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Ilmkidunya provides you with all the necessary class 9 maths notes pdf of each chapter from the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board math book. The 9th Class Math Notes 2023 have been compiled considering all the details given in the latest edition of the math book. On Ilmkidunya, you will find the best maths notes class 9 and what’s more is that you can download math key book class 9 free from our website.

9th Class Math PDF Notes

Chapters Chapter Name Medium
1 Matrices and determinants English Medium
2 Real and Complex Numbers. English Medium
3 Logarithms English Medium
4 Algebraic Expressions and Algebraic Formulas English Medium
5 Factorization. English Medium
6 Algebraic Manipulation English Medium
7 Linear Equations and Inequalities English Medium
8 Linear Graphs & Their Application English Medium
9 Introduction to coordinate geometry English Medium
10 Congruent Triangles English Medium
11 Parallelograms and Triangles English Medium
12 Line Bisectors and angle Bisectors English Medium
13 Sides and Angles of A Triangle English Medium
14 Ratio and Proportion English Medium
15 Pythagoras Theorem English Medium
16 Theorems Related with Area English Medium
17 Practical Geometry-Triangles English Medium

Notes of Maths Class 9 (Download App For 9th Class Notes)

You just have to take a few simple steps and within minutes, you will have your 9th Class Math Notes PDF Solutions saved on your computer or phone. You can also practice multiple choice questions with these math class 9 notes.  You can also find review exercises here such as review exercise 2 class 9. We have provided each chapter exercises in 9th class math key book pdf free download English Medium such as chapter 3 maths class 9.

Math 9th Class Solved Exercises PDF

Get the key book of mathematics 9th class from here. There are 17 chapters in 9th class math notes Punjab Board including 9th class math notes chapter 2. There are many formulas, axioms, algebraic formulas for class 9, geometry, and other concepts in 9th class math book solution of various exercises such as exercise 5.2 class 9 solutions or 2.6 exercise class 9 or exercise 3.2 class 9 or 3.4 exercise class 9 or exercise 2.4 class 9 including exercise 6.1 class 9 solutions or exercise 4.4 class 9 or exercise 4.1 maths class 9.

9th Class Maths Notes Chapter 1 PDF Download

Chapter Name: Matrices and determinants

Class 9 maths notes chapter 1 has 6 exercises in total with one review exercise.

Exercise 1.1: 3 Questions

Exercise 1.2: 3 Questions

Exercise 1.3: 7 Questions

Exercise 1.4: 6 Questions

Exercise 1.5: 5 Questions

Exercise 1.6: 6 Questions

Review Exercise 1: 7 Questions

Chapter 2 Notes PDF Download  9th Class

Chapter Name: Real and Complex Numbers

Exercise 2.1: 5 Questions

Exercise 2.2: 3 Questions

Exercise 2.3: 2 Questions

Exercise 2.4: 3 Questions

Exercise 2.5: 4 Questions

Exercise 2.6: 7 Questions

Review Exercise 2: 7 Questions

9th Class Chapter 3 Math Solutions PDF Download

Chapter Name: Logarithms

Exercise 3.1: 2 Questions

Exercise 3.2: 6 Questions

Exercise 3.3: 5 Questions

Exercise 3.4: 5 Questions

Review Exercise 3: 6 Questions

Chapter 4 Maths Class 9 Notes PDF Download 

Chapter Name:  Algebraic Expressions and Algebraic Formulas

Chapter 4 of maths contains algebraic formulas for class 9 such as (a + b) 2 + (a – b) 2 = 2(a2 + b2) and (a + b) 2 – (a – b) 2 = 4ab. All of these algebraic formulas are in pdf form through which you can download.

Exercise 4.1: 6 Questions

Exercise 4.2: 15 Questions

Exercise 4.3: 4 Questions

Exercise 4.4: 6 Questions

Review Exercise 4: 8 Questions

Algebraic Formulas: 13 Formulae

Chapter 5 Maths Class 9 Solved Notes PDF

Chapter Name: Factorization

Exercise 5.1: 5 Questions

Exercise 5.2: 5 Questions

Exercise 5.3: 9 Questions

Exercise 5.4: 8 Questions

Review Exercise 5: 3 Questions

Chapter 6 Notes PDF Download Math 9th Class  

Chapter Name: Algebraic Manipulation

Chapter 6 maths class 9 has 3 exercises with review exercise.

