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9th Class Menu

Are you looking for the 9th Class Physics Book 2021? If your answer is a “yes” then you have come to the right website. We have compiled on this webpage all the chapters of physics book for class 9 for your ease such as unit of momentum. These downloadable books are offered free of cost to all students so that they do not have to spend money on buying new books just because few pages are missing or are misprinted by the printing press. It is suggested that you should have a copy of your book on your computer or cell phone so that if you cannot find your book at least you can access the Physics class 9 book pdf. This book contains all of the topics such as Newton's second law, Torque, Newton's third law or law of conservation of momentum or Michael Faraday – Scientist or Faraday's laws of electrolysis or Faraday's law of induction or Dalton or law of conservation of mass or difference between distance and displacement or Vernier scale - Mathematical tool or Calipers - Measuring device or Heat transfer or Newton's law of universal gravitation or importance of physics.

9th Class Physics PDF Book Punjab Board

Chapters Chapter Name Medium
1 Physical Quantities and Measurement English Medium Urdu Medium
2 Kinematics English Medium Urdu Medium
3 Dynamics English Medium Urdu Medium
4 Turning Effect of forces English Medium Urdu Medium
5 Gravitation English Medium Urdu Medium
6 Work and Energy English Medium Urdu Medium
7 Properties of Matter English Medium Urdu Medium
8 Thermal Properties of Matter English Medium Urdu Medium
9 Transfer of Heat English Medium Urdu Medium

Download 9th Class Physics Book

On this webpage, you will find all the chapters that are included in the Punjab Physics Textbook. There are 9 chapters that are available for you to download. For students studying physics in English they can download the 9th Class Physics Book English Medium. Whereas, students can also download the 9th Class Physics Book Urdu Medium from our website. All of the chapters such as physics class 9 chapter 1 that are given are high definition quality, unlike other scanned copies of 9 class physics book.

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