11th Unit

10th class Physics Chapter 11 (English Medium)

Here you can prepare 10th Physics Chapter 11 online Short Questions Preparation (Sound). Click the button for 100% free full practice test.

Matric Part 2/10th Class Physics Chapter 11 Short Question Test With Answer for Unit 11 Sound

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10th class physics chapter 2 is sound. The chapter relates about sound and waves. What is the effect of sound waves in human life with examples, diagrams and derivations? This article will help you to understand the unit;

  • Sound waves description, characteristics, intensity, effects on environment is well briefed in the unit. Students have to learn the topics carefully and in case of any difficulty, they can browse ilmkidunya.
  • It is also discussed that which type of energy is produced through sound waves and which methods or quantities are used in it.
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