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9th Class Punjab Board Model Papers 2024

From here students can dicover the most recent issued Punjab Board Model Paper 9th class and get the complete view of question paper. Tarjuma tul quran 9th class model papers also uploaded on this page. It helps the students to manage the time in examination hall. Students can download these 9th Class Model Paper 2024 free of cost in Pdf form which easily be download.

Subjects Model Papers
Islamiate (Compulsory) Download
Tarjamah Tul Quran (New Edition) Download

9th Class KPK Board Model Papers 2024

Subject  Model Papers
Mutaliea Quran E Hakeem (New Edition) Download
Islamiat Compulsory Download
Pakistan study (English Medium) Download
Pakistan study (Urdu Medium) Download
Biology Download
Chemistry Download
Physics Download
Urdu Download
English Download
Computer Science Download
General Mathematics Download
Mathematics (Elective) Download
Islamiat (Elective) Download


Sindh Board Model Papers

The Sindh Board has issued Model Papers for every subject of the 9th class for the board examination. The Model Papers are declared to define the paper pattern of the final board examination. It helps students with the preparation for their final board exams. Sindh Board has issued model papers SSC Part-I for the year 2024. To avoid pattern confusion, the Board has provided the model papers for each subject in SSC Part-I Sindh Board that includes:

  • English Compulsory
  • English Literature
  • Urdu
  • Computer Studies
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Islamiyat
  • Ethics
  • Physics Geography
  • Sindhi
  • Mathematics

9th Class Federal Board Model Papers

In order to check Federal Board Model Papers 2024, click on the following link:

Students are advised to look forward to these model papers 2024 class 9 to understand the pattern and mark distribution of each subject. It will help them prepare better for their annual examinations.

Model Papers Class 9 Sindh Board PDF Download

Following are the Sindh model papers which also covers model papers 2024 class 9 Karachi board. These model paper 2024 class 9 Karachi board will be helpful in your exam preparation. These model papers 2024 class 9 Sindh board will be helpful in your exam preparation. All subjects of new model paper 2024 class 9 Sindh board pdf are available here such as english, urdu, physics, biology etc.

Subject Download
English Compulsory Download
English Literature Download
Urdu Download
Computer Studies Download
Biology Download
Chemistry Download
Islamiat Download
Ethics Download
Physics Download
Geography of Pakistan Download
Sindhi Download
Math Download

The annual Board examination of SSC Part-I includes English as a compulsory subject. The English model paper 2024 class 9 carries a total of 100 marks. Model paper 2024 class 9 sindh board English consists of three types of sections. Section ‘A’ comprises multiple-choice questions of 20 marks. Section ‘B’ includes four short answer questions with sub-divided questions of a total of 45 marks. Section ‘C’ is 35 marks which consists of descriptive-type questions including essay writing, letter or application, and a comprehension passage.

English Literature Class 9 Model Paper 2024 Sindh Board 

English Literature subject of SSC Part-I comprises 75 total marks. The paper is subdivided into three sections A, B, and C carrying 15, 36, and 24 marks respectively. The paper includes multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, and multiple-choice questions.

Urdu Model Paper 2024 Class 9

The total marks for Urdu subject for the annual examination of Sindh Board are 75. The urdu model paper 2024 class 9 is further divided into sections including Section ‘A’ of 15 marks, Section ‘B’ of 35 marks, and Section ‘C’ of 25 marks. The candidates are required to conclude the paper in 3 hours.

Computer Studies BSEK Model Paper 2024

According to class 9 model paper 2024 Sindh board, the maximum marks for the subject of computers are 60. Candidates are allotted 3 hours of time to complete their exam. The BSEK model paper 2024 of computer is divided into three sections multiple-type questions, short questions, and descriptive/ long questions. In computer model paper class 9, Section ‘A’ has a total number of 15 without any choice of questions. Section ‘B’ is of 15 short questions out of which students have to attempt only 10 of 30 marks. The descriptive section ‘C’ in which students have to attempt 3 out of 5 questions.

Biology Model Paper 2024 Class 9 Karachi Board

The biology subject contains a total of 60 marks. The questions are distributed in three sections A, B, and C carrying 12, 30, and 18 marks respectively.


The chemistry subject of SSC Part-I Sindh Board consists of a total of 60 marks. The paper has objective types and subjective questions. Section ‘A’ consists of objective types of questions of 12 marks for which the students will be allotted 30 minutes. Section ‘B’ and ‘C’ have a total of 48 marks including short and descriptive subjective type questions to be attempted in two and a half hour.

Islamiat Model Paper Class 9 2024

The 75 marks paper is divided into three sections in islamiat model paper class 9 2024 carrying multiple-choice questions, and short and descriptive questions. The total time to attempt the paper is of 3 hours.


Ethics is for the Non-Muslim candidates comprised of 75 marks. Like other subjects, the paper is divided into 3 portions multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, and descriptive answer questions. The candidates will have a choice of questions in sections ‘B’ and ‘C’


The Physics SSC Part-I final exam has a total of 60 marks. The paper is three hours long, and applicants must complete all three portions. Section 'A' consists of 12 multiple-choice questions. Sections 'B' and 'C' are the subjective sections of the paper, worth 38 and 18 points, respectively.

Geography of Pakistan

The final Geography of Pakistan test is worth a total of 75 points. The exam is split into three sections: multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, and descriptive answer questions.


The 75 marks exams include three sections short answer questions, multiple-choice questions, and descriptive answer questions.

Maths Model Paper 2024 Class 9 

The three-hour mathematics assessment is worth 75 marks. Maths model paper 2024 class 9 consists of three sections, A, B, and C, each worth 15 marks, 36 marks, and 24 marks, respectively. Sections 'B' and 'C' involve a choice among questions, but Section 'A' has all of the mandatory multiple-choice questions.

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