Exercise 6.1: 11 Questions

Exercise 6.2: 13 Questions

Exercise 6.3: 5 Questions

Review Exercise 6: 8 Questions

Math Notes Chapter 7 Class 9th PDF Download

Chapter Name: Linear Equations and Inequalities

Exercise 7.1: 2 Questions

Exercise 7.2: 2 Questions

Exercise 7.3: 2 Questions

Review Exercise 7: 6 Questions

PDF Download 9th Class Chapter 8 Math Solutions

Chapter Name: Linear Graphs

Exercise 8.1: 5 Questions

Exercise 8.2: 4 Questions

Exercise 8.3: 5 Questions

Review Exercise 8: 6 Questions

Math 9th Class Chapter 9 Notes PDF Download

Exercise 9.1: 2 Questions

Exercise 9.2: 8 Questions

Exercise 9.3: 6 Questions

Review Exercise 9: 5 Questions

Chapter 10 Notes PDF Download  9th Class

Exercise 10.1: 3 Questions

Exercise 10.2: 2 Questions

Exercise 10.3: 3 Questions

Exercise 10.4: 3 Questions

Review Exercise 10: 5 Questions

9th Class Chapter 11 Solution Notes Math PDF Download

Exercise 11.1: 2 Questions

Exercise 11.2: 2 Questions

Exercise 11.3: 3  Questions

Exercise 11.4: 2 Questions

Exercise 11.5: 2 Questions

Review Exercise 11: 6 Questions

9th Class Chapter 12 Notes Math PDF Download

Exercise 12.1: 3 Questions

Exercise 12.2: 4 Questions

Exercise 12.3: 2 Questions

Review Exercise 12: 6 Questions

Chapter 13 Notes PDF Download 9th Class Math 

Exercise 13.1: 5 Questions

Exercise 13.2: 3 Questions

Review Exercise 13: 6 Questions

Math Notes Chapter 14 Class 9th PDF

Exercise 14.1: 5 Questions

Exercise 14.2: 4 Questions

Review Exercise 14: 6 Questions

Chapter 15 Notes PDF Download Math 9th Class 

Exercise 15.1: 9 Questions

Review Exercise 15: 2 Questions

Math Notes Chapter 16 Class 9th PDF Download

Exercise 16.1: 3 Questions

Exercise 16.2: 3 Questions

Review Exercise 16: 3 Questions

Maths Key Book Class 9 Download Chapter 17

Exercise 17.1: 5 Questions

Exercise 17.2: 4 Questions

Exercise 17.3: 4 Questions

Exercise 17.4: 3 Questions

Exercise 17.5: 6 Questions

Review Exercise 17: 3 Questions

Download 9th Class Math Notes PDF

We have added all of the solved exercises in this keybook of math class 9. You can get chapter wise notes such as 9th class math solution chapter 1 and MCQs of maths for class 9 with answers from our website with no difficulty along with other important topics such as countless lines can pass through or additive inverse of a-b or a triangle having no side congruent or the sum of complementary angles.

9th Class Math Solution PDF Free Download

9th class math solution pdf free download includes scientific calculator or the characteristics of log 0.047 or the sum of three angles of a triangle or sum of adjacent angles of a parallelogram or the altitude of a triangle or a quadrilateral having each angle equal to 90 or the right bisectors of the sides of a triangle or median of a triangle. 

Maths Notes for 9th Class

All the notes of maths class 9 are provided on our website having high quality resolution. With the help of math guide for class 9, you can easily practice questions and view them with no difficulty. If you are looking for other 9th Class notes then you can certainly find more notes of Physics, English, Chemistry etc. In addition to this, you can use other materials such as guess papers 2023 on our website to become successful in achieving great marks.

Maths MCQs For 9th Class With Answers PDF

Students usually get confused about these concepts and for the most part, students find math in general difficult to understand in comparison to other subjects. However, this challenging subject can be understood with the help of maths key book class 9 in the form of 9th class math notes urdu medium. We have added 9th Class Math Notes PDF on our website. These 9th class math key book pdf is made from the help of experienced teachers who have consolidated all the key points in the form of mathematics notes for class 9, so that students can revise better.

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