Computer science is basically the education of methods that interrelate raw data from one another resulting in useful information and that information can be presented in the form of programs that work as specific applications. Study of computer science allows the practice of systems to be employed, stockpiled, and then used as digital information which could be manipulated and worked on in a number of ways and a number of places.

Have you ever wondered how an online virtual university or virtual class rooms works or what a web mining system is? Or how databases for huge management systems are created and Image analysis and comparison are done? Or have you fanaticised about being an IT manager, a system analyst or a cyber-security consultant? if these type of projects grab your attention or these are the jobs that you dreamt about your future than definitely you are the one who should choose his career in computer system studies.

If you are a citizen of Karachi than definitely attaining a bachelor’s degree in computer science and then pursuing this field further by doing masters and also if you wish to choose a PHD degree also in it is not a big deal as more than fifty two colleges and universities in Karachi provide bachelor’s education in computer science costing from twenty thousand (Rs. 20,000/-) from Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University and thirty thousand (Rs. 30,000/-) Pakistani rupees from Dawood University of Engineering and Technology to as high as one lac four thousand rupees from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University .BSCS or Bachelors of computer science has a vast scope as being a database administrator or IT consultant are not the only things you can also go in the immense fields of web development and designing or start your career as a game developer also.


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    Hamza Raza 01 / Oct / 2018

    sir mjhe koi achi University btain


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