DPT Fee Structure in Pakistan 2023

Are you seeking information for Fees concerning DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) degree fees then you have arrived on the right page as you will find all the latest DPT Fee information on this page very easily. The DPT Degree Program is an PMDC and HEC recognized five year program aimed towards candidates who wish to improve people mobility, quality of life and physical condition after operation, injury or surgery etc.

DPT Fee Structure in Pakistan 2023 

DPT Degree Fees 2023

The fee for DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) degree varies considerably according to the type of college or university the medical candidate is applying for as whether it is government funded or private funded college or university.

The Fees for DPT degree range from Rs. 56000 to 380,000. The average government fee starts from Rs. 50,000 while the private college or university fee starts from Rs. 140,000. The DPT Admission 2022 degree program total fee is made of various fee and funds which comprise of admission fee, security deposit, student fund, examination fee, semester fee, advance income tax, academic transport, among others

DPT Fees in Public Sector Colleges

DPT fee range in government colleges and universities is not too high as compared to private colleges. From the table given below, you can get the idea about DPT fee in Pakistan government colleges:

Sr.No Public Sector Charges Amount
1 Annual Tuition Fee (Fee Range ) Rs. 25,000 – 85,000
2 One time Admission Fee Rs. 2,000 - 5000
3 Prospectus Fee Rs. 500 – 1,000

DPT Fee in Private Colleges

DPT fee structure in private colleges in in lacs. You can get Admission in DPT private colleges according to your financial aspects and interests. In order to give you an idea, we have provided you the general range of DPT fee in private sector as follows:

Sr.No Private Sector Charges Amount
1 Annual Tuition Fee (Fee Range ) Rs. 140,000 – 430,000
2 One time Admission Fee Rs. 50,000
3 Prospectus Fee Rs. 3000

DPT Fee Structure 2023 in Pakistan Colleges and Universities

You will able to know about fee structure of DPT of major medical colleges and universities from the following colleges and universities list which has DPT private fee structure and DPT public fee structure:

Lahore College of Physical Therapy (LCPT) DPT Fee Structure

Lahore College of Physical Therapy helps to develop future medical officers in physical therapy. It has high amount of for DPT course fees.

Its fee link is https://lcpt.lmdc.edu.pk/admissions-fees/

Duration Total Fee (Rs.) Tution Fee (Rs.)
5 years 410,000 363,885

University of Management and Technology UMT DPT Fee Structure

UMT is emerging as one of the top universities for DPT in Pakistan. They are charging fee in quarter terms as well. UMT DPT fee structure is mentioned at https://admissions.umt.edu.pk/Fee.aspx

Duration Total Fee (Rs.) Quarterly Fee (Rs.)
5 years 1,499,000 74,950

DPT Fee Structure in University of Lahore (UOL)

UOL is also charging high amount of fee from DPT students while its DPT program is quiet famous among Punjab universities.

Its fee detail is mentioned on this link https://uol.edu.pk/admissions/fees/ Following is the fee structure for University of Lahore 2023: 

Duration Total Fee (Rs.) Yearly Fee (Rs.)
5 years 1,602,000 127,500 to 171,000

University of Health Sciences UHS DPT Fee Structure 

University of Health Sciences Lahore is internationally recognized university. It is basically a research based university. 124 colleges comes under its affiliation with 106916 undergraduate and 9157 postgraduate students. It is one of the top universities.

Its fee link is https://www.uhs.edu.pk/fee-struct.php

Duration Yearly Fee (Rs.) Registration Fee (Rs.)
5 years 5750 15,000

DPT Fee of Multan Medical and Dental College

It is following the vision of UHS which is to groom medical professionals by providing the best quality education which is based on modern teaching techniques.You can get the idea about DPT fee structure in Multan. 

https://mmdc.edu.pk/downloads/admission-form-doctor-of-physical-therapy-program/dptp-fee-structure-plan-2020-2021/ is the link from where you can see its fee structure.

