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Now, these notes are provided to all students of 9th class online so, the students don’t need to waste money in purchasing expensive helping books for its preparation. The online video lectures for general maths is now available on Ilmkidunya. These notes are arranged chapter-wise for the convenience of the students. The notes of general maths 2022 for 9th class are available now for both Urdu and English medium students. You can download 9th class general math notes Urdu medium 2022 and 9th class general math notes English medium 2022 from here for making your preparation perfect. Ilmkidunya is the best website that provides you the authentic and important updates related to studies. Don’t miss this advantageous opportunity and start your preparation without wasting your precious time. Download 9th class general maths notes pdf 2022 without wasting your time. 

9th Class General Math PDF Notes

Chapters Chapter Name Medium
1 Chapter 1Percentage,Ratio And Proportion English Medium
2 Zakat,Ushar And Inheritance English Medium
3 Business Mathematics English Medium
4 Financial Mathematics English Medium
5 Consumer Mathematics English Medium
6 Exponents And Logarithms English Medium
7 Arthmetic And Geometric Sequences English Medium
8 Sets And Functions English Medium
9 Linear Graphs English Medium
10 Basic Statistics English Medium

General Maths Class 9th Notes ChapterWise PDF Download

General maths is a compulsory subject for 9th class arts students. For getting good marks in this subject, the students need more practice. Ilmkidunya is providing you 9th class general math notes Punjab Board for your better preparation. 9th class arts students can get well prepared through these important general mathematics class 9 notes solutions. We are providing you these notes in the pdf files along with the exercises such as exercise 2.4 class 9 or 2.6 exercise class 9 or ex 4.1 class 9 or exercise 4.4 class 9  in which you can easily download and save. 9th class general maths notes pdf is available for preparation here of all exercises such as exercise 4.1 class 9.

General Math 9th Class Chapter 1 Notes PDF Download

Chapter Name: Percentage,Ratio And Proportion

Exercise 1.1: 4 Questions

Exercise 1.2: 9 Questions

Exercise 1.3: 4 Questions

Exercise 1.4: 10 Questions

Exercise 1.5: 10 Questions

Chapter 2 Notes PDF Download General Math 9th Class

Chapter Name: Zakat,Ushar And Inheritance

Exercise 2.1: 12 Questions

9th Class Chapter 3 Notes General Math PDF Download

Chapter Name: Business Mathematics

Exercise 3.1: 8 Questions

Exercise 3.2: 8 Questions

Exercise 3.3: 6 Questions

Chapter 4 Notes PDF Download 9th Class General Math 

Chapter Name: Financial Mathematics

Exercise 4.1: 9 Questions

Exercise 4.2: 14 Questions

Exercise 4.3: 9 Questions

Exercise 4.4: 8 Questions

Exercise 4.5: 4 Questions

General Math Notes Chapter 5 Class 9th PDF

Chapter Name: Consumer Mathematics

Exercise 5.1: 8 Questions

Exercise 5.2: 3 Questions

Exercise 5.3: 7 Questions

Chapter 6 Notes PDF Download General Math 9th Class  

Chapter Name: Exponents And Logarithms

Exercise 6.1: 4 Questions

Exercise 6.2: 13 Questions

Exercise 6.3: 15 Questions

Exercise 6.4: 4 Questions

Exercise 6.5: 11 Questions

General Math Notes Chapter 7 Class 9th PDF Download

Chapter Name: Arthmetic And Geometric Sequences

Exercise 7.1: 3 Questions

Exercise 7.2: 10 Questions

Exercise 7.3: 9 Questions

Exercise 7.4: 12 Questions

Exercise 7.5: 12 Questions

PDF Download 9th Class Chapter 8 General Math Notes

Chapter Name: Sets And Functions

Exercise 8.1: 8 Questions

Exercise 8.2: 8 Questions

General Math 9th Class Chapter 9 Notes PDF Download

Chapter Name: Linear Graphs

Exercise 9.1: 3 Questions

Exercise 9.2: 12 Questions

Exercise 9.3: 4 Questions

Chapter 10 Notes PDF Download General Math 9th Class

Chapter Name: Basic Statistics

Exercise 10.1: 3 Questions

Exercise 10.2: 3 Questions

Exercise 10.3: 3 Questions

Exercise 10.4: 1 Questions

Class 9th General Math Notes Solutions PDF 2022

  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers made these notes especially for 9th class arts students.
  • This general mathematics class 9 key book pdf has greatest importance with paper point of view. You can get good marks in general maths by preparing these beneficial notes with chapters such as chapter 3 maths class 9 and exercise 2.6 class 9.
  • These notes are properly arranged and well designed according to your Punjab textbook board.
  • The solution of all exercises of all units of 9th class general maths is given in these notes.
  • You will learn how to understand difficult formulas and memorize the tough things.
  • You will be able to better represent you paper for getting good marks in this subject.
  • You can download 9th class general maths notes Punjab textbook board in pdf.
  • You will learn how to apply your concept in your exam and solve the tricky questions.
  • Many tips and tricks are also given which will be surely helpful for preparation of general maths in less time.

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