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CA majorly consists of four parts and each one comprise of several papers that are mandatory to clear to get the degree of CA. The students have to pay the fee of each paper separately along with the CA registration fee to the institute in which they get enrolled for CA. The CA fee 2022 varies depending upon each paper in different institutes. In case the students are not able to pass the paper in the first attempt then, the CA fee for one paper will be increased for the second attempt. Students have to pay the examination fee before the exam and it will not be refunded in any case. The following is the fee charged by the ICAP. Apart from this students have to also submit the CA tuition fee of their institute.

CA Annual Subscription Fee

Students have to pay Annual subscription fee which is a lump sum amount of 2,000 Rupees.

Annual Subscription Fee Pak Rupees
Annual Subscription Fee 2,000

CA Registration and Exemption Fee

Students need to pay Registration and Exemption fee as well. It is definitely not a hefty amount. Students can pay it easily as it is mandatory to them. The Registration of Student only fee is 18,700 rupees.

Registration Fee Pak Rupees
Registration as Student only 18,700
Registration as Training on Probation 24,300
Transfer fee for Trainee Student 17,000
Exemption Fee Pak Rupees
Assessment of Fundamental Competencies (AFC) - Per Paper 3,900
Certificate in Accounting and Finance (CAF) - Per Paper 4,700
Certificate Finance and Accounting Professional (CFAP) - Per Paper 7,300
Multi Subject Assessment (Two papers) 18,600
Presentation and Communication skills Course (PCSC) 1,900

CA Exemption Fee For Professional Qualifications

Students need to pay a lump sum amount. This lump sum amount is for Exemption fee for Professional Qualifications. For ACCA qualified candidates,Exemption from six papers to eight papers ranges from 26,600 to 36,000 Rupees.

Exemption Fee Pak Rupees
For PIPFA Qualified Candidates 29,700
For ICAEW/ICAI/ICAS/CAANZ/CPA Canada qualified candidates 107,600
For ICMAP qualified candidates 57,900
For CIMA qualified candidates 48,500
For ACCA qualified candidates  
Exemption from six papers 26,600
Exemption from seven papers 31,300
Exemption from eight papers 36,000

AFC Examination Fees For CA

There is AFC Examination fees as well. The hierarchy of fee structure is shown below. The pricing starts from 5,600 rupees.

AFC Examination (including CBE charges) Pak Rupees
1 paper 5,600
2 papers of same stage 9,800
3 papers of same stage 14,000
4 papers of same stage 18,200

CAF Examination Fee For CA

The CAF Examination fee for Remote Proctoring and Centerbase is given below. Students need to pay this fees in Pakistani Rupees. Fees differs for Remote Proctoring and centerbase.

CAF Examination Pak Rupee
  Remote Proctoring Centerbase
1 Paper 4,200 4500
2 Papers of same stage 7,000 7,500
3 Papers of same stage 9,800 10,500
4 papers of same stage 12,600 13,500
5 papers of same stage 15,400 16,500
Writing skill test 1,900 1,900

CFAP & MSA Examination Fee For CA

The CFAP & MSA Examination fee is listed down below. This fee is taken in Pak rupees which is usual. The remote proctoring and centerbase has different fees.

CFAP & MSA Examination Fee Pak Rupee
  Remote Proctoring Centerbase
1 paper of CFAP 8,700 9,300
For each additional paper 3,400 3,650
Multi Subject Assessment (One paper only) 12,300 13,200
Multi Subject Assessment (Two papers) 18,600 20,000
Annual Subscription Fee 2,000 2,000

CA Professional Accounting Affiliate Fee

The fees for Professional Accounting Affiliate is listed below. It includes 3 different types of sub-fees, which the students needs to pay. As usual it is in Pakistani rupees. If we talk about Affiliation Certification Fee its for 2,150 rupees.

Professional Accounting Affiliate Fee Pak Rupees
Affiliation Certification Fee 2,150
Affiliation Annual Fee 5,350
Readmission Fee 2,150

CA Professional Values, Ethics & Attitudes Fees

As we already know students need to keep good ethics and attitude as it is mandatory to maintain. There is a fees for it as well. Students need to pay this fees. The Professional Values, Ethics and Attitudes Course Fee is 1,070 Rupees.

Professional Values, Ethics and Attitudes Fee Pak Rupees
Professional Values, Ethics and Attitudes Course Fee 1,070

CA Fees For Issuance Of Duplicate Documents

The fees for Issuance of Duplicate Documents is necessary to pay. The students have to pay in Pakistani rupees which is an obvious thing. Fee for Duplicate examination certificate is 4,100 rupees for example.

Fee for Issuance of Duplicate Documents Pak Rupees
Duplicate Examination Certificate 4,100
Duplicate passing letter/ grade sheet 500

CA Fee for Other Services

Fee for Other Services is listed down below. It includes Transcript, Attested syllabus and other types of sub-fees as well. Students can see all of the sub-fees. The Transcript fee is 650 Rupees for example.

Other Services Pak Rupees
Transcript 650
Attested Syllabus 1,100
Attestation of Certificates/Result Cards/Exemption Letter/ Transcript (Each Copy) 110
Dispatching charges of documents to outside Pakistan through courier (for upto 0.5 kg) 5,500
Review of Answer Script/ Result (Per paper) 1,500
Letter of equivalence/ Examinee Registration Confirmation Letter/ other letters 450
Medium of instruction letter 500
Any correction of name in passing letter/ grade sheet on request 1,150
Letter to embassy (Per letter) 450
Request for feedback (Per paper) 8,200
Bonafide Trainee/FTS Student Certificate 540
Duplicate Card/ Examinee Registration Card 320
CAF equivalence certificate 2,700

CA Registration Fees For Training Organisation

The Registration fees for Training Organisation is listed down below. It is also mandatory to pay by the student just like every other fees. For example Training Organization Inside Practice (TOIP) Fee is 44,600 Rupees.

Registration Fee for Training Organisations Pak Rupees
Training Organisation Inside Practice (TOIP) Fee 44,600
Training Organisation Outside Practice (TOOP) Fee 171,700
Opening of New Training Office 17,100

CA Registration And Annual Renewal Fee For RAETS And APPS

This is the last type of fee that student needs to pay. It is called Registration and Annual Renewal fee for RAETS and APPS. For example RAET Application Fee is 6,400 Rupees.

Registration and Annual Renewal Fee for RAETS and APPS Pak Rupees
RAET Application Fee 6,400
Induction of NEW RAET 171,800
RAET Annual Renewal Fee - Category A - First Campus 114,500
RAET Annual Renewal Fee - Category B - First Campus 57,200
APP Annual Renewal Fee 23,000
RAET Annual Renewal Fee - Additional Campus  
- Main Cities 57,200
- Other Than Main Cities 23,100

CA Fee structure

The students have to submit the individual fee for each paper before the exam. If the students passed all the papers in the first attempt then approximately 4-5 lac are required to complete the CA course. The students can also apply for the available scholarships for the CA students to cut down the expenses. But only the potential candidates can secure the scholarship to continue their studies.

Types of Fee

The students that wanted to take admission in CA have to submit the following fee:

  • Registration Fee
  • Examination Fee
  • Tuition Fee

Scholarship For CA Students

Two types of scholarships are offered by the Institute of Chartered Accountant in Pakistan for the CA students which are as follows:

  • Edhi CA Pakistan Talent Program
  • Students Endowment Fund

Edhi CA Pakistan Talent Program

To avail this scholarship the applicants should be among the top 20 students in the merit list of intermediate examination of their board respectively. The students of Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, FATA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit Baltistan, and Azad Kashmir can apply for this CA scholarship. If the student get selected for this scholarship then there will be no registration fee, no examination fees, and no tuition fees. Moreover, the monthly stipend will also be provided to the students.

Students Endowment Fund

This scholarship financially supports the students who aspire to pursue the Chartered accountancy as their future career. The students can apply for this scholarship at different levels by considering the eligibility criteria.

  • At the AFC level, a minimum of 80% in HSSC or minimum 65% marks in graduation/post-graduation or minimum two B’s in A-Level are required.
  • At the CAF Level, the students must have passed all papers of AFC in 1st attempt.

CA Fee Structure Frequently Asked Questions:

At the AFC level, a minimum of 80% in HSSC or minimum 65% marks in graduation/post-graduation or minimum two B’s in A-Level are required. At the CAF Level, the students must have passed all papers of AFC in 1st attempt.

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