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10th English Chapter 11 Preparation

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Matric Part 2/10th Class English Chapter 11 Short Questions Test With Answer for Chapter 11 (Great Expectations)

Short questions with answers along with notes of chapter wise 10th class are as important as a teacher teaches you your subject. English is not an easy subject for Pakistani students because of a foreign language. As English has become an international language and it has become the hot topic of the time to learn English while taking keen interest in the subject

Taking in notice this problem of the students of 10th class our experts has prepared the notes of 10th class English and also the short questions with answers of 10th class English lesson wise. These short questions with answers will help the students to improve their percentage in the objective part of the paper. Like MCQs with answers are available at ilmkidunya.com so as we have these short questions which will benefit the students in improving their percentage, division and marks. Ilmkidunya.com is the only website and place where you can find out the authentic material related to any subject, class on the go.

10th Class English Chapter 11(Great Expectations)

This chapter of 10th class English (great expectations) is of great importance, after reading these chapter students will be able to analyze and learn the following topics after completing this unit:

  • Analyze story elements: characters, events, setting, plot, theme, point of view
  • Illustrate use of past perfect or past continuous tense
  • Change the narration of statements, requests, orders and questions
  • Make presentation on story elements
  • Write a book review of a story book
  • Except for these short questions to prepare the English subject of tenth class you will need to go through past papers, you will have to study the notes, study the complete chapters from the book which can be downloaded from ilmkidunya.com in PDF form. You can check the result also on our website, download the roll number slip. Also you can subscribe to our message service to g news and updates on your cell phone.

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