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Urdu is one of the major subjects that are taught at our basic level. Urdu is an easy subject but the student needs hard work to get maximum marks in its exam. For getting maximum marks in this subject, 9th class urdu notes are available on our website. You can download Urdu guide for class 9th pdf for better preparation of Urdu exam. These urdu notes are especially made for students so that they can get help from these and can perform the best in the examination. These notes are very important and 9th class students can get them easily at our website.

9th Class Urdu PDF Notes

Chapters Chapter Name Medium
11 Qadr Ayaz Urdu Medium
12 Hosla na Haro Agy Barho Manzil Ab door nhi Urdu Medium
13 Nazm Hamd Urdu Medium
14 Naat Urdu Medium
15 Barsat Ki Bahraen Urdu Medium
16 Pewesta Rah Shujar sy Umeed Bahar rakh Urdu Medium
17 Hasti apni Habab ki si hy Urdu Medium
18 Roh o Zulf oer Jaan Khoya kya Urdu Medium
19 Dil-e- Nadan Tujy Howa kia hy? Urdu Medium
20 Laghta Nahi hail dil mera ujray diyar main Urdu Medium


Urdu Notes Class 9 ChapterWise PDF Download

Ilmkidunya helps its students in every possible way so, that the students find no difficulty. It provides you everything related to study. 9th class Urdu notes pdf 2023 are available on our website. You can prepare these notes online and can also download in the pdf files and can save them for offline preparation. Don’t forget to download these important urdu guide for class 9th pdf 2023. Start your preparation from today and get ready for the best result. Don’t waste your time and make sure you get ready for performing best in exam.

Urdu 9th Class Chapter 1 Notes PDF Download (Download App For 9th Class Notes)

Chapter Name: Hijrat Nabvi PBUH

Khulasa Ch 1: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 1: 8 Questions

MCQs Chapter 1:  40 Questions

Chapter 2 Notes PDF Download Urdu 9th Class

Chapter Name: Mirza Ghalib k Adaat wa Khasail

Khulasa Ch 2: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 2:  7 Questions

MCQs Chapter 2:  50 Questions

9th Class Chapter 3 Notes Urdu PDF Download

Chapter Name: Khahili

Khulasa Ch 3: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 3: 6 Questions

MCQs Chapter 3: 45 Questions

Chapter 4 Notes PDF Download 9th Class Urdu 

Chapter Name: Shairoon k latifay

Khulasa Ch 4: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 4: 10 Questions

MCQs Chapter 4: 28 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 5 Class 9th PDF

Chapter Name: Nasu or Saleem ki ghuftagoo

Khulasa Ch 5: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 5: 8 Questions

MCQs Chapter 5: 25 Questions

Chapter 6 Notes PDF Download Urdu 9th Class  

Chapter Name: Panchait

Khulasa Ch 6: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 6: 9 Questions

MCQs Chapter 6: 50 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 7 Class 9th PDF Download

Chapter Name: Aaram or sukoon

Khulasa Ch 7: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 7:  8 Questions

MCQs Chapter 7:  44 Questions

PDF Download 9th Class Chapter 8 Urdu Notes

Chapter Name: Laho or Qaleen

Khulasa Ch 8: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 8: 10 Questions

MCQs Chapter 8: 96 Questions

Urdu 9th Class Chapter 9 Notes PDF Download

Chapter Name: Imtihan

Khulasa Ch 9: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 9: 8 Questions

MCQs Chapter 9: 52 Questions

Chapter 10 Notes PDF Download Urdu 9th Class

Chapter Name: Mulki prinday or dosary janwar

Khulasa Ch 10: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 10:  8 Questions

MCQs Chapter 10: 52 Questions

9th Class Chapter 11 Notes Urdu PDF Download

Chapter Name: Qadar Ayaz

Khulasa Ch 11:1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 11: 1 Questions

MCQs Chapter 11: 50 Questions

Chapter 12 Notes PDF Download 9th Class Urdu 

Chapter Name: Hosla na haro aagy barho manzil ab k door nahi

Khulasa Ch 12: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 12: 5 Questions

MCQs Chapter 12: 5 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 13 Class 9th PDF

Nazam: Hamd

Nazam 1 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 1: 7 Questions

Chapter 14 Notes PDF Download Urdu 9th Class  

Nazam: Naat

Nazam 2 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 2: 6 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 15 Class 9th PDF Download

Nazam: 3 Barsat ki Baharain

Nazam 3 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 3: 8 Questions

PDF Download 9th Class Chapter 16 Urdu Notes

Nazam: 4 Pevesta Rah Shajar sy umeed bahar rakh

Nazam 4 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 4: 8 Questions

Urdu 9th Class Chapter 17 Notes PDF Download

Ghazal No 1: Hasti apni Habab ki si hai

Ghazal 1 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 1: 5 Questions

Chapter 18 Notes PDF Download Urdu 9th Class

Ghazal No 2: Roh o Zulf Par Jaan Khoya Kya

Ghazal 2 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 2: 7 Questions

9th Class Chapter 19 Notes Urdu PDF Download

Ghazal No 3: Dil e Nadan tujy Howa kya h?

Ghazal 3 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 3: 8 Questions

Chapter 20 Notes PDF Download 9th Class Urdu 

Ghazal No 4: Lagta Nahin hai Dil mera Ujry Dayar mein

Ghazal 4 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 4: 6 Questions

Advantages of 9th Class Urdu Notes PDF

If you are searching for 9th class Urdu notes Punjab board, you can get these class 9 urdu notes on Ilmkidunya. Our experienced teachers used their efforts in making these helpful urdu class 9 notes. By preparing these urdu notes for class 9, you will learn how to represent your paper for getting maximum marks and which type of material you have to use in the exam.

  • These notes are prepared for your better preparation according to PTB.
  • The notes of grammar portion are also available.
  • You will learn things which will be highlighted.
  • Important points are highlighted and maximum important additional information is also provided.
  • 9th class Urdu notes 2023 are very important in order to get maximum marks in the examination.
  • You will be able to learn on which points you should be focused.

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