Besides the period of training, the most significant part is the CA training areas. While training the students are also provided the stipend specified by the authority. The students are trained in different areas so that they can understand the fundamental concepts of various training areas such as audit, assurance, accounting, financial reporting, taxation, corporate law and some other related fields. It assists them to have the basic knowledge of some significant domains associated with the CA course. Through this essential training, the students can easily move on in their future career of chartered accountant. The allocation of training period differs depending upon the various training areas that are as follows:

No Training area Period allocation
1 Audit, assurance and related services Not less than 1/3rd
2 Accounting and Financial Reporting Not less than 1/3rd
3 Taxation and corporate law Remaining period

Financial Management, management advisory and

information technology

Remaining period
5 Any area deemed appropriate by Training Organization Remaining period


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