Which course is the best after DPT?
    Ans: There are many post graduate programs offered after DPT. The students can go for master of rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy, master in Myo-functional therapy, master of physiotherapy, master of sports medicine and rehabilitation and Master of Science in clinical exercise physiology after DPT.
  • Q: Is there any scope of DPT in Pakistan?
    Ans: DPT stands for doctor of physiotherapy. The physiotherapists deal with bone fractures, post surgical therapy and other massages. The scope of DPT is not too much in Pakistan. Its scope is high in foreign countries. A physiotherapist can help the people in massage and different therapies.
  • Q: Can I get job after DPT?
    Ans: After completion of DPT degree, you can find job in private companies. You can do jobs in private clinics or in gyms. You can also get jobs in government sector after DPT with limited seats.
  • Q: What are the career opportunities after completion of DPT?
    Ans: The future of physiotherapist is good. They can earn after completion of DPT. Many jobs opportunities are available for DPT. After DPT, you can do specialization in cardiovascular & pulmonary clinical specialist, oncology specialists and women’s health specialist etc. The students can choose the post graduate degree of their choice after DPT.
  • Q: Which types of programs are offered after DPT?
    Ans: There are a number of post graduate programs which are offered after DPT. You can become geriatric clinical specialist, orthopedic clinical specialist and pediatric clinical specialist after DPT. There are many master level programs are offered after DPT.
  • Q: What is the scope of DPT in foreign countries?
    Ans: Doctor of Physiotherapy DPT is in demand in foreign countries like Philippines USA and UK. The students need to get licensed for working in foreign company as physiotherapists. The students can also go abroad for physiotherapy internship. For good earnings after DPT, the students should go abroad where the scope of DPT is high.
  • Q: Which countries are best for job after DPT?
    Ans: The students can go for the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand for getting good jobs after DPT. These countries are best for DPT jobs.



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