Duration Total Fee (Rs.) Yearly Fee (Rs.)
5 years 340,000/ to Rs. 395,000/ 340,000/

Stay update for DPT admission 2023 in Lahore.

DPT Fee Structure in Karachi University

Physiology is one of the most important and applied field in health sciences.Students are coming into this field far more than ever before. If you want to get admission in UOK then you should its DPT fee structure which can be found at https://uok.edu.pk/admissions/2021/feestructure.pdf

Duration Total Fee (Rs.)
5 years 122,000

DPT Fee Structure in DOW University

DOW university has different programs including basic medical sciences, pharmacology and physical therapy. For DPT, they are also charging endowment fee along with tuition fee. Their fee structure is for 2018. They didnot issue revised fee structure. 

https://www.duhs.edu.pk/new/admission-tuition-and-fee-structures-ug/ is its fee structure of all programs.

Admission Fee (Rs.) Tuition Fee (Rs.) Endowment Fund(Rs.) Transport Fee(Rs.) Total Fee
29,040 102,487 10,000 15,000 158,180

Akhtar Saeed Medical and Dental College AMDC DPT Fee Structure

AMDC is a well known college for MBBS, BDS and DPT. They are delivering quality education and its fee is also in lacs.

Its fee URL is https://amdc.edu.pk/fee-structure-for-physical-therapy-dpt/

Category Per Annum Fee (Rs.)
Filer 476,540
Non-Filer 499,117

ABWA DPT Fee Structure

ABWA medical college Faisalabad has different fee structure categories for DPT program. Its fee is less as compared to other universities. 

https://abwa.edu.pk/dpt-fee-structure/ is its fee URL.

Admission Fee (Rs.) Tuition Fee (Rs.) Security Fee (Rs.) Examination Fee(Rs.)  Total Fee (Rs.) Clinical Fee (from 5th Semester) (Rs.)
25,000 80,000 25,000 5,030 163,030 30,000

DPT Fee Structure in Bahria University

You can apply in this university if you want to get admitted in standard universities of Pakistan.

https://www.bahria.edu.pk/admission/fee-structure/under-graduate-programs-fee/ has complete detail about fee in Bahria university which covers all of its programs. 

Admission Fee (Rs.) Tuition Fee/Semester (Rs.) Caution Fee (Rs.) Total Fee (Rs.) Misc. Charges (Rs.)
25,000 115,668 10,000 190,668 20,000

Riphah International University DPT Fee Structure

Ripah University has admission fee and examination along with tuition fee. You can get to know its fee structure from the following table:

Registration Fee(Rs.) Admission Fee (Rs.) Tuition Fee/Semester (Rs.) Examination Fee(Rs.) Total Fee/Semester (Rs.)
17,100 16,225 187,100 11,900 245,205
USD100 USD500 USD 2160 USD250 USD 3173

CMH Lahore Medical And Dental College DPT Fee

CMH in Lahore is offering medical and dental programs along with Doctor of Physical Therapy. Its fee detail is as follows:

First Year DPT Fee(Rs.) Second Year DPT Fee (Rs.) Third Year DPT Fee (Rs.) Fourth Year DPT Fee(Rs.) Fifth Year DPT Fee (Rs.)
4,48,350 3,75,000 3,75,000 3,75,000 3,75,000

Liaqat University of Medical and Health Sciences LUMHS DPT Fee

LUMHS is charging average amount of fee as compared to other universities. Following is its DPT fee structure:

Category Admission Fee(Rs.) Per Semester Fee(Rs.) Fee Structure
Merit 30,000 50,000 to 62,000 Download
Self-Finance 60,000 120,000 to 135,000 Download
Overseas USD 800 USD 1500 to 1600 Download

DPT Fee of King Edward Medical University

KEMU is charging reasonable fee amount of DPT program. If the student has high percentage marks so he/she can easily get admission in KEMU and pay the fee in less as compared to other universities. https://kemu.edu.pk/au?doing_wp_cron=1642833837.7578089237213134765625#dpt is its details URL.

Duration Admission Fee(Rs.) Registration Fee(Rs.) Tuition Fee(Rs.) Misc University Funds(Rs.) Fee Structure
5 years 5000 2000 45,000 9000 Download

Allama Iqbal Medical College DPT Fee Structure 

AIMC is charging less amount of fee for DPT course. Its fee detail can be found at http://www.aicp.edu.pk/dpt_information.php. Check its fee as follows:

Duration Activity Fund(Rs.) Annual Tuition Fee(Rs.) Total Fee(Rs.) Fee Structure
5 years 5000 21,150 26,150 Download

DPT Fee Structure in Superior University

DPT comes under the department of Allied Health Sciences. Superior University has high amount of DPT fee. Its fee detail is as follows:

Duration Admission Fee(Rs.) Misc. Charges(Rs.) Tuition Fee/Semester(Rs.) Total Fee(Rs.) Fee Structure
5 years 20,000 7500 147,600 1,554,600 Download

UOB University of Balochistan Fee Structure 

UOB is offering DPT five years program with 10 semesters. Its full fee detail of all the programs can be found at http://cms.uob.edu.pk/ugso/downloads/FEE%20STRUCTURE.pdf

Duration Admission Fee(Rs.) Computer Lab Fee/Semester(Rs.) Tuition Fee/Semester(Rs.) Total Fee(Rs.) Fee Structure
5 years 1000 1000 3600 99,000 Download

Rawalpindi Medical College Fee Structure For DPT

Tuition Fee First Year(Rs.) Annual Fee for Other Years(Rs.) Fee Structure
130,000 125,000 Download

PUMHS Peoples University of Medical and Health Sciences Nawabshah Fee Structure

In PUMHS, all the fees are non-refundable when they are once deposited. The fee for first year and 1st semester should be paid within 15 days of admission. Its fee detail can be obtained at https://pumhs.edu.pk/physiotherapy_fee.html

Students IT Charges/Year(Rs.) Admission Fee(Rs.)  Tuition Fee/Year(Rs.) Fee Structure
On Merit 1000 30,000 100,000 Download
Self-Finance 1000 30,000 250,000 Download

Ibadat International University Islamabad IIUI Fee Structure

Exam fee is based on number of courses which are taken by the students. Each course of DPT costs Rs. 1500/-. 

Tuition Fee/Semester(Rs.) Contribution Charges/Semester(Rs.) Admission Fee(Rs.)  Exam Fee/Semester(Rs.) Total Fee/Semester(Rs.) Fee Structure
73,600 to 82,800 11,500 20,000 6,000 to 10,500 98,700 to 123,300 Download

Isra University Islamabad Fee Structure

Isra University is offering DPT program in three categories i.e. regular, overseas and foreigner. Their detail is as under:

Category Tuition Fee(Rs.) Security Deposit(Rs.) Admission Fee(Rs.)  University Fee(Rs.) Fee Structure
Regular 250,000 50,000 50,000 6,000 to 10,500 Download
Overseas USD 3500 USD 1000 USD 750 USD 400 Download
Foreigner USD 4500 USD 1500 USD 1000 USD 500 Download

Fauji Foundation Medical College Fee Structure DPT

Fauji Foundation College doesnot refund admission fee in any case. They issue and handed over fee challans to the students after obtaining their signatures from each student. Its fee detail is at https://fuic.fui.edu.pk/index.php/fee-structure-policy2/fee-structure-policy-for-dpt

Category Tuition Fee/Semester(Rs.) Security Deposit(Rs.) Admission Fee(Rs.)  Registration Fee(Rs.) Total Fee/Semester(Rs.) Fee Structure
Locals 175,000 10,000 25,000 20,000 247,800 Download
Foreigner USD 2700 USD 150 USD 500 USD 200 3791 Download